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Murder the Dream Guy (Web Novel) - Chapter 434: Nothing To Say

Chapter 434: Nothing To Say

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She was now back to Xi City again.

The weather in Xi City was now colder than when Xiang Wan left.

She wrapped herself up with a down coat and a scarf when she followed Bai Muchuan to the detention center.

In fact, both of them stayed up all night. When they looked at each other in the eye, they knew they had the same thought in their head.

It was a feeling they had up in their throat and their heart that was supporting them.

Xiang Wan was actually not in a convenient position to be there. She had wanted to stay at the hotel to write her story.

It was Bai Muchuan who wanted her to come.

No, it was an invitation.

He told her, “My brain’s in a mess, and I’m in a poor mood.”

If she was beside him, it would assure him.

Moreover, Xiang Wan’s strong logical thinking could always inspire him and also keep him awake so his emotions wouldn’t lead him around the nose.

For example, when he left the hospital, he had already treated Meng Chi as the real murderer, and that there was no way that the murderer could have been someone else.

However, after having a meal and on their way back, Xiang Wan told him about her doubts and her analysis of the situation. Only then did he have some doubts.

Even if Ye Lun and Xie Wanwan knew that Meng Chi was meeting with Yu Bo, this reason was not strong enough for him to silence them.

Even if he had to conceal a lie with countless other lies, he need not shoot a police officer, right?

Moreover, Tu Liang did not go there alone.

If he dared to shoot him, it meant that he was ready to go head-on with the police and face the consequences as well…

Weren’t that stupid of him?

That differed totally from the way the manipulator had been handling all those cases?

Bai Muchuan was not in a hurry to interrogate Meng Chi. Instead, he went to see Yu Bo together with Xiang Wan.

That young fellow had undergone several treatments during this period, but his brain… he was still the same as before.

If one were to say that he was mentally challenged, well, he was not that bad actually.

However, one could say that his condition was not that bad, yet one couldn’t help but feel that he was simply abnormal.

Maybe, he simply did not have a high enough IQ.

Yu Bo was very excited to see Xiang Wan again.

He might have been indifferent to other things, but he had his eyes fixated on Xiang Wan as though he saw his savior.

“Where’s Blackie? Is Blackie good and well?”

“Blackie…” He’s in Jin City.

“He’s doing well.” Xiang Wan pursed her lips into a smile. “He even gained some weight.”

She took her phone and showed a video of Blackie she had taken for Yu Bo to have a look.

Yu Bo looked at Blackie as if he saw his family member. His eyes reddened as he looked on in excitement.

“Wow, he really did gain weight. That’s fantastic… Thank you! Thank you so much! You’re a good person.”


He had always described her as a good person.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Blackie…”

“I know. You’re a good person!”


They didn’t say many words with one another.

Bai Muchuan exchanged glances with Xiang Wan.

Xiang Wan put on a smile and asked Yu Bo about any past contact with Meng Chi.

However, Yu Bo looked dazed for a moment and looked puzzled. “Meng Chi? Who is Meng Chi?”

Xiang Wan pursed her lips after what she heard. “…”

Bai Muchuan did the same with a grim look on his face. “…”

Did he become dumber by any chance?

They had no choice. Bai Muchuan showed Yu Bo a picture of Meng Chi.

“Oh, oh, oh, I remember now. It’s that bad guy!”

There was a saying that fools were the happiest people in the world. Yu Bo was obviously one of them.

He had a haircut after coming to the detention center and seemed to be in good condition. His skin had gotten fairer, gained some weight and he looked more energetic than before. He had almost forgotten about the person he hated.

Thus, when Xiang Wan asked him to confirm how many times he had met up with Meng Chi as well as the locations he met him and what they talked about, he answered several times but gave a different answer each time.

There was one thing for sure, though—from his replies, it proved that Ye Lun was not lying.

There was one day in Nanmu, during dawn, Yu Bo met Meng Chi inside a car.

Xiang Wan asked carefully, “What did he say to you?”

Yu Bo gave it a thought. “I’ve forgotten…”

Xiang Wan felt headache to see him like this.

It was no wonder he could survive while all the others died.

He was too simple to be a threat!

No one feared that anything useful could come out from his mouth.

Xiang Wan puffed a sigh. “Why don’t we try to recall carefully again, okay?”

Yu Bo saw that she didn’t look too good, and it worried him that Xiang Wan might have felt upset with him. Hence, he seriously tried to recall for a long time.

“Ah, I remember now!”

Xiang Wan looked at him, eyes wide-opened. “What did he say?”

Yu Bo said, “He told me that I’ve never met him. Yeah, he said that! He told me that I’ve never met him.”

Xiang Wan tilted her head. “That’s all?”

Yu Bo blinked his eyes. “Is there supposed to be anything else?”

Goodness! Who’s asking who?

Xiang Wan was speechless, but her expression was calm.

“Think it over again. You are Blackie’s good friend. Surely, your memory is better than Blackie, right?”

Yu Bo scratched his head. “There really wasn’t anything else. He’s fierce. I had to nod my head several times before he agreed to let me out of the car…”

Xiang Wan inquired once more, “Did he do anything to you?”

Ye Lun’s meaningful smile reminded her of what he had said.

However, Yu Bo looked bewildered. “Do what?”


Since he knew nothing, it would be bad for her to describe to him what she meant, right?

Moreover, Meng Chi was used to having “feasts”, surely he wouldn’t want to eat a “bean sprout” like Yu Bo?

“We didn’t make a wasted trip.” Xiang Wan felt more at ease after asking Yu Bo. “At least, we have proven that Ye Lun was telling the truth.”

Bai Muchuan nodded seriously. “Our suspicion on Meng Chi is now greater.”

“Exactly!” Xiang Wan agreed to that.

In fact, the evidence of Meng Chi committing murder was already sufficient.

Firstly, Meng Chi was the only one present in the warehouse besides the unconscious Ye Lun and Xie Wanwan.

Secondly, he was holding a gun which was the exact weapon he used to kill Tu Liang.

Thirdly, there was only one way for him to leave the warehouse. Tu Liang was right in front of him with many other police officers as witnesses.

“The only thing that wasn’t too clear about this case was those police officers who went with Tu Liang on the rescue mission. They did not witness personally when Meng Chi fired the shot. However, with the two to three seconds timing, besides Meng Chi. Who else could have fired the shot?”

Xiang Wan puffed a sigh when she heard this.

“I’ll take back my words earlier. Maybe I thought too much over this. Even if the murderer is very cunning, it would be too tough for him to not leave a trace every time. We can’t think of him as a perfect person with no weak points… In fact, ever since the incident in Wen Xin Nunnery, he started revealing some clues.”

“Mm.” Bai Muchuan’s gaze felt chilly, not sure what he was thinking.

Xiang Wan looked at him. “So, what we should do at this time is to find enough evidence to prove that Meng Chi is the murderer and not make illogical guesses to complicate matters further.”


Bai Muchuan held Xiang Wan’s shoulders.

“Are you cold?”

“I’m not.” Xiang Wan shook her head and smiled at him.

“Wear something thicker tomorrow. Xi City is much colder than Jin City.”


Bai Muchuan pursed his lips, his gaze brushed past the ring on her finger.

“Let’s not break up again, okay?”

Xiang Wan was stunned for a moment. “Okay.”

In the afternoon, Mei Xin brought the report over.

They had ascertained that there was only Meng Chi’s fingerprint on the murder weapon seized at the scene.

At the scene, they found nothing else that belonged to a third person.

Meng Chi’s car, footprints, the tire marks… all these were there.

There were also surveillance footage that had captured him following behind Xie Wanwan and Ye Lun’s car.

At present, it was not clear who was Meng Chi’s accomplice.

The unconscious Xie Wanwan and Ye Lun couldn’t have entered the warehouse by themselves.

However, the warehouse was far from the city, and it stood in a remote area. The later part of the journey had no surveillance cameras. The cab that drove them out of the bar was a registered black cab.

Currently, the police were still rigorously searching for the black cab.

Nonetheless, all these did not affect the fact that Meng Chi had killed a detective.

Quan Shaoteng gritted his teeth. “Finally, the truth is out! This *sshole! If I don’t give him a thrashing, I bleeping won’t take the surname Quan!”

Bai Muchuan flicked the document he was holding. “Let’s go meet him now!”

“Fine! I need to get this anger out of me today—” Quan Shaoteng took enormous steps. He looked like he was about to beat someone up.

Bai Muchuan frowned at that sight and quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him closer. “Don’t be rash!”

Quan Shaoteng turned and looked at him in annoyance. “What are you talking about?”

Bai Muchuan reminded him in a cold tone, “He has a group of lawyers.”

Quan Shaoteng started to cuss, “I bleeping also have many groups of lawyers, as much as I want!”

Bai Muchuan replied, “… Fine, so you don’t want to wear your uniform anymore?”


This left Quan Shaoteng speechless for a moment!

For a good while, he still couldn’t calm down.

“I don’t care! I’ll beat him up first!”

They caught Meng Chi at the crime scene.

They arrested him directly since he was now a criminal who had serious destructive power to wreak havoc in society.

From the night they caught him, he had not slept at all.

At first glance, one wouldn’t be able to believe that he was Meng Chi.

He was no longer the CEO Meng who was full of vim and vigor. He seemed worn-out and despondent. His head hung really low, and he seemed as if he was ready to receive whatever punishment the law would mete out at him.

He differed greatly from their previous interrogations.

Quan Shaoteng sat and banged on the table. He did not beat him up, but the way his tone sounded certainly had a great deal of animosity.

“Meng Chi! Do you still bleeping refuse to talk?”


He had bypassed the usual verification of identity prior to an interrogation.

He was really…

Xiang Wan swept a glance at him and then sat quietly beside Bai Muchuan.

Bai Muchuan’s expression was also cold as a stone. He did not look any better than Quan Shaoteng.

“Just talk!” He looked at Meng Chi. “There’s no point struggling anymore. The earlier you talk, the less you suffer.”

The moment he pleaded guilty, the case could move on. It would certainly be more comfortable than being interrogated every day.

What he said was the truth.

However, Meng Chi did not appreciate that.

“I have nothing to say.” His voice was hoarse, and his lips were as dreary as a dried riverbed. It looked like it was about to crack anytime.

Bai Muchuan turned to Quan Shaoteng. “Give him some water!”

Quan Shaoteng grumbled. “…”

He suspected that there was something wrong with Bai Muchuan.

However, Bai Muchuan did not seem to be joking around.


He poured a cup of water and gave it Meng Chi. “Drink it!”

In the cold interrogation room, it was clear at one glance the cup was full of hot water with water vapor rising from it.

Meng Chi did not even raise his head. “I’m not drinking it. Thank you!”

The corners of Quan Shaoteng’s lips quirked up as he took the water back. “He didn’t want it!”

Bai Muchuan glanced at him and then continued to ask Meng Chi, “Why did you take Xie Wanwan and Ye Lun away?”

Meng Chi snorted. “I have no reason to deal with my sister!”

Bai Muchuan furrowed his eyebrows and reminded him, “She is not your biological sister!”

The ends of Meng Chi’s eyebrows rose upward, but he did not say a word.

Bai Muchuan gritted his teeth; there seemed to be knives flying out of his eyes. “Why did you shoot a police officer? Why did you kill him?”

“I’ve said it before,” replied Meng Chi, “I have no reason to harm the police!”

Bai Muchuan slammed the table and shouted, “But you did!”

Meng Chi’s gaze was now fixated on him. A while later, he lowered his head.

“Since you’re already adamant in thinking that I did that, I have nothing to say!”

They would most likely pin homicide as a part of his crimes, yet he still had nothing to say?

Bai Muchuan sneered. “Then why did you deny the fact that you’ve seen Yu Bo?”

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