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Murder the Dream Guy (Web Novel) - Chapter 438: An Especially Interesting Soul

Chapter 438: An Especially Interesting Soul

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xiang Wan rested her chin on her hand as she looked at him with her eyes shining brightly.

She was waiting for his reply eagerly.

However, Bai Muchuan took a casual glance at her before sitting on the sofa and turning on his laptop. “There’s no if!”

“… How about an assumption?”

“I need to write my chapter now! I have a debt to pay!”

Since Sir Little Bai was too energetic last night, he “consumed” more than what he should; hence, he owed Xiang Wan one chapter. He needed to make full use of his time to pay his “debt”.

Xiang Wan saw him looking all serious and asked a question. “Bai Muchuan, are you really not interested in that assumption?”

Bai Muchuan gave a lazy glance at her. “The one online now is Second Young Master Mu…”

Xiang Wan grunted. “…”

Bai Muchuan responded, “Unless you’re willing to write off this debt of one chapter, otherwise, Bai Muchuan would not come online.”

Xiang Wan heaved a sigh. “…”

Initially, Xiang Wan had felt that she was in a disadvantage for this promise of updating one chapter every time they did it. Now, Bai Muchuan felt that he was the disadvantaged one.

“No way!” Xiang Wan did not even hesitate. “How can I write off this debt? I can’t make this exception!”

To read his latest chapter, she had also done her best!

Bai Muchuan puffed a sigh as he started to type and gave her another look. “How ’bout twice for every one chapter?”

“What!? Do you think that you’re bargaining in the market or something?” Xiang Wan frowned in contempt. “Are you still a man?”

“What do you think?” Bai Muchuan winked at her. “Didn’t you already experience it for yourself?”

This guy!

When he worked on the cases, even if it was Friday or Saturday, he always looked stern and serious.

However, he would totally go rogue the moment he was alone with her!

Xiang Wan closed the screen of her laptop and heaved a sigh lazily. “Darling, I’m talking about serious matters here!”

“Your darling is also talking about serious matters.”

“… It’s clear that you’re just doing this so you wouldn’t have to pay your debt!”

“No, I’m not.” Bai Muchuan rubbed his temples. The next moment, a smirk appeared on his lips. “Didn’t you check my book reviews and comments page? My fans went crazy. Nope! My fans thought I went crazy!”

Previously, if Second Young Master Mu could update a chapter in a week, his fans would feel elated right away. For the past few days, their idol had been updating a chapter continuously. He even left a comment that he would update regularly during this period, and there might even be over one chapter in a day…

The fans went into a frenzy; Bai Muchuan also went into a frenzy along with them…

“Frankly, it’s a tragedy that my brain is not as active as my body!”

The body was honest, and it showed when it wanted more, but the brain could not write as much…

Xiang Wan snorted. “Then you should control yourself.”

“I can’t since you’re too beautiful!”

Bai Muchuan looked at Xiang Wan with a frivolous smile, He looked exactly like a greedy little wolf cub…

Xiang Wan almost surrendered!

When Second Young Master Mu was “online”, he was like a huge adorable animal waiting for her to pet him.

Xiang Wan really felt like pinching his face and kissing his lips.


“It’s useless to use the beauty trap on me.” Xiang Wan put down the mouse and looked at Bai Muchuan seriously. “I’m the most righteous person around. Whatever you owed me, I must have it returned! Of course, you can choose not to write it today… only when you’ve cleared your debt will I fulfill my obligation!”

“…” Bai Muchuan puffed a sigh. “This is the cruelest way of asking for updates ever in history!”

“Aren’t you the one who agreed that you’ll update one chapter every time we did it? I didn’t force you.”

Xiang Wan walked over and leaned on him, and then she massaged his shoulders. Her tone sounded much more relaxed, but as she continued, a tinge of envy swept past her voice.

“Do you know that you’re really blessed…? If I have so many readers waiting for me to update, I will be so happy. But you, you only know how to make your readers wait… When they are chasing for updates, it proves that everyone likes your work. It’s a kind of affirmation to your novel…”

Bai Muchuan turned to her; his eyes seemed cold. “Are you sure?”


Xiang Wan was unsure.

Sometimes when she could write nothing, all those comments chasing for updates could make her head burst.

Cough! She decided to bite the bullet. “You’re different from me. You’re Second Young Master Mu; you’re talented and creative. The Second Young Master Mu who would just need to move his fingers and to write masterpieces, unlike me… I have to work hard all my life just to have the things that you can easily get…”


“No, even if I work hard all my life, it might be impossible for me to have them.”


“Sir Little Bai…”


“Boss Mu, the great Author Mu!”

“Little Xiang Wan, enough, enough!” Bai Muchuan finally gave in and squeezed her hand. “One would be glad even in death to have a night of romance under the peony flower with you… Fine, I’ll write!”

“Heheh! You go ahead and write, and I’ll get you a cup of water.”

“I’ve never thought that there will be a day where I’d actually work so hard to write my novel!”


Xiang Wan laughed with her lips closed. She boiled some water and made tea for him. When she saw him typing on the keyboard seriously while he worked on his latest chapter, a sweet feeling permeated within her and she gave him a peck on his cheek. When he turned to look at her, they smiled at each other.

She sat back in front of her laptop again.

They didn’t need to talk to each other for them to understand each other.

While they worked quietly on their chapter, they didn’t feel that time was passing by.

She was rather slow in updating and constantly had to amend or rephrase her words.

When Bai Muchuan finished his “mission”, she was still staring at her laptop, thinking of her plot.

She suddenly felt the presence of someone behind her. She stopped what she was doing and turned to look at him. Afterward, she looked at the time.

“You’re done?”

Bai Muchuan smirked, “Well, who am I? An hour is all I need.”


That’s an instant kill!

Xiang Wan was jealous of his speed and ability to write.

She snorted and pouted her lips while glancing at his laptop. “How can you write so fast? Any tips?”

Bai Muchuan smiled; his expression was a little mischievous. “It’s decided by intelligence.”


“I’ve not only returned you a chapter, I even wrote one more chapter… Tch, I can redeem one more round for tonight!”

“What? You wrote two chapters in an hour?”

Xiang Wan was awestruck.

Did he really write so much in one sitting?

“Did you write a filler chapter or something?”

Xiang Wan picked up her mobile phone to check Bai Muchuan’s latest updates.

Then her eyes widened in disbelief.

“D*rn! You’re too much, how can you do this?!”

Bai Muchuan’s past chapters generally had a word count of about 3,000 words.

However, that day, he split his 3,000 words into two chapters.

Each chapter was about 1,500 words…

This annoyed Xiang Wan, and she turned around to glare at him. “You’re playing dirty!”

Bai Muchuan shrugged, stretching out his hands with a sly smile on his face. “Our agreement did not specify how many words I should write per chapter. How is that playing dirty?”

Indeed, they never mentioned that!

Xiang Wan gave him a dirty look. “Shouldn’t we base our agreement on your usual length of updates of 3,000 words a chapter?”

Hur! Bai Muchuan begged to differ, “I don’t agree. Look at your own chapters. Do you have the same word count for every chapter?”

Xiang Wan was flabbergasted.

The man before her shamelessly revealed an elated smirk.

“This is the era of online reading; I feel that when the number of words in a chapter is too long, it can easily cause the reader to suffer from visual fatigue. I’ve decided. The upcoming chapters will be 1,000 words per chapter…”

“What!” Xiang Wan nearly fainted. “Bai Muchuan, are you really going to be so shameless?”

“Well, the answer is obvious. I can’t have my woman and update so much at the same time!”

“Are you serious?” Xiang Wan wished she could strangle him.

“I’m serious.” Bai Muchuan’s tone was businesslike as he donned a solemn look on his face. He even stretched himself when he saw her annoyed look. “Looks like I need to go to the gym regularly! I’m worried I might not make it if I update ten or eight chapters in one go!”

“Bai Muchuan!”

Xiang Wan called his name in frustration, raising a fist with the desire to hit him.

“I want to cancel the agreement! Nullify it! You’re too annoying—”

“… Hahaha!” Bai Muchuan let out a hearty laugh.

This was the first time Xiang Wan saw him laugh like this during this period.

Like a child who stole some candy!

A few seconds later, he calmed down and regained his usual look.

“Your Detective Bai is online now; you may proceed to talk about serious business.”

“… You’re behaving like you have two personalities!”

Xiang Wan looked at him in displeasure.

When he returned to being Detective Bai, the two of them did not look as joyful as they did earlier when they were writing their chapters.

“Aye!” Xiang Wan pursed her lips. “I feel that if we couldn’t make Meng Chi talk, we won’t be feeling at ease.”

Bai Muchuan shrugged indifferently. “I don’t mind! As long as I follow the protocols, we will do what we should do. All the evidence has been verified anyway!”

“Who are you deceiving?” Xiang Wan retorted.

“We’re already preparing the necessary paperwork and dossiers to hand them over to Prosecution!”


After they gave the Prosecution all the evidence and dossiers, and when they approved what the police had presented, they would then prosecute the suspect.

Whatever procedures later on would have nothing to do with Serious Crime Division One.

For them, they would simply just consider it as another case closed.

Would Meng Chi be willing to see this?

Would Meng Chi’s mom be willing to see this?

There was also Xie Wanwan; would she not raise any objection to it?

Xiang Wan glanced at him. “When you went to the hospital that day, didn’t Xie Wanwan ask you about how Meng Chi was doing?”

“…” Bai Muchuan did not utter a word.

Since he denied nothing, it meant that she got it right.

Xiang Wan had a pleasant, gentle and beautiful smile. That was what Bai Muchuan liked most about her.

“What else did she say?”


“Oh, I know you two are great buddies and that there are a lot of things that only you two know… I know that. Well, Sir Little Bai, actually I am a narrow-minded woman. There are also times where I’d feel a little… sour about it.”

When she said “a little”, she also gestured with her hand; the shape of her hand actually looked beautiful.

Bai Muchuan held her hand in his palm and kissed it.

“You’re not allowed to feel that.” He showed a smile. “I’m only doing my job!”

“I know that. Otherwise, it won’t be just a little, but I’ll gather a huge bucket of old vinegar and drench you with it!” Xiang Wan raised her eyebrows, revealing a sly look which differed from her gentle demeanor earlier…

Bai Muchuan really liked this side of her too.

“Little Xiang Wan, you’re… really quite an elusive woman.”

“I’m an especially interesting soul, right?” Xiang Wan winked at him then patted his shoulders like a good friend. “I can be lively, gentle, sweet and sexy… I’m one of a kind; there’s no one else like me. Mr. Bai, congratulations on getting a girlfriend like me!”

“Hah!” He was often at a loss of words when it comes to her.

Bai Muchuan pulled Xiang Wan to sit on his lap and wrapped her waist with his arms. That posture was intimate and doting, but his tone sounded a little helpless.

“Actually, you wanted to ask if Xie Wanwan asked for some help, right?”

“Sir Little Bai, you’re really sensitive. Fine then, I’ll ask… did she really do that?”

The corners of Bai Muchuan’s lips lifted upwards, but he did not reply to her.

Xiang Wan grunted. “Oh, so that means she did!”

“She is not in good terms with Meng Chi,” sighed Bai Muchuan, “even if she is not close to them, it is a fact that the Meng Family has helped her. She didn’t ask me for help, but she wanted to know if Meng Chi… would get a death sentence…”

Xiang Wan replied with a soft sigh, “So, how did you reply that?”

Bai Muchuan pinched her nose expressionlessly. “Well, I’m not the judge!”


So that was what he told her?

Xiang Wan raised an eyebrow, looking as if she didn’t really believe him. She stared at him without blinking.

With a smile, Bai Muchuan drew his face close to Xiang Wan that his lips almost touched hers.

“You have a lot of expressions! When you look at me like that—I feel like you really couldn’t wait for me to redeem my chapter already?”

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