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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel)


A young boy named Bai Wu was saved and adopted by a thirty-something police sergeant named Xu Lan. It was love at first sight for Bai Wu, and once he started getting older, his heart yearned for a taste of the forbidden fruit – the romantic love of his adoptive father. The question is, will Xu Lan ever reciprocate? With deranged serial killers, parallel dimensions, time warps, dragons, and a bit of ancient black magic, Bai Wu and Xu Lan are caught in a series of crazy adventures while discovering what they truly mean to each other. This is a story of lust and madness!

553 • 2019-11-08 14:21:30


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 272: The End2020-03-01
Chapter 271: Establishing A Passageway2020-03-01
Chapter 270: The Sound of Gunshots2020-02-29
Chapter 269: Protection2020-02-29
Chapter 268: Original Sin2020-02-28
Chapter 267: Battle2020-02-28
Chapter 266: Crashing the Wedding2020-02-27
Chapter 265: Heading to the Mother Nest2020-02-27
Chapter 264: The Search for Tang (2)2020-02-26
Chapter 263: The Search for Tang2020-02-26
Chapter 262: Gunshots2020-02-25
Chapter 261: A Futile Search2020-02-25
Chapter 260: Successfully Crossing to the Other Side2020-02-24
Chapter 259: Wang Meng is in Trouble2020-02-24
Chapter 258: The Presence of Buff2020-02-23
Chapter 257: Research Outcome2020-02-23
Chapter 256: Good Times2020-02-22
Chapter 255: Enmity2020-02-22
Chapter 254: An Intense Battle2020-02-21
Chapter 253: There Is a Dragon in the Sky2020-02-21
Chapter 252: Closing the Case2020-02-20
Chapter 251: Pouch Effect2020-02-20
Chapter 250: Plead Guilty2020-02-19
Chapter 249: Fishing2020-02-19
Chapter 248: A Mole2020-02-18
Chapter 247: Xue Yin and Xue Feng2020-02-18
Chapter 246: Fiery-eyes Golden-gaze2020-02-17
Chapter 245: Poisoned2020-02-17
Chapter 244: Swept Him Off His Feet2020-02-16
Chapter 243: I Want to Devour You2020-02-16
Chapter 242: Kidnapped for Ransom2020-02-15
Chapter 241: Mama Song2020-02-15
Chapter 240: If I May Be So Bold as to Ask a Favor2020-02-14
Chapter 239: Burning with Anger2020-02-14
Chapter 238: Visiting Lan Er2020-02-13
Chapter 237: The Subsystem of the Sparrow Game (2)2020-02-13
Chapter 236: The Subsystem of the Sparrow Game2020-02-12
Chapter 235: What Does This Have Anything to Do with Bai Wu?2020-02-12
Chapter 234: Bias2020-02-11
Chapter 233: Buying A Car and A House2020-02-11
Chapter 232: House-hunting2020-02-10
Chapter 231: Live Experiment2020-02-10
Chapter 230: The Days are Numbered2020-02-09
Chapter 229: Blissful Harmony2020-02-09
Chapter 228: Denouncement2020-02-08
Chapter 227: Reintroduction2020-02-08
Chapter 226: The President’s Wife2020-02-07
Chapter 225: Bringing Xu Lan Home2020-02-07
Chapter 224: Hu Cheng’s Apology2020-02-06
Chapter 223: Diversion2020-02-06
Chapter 222: Interrogating Song Xi2020-02-05
Chapter 221: I’m Not Used to It2020-02-05
Chapter 220: I Can Change2020-02-04
Chapter 219: Earning A Living2020-02-04
Chapter 218: The Forgotten Child2020-02-04
Chapter 217: Hatred For Humans2020-02-04
Chapter 216: Sense of Security2020-02-02
Chapter 215: The Raging Bai Wu2020-02-02
Chapter 214: A Familiar Face from the Asylum2020-02-01
Chapter 213: Dimensional Disorder2020-02-01
Chapter 212: Ditching the Wife for the Son2020-01-31
Chapter 211: I’ll Look After Him2020-01-31
Chapter 210: Much Desired Tranquility2020-01-30
Chapter 209: Li Xiu Was Rescued2020-01-30
Chapter 208: People Who Do Not Belong in This World2020-01-29
Chapter 207: Zhang Fei’s Colleague2020-01-29
Chapter 206: Wang Meng and Xiao Feng2020-01-28
Chapter 205: Bai Wu’s Past2020-01-28
Chapter 204: Comforting Meng Chengjun2020-01-27
Chapter 203: Lao Chen Was Admitted to the Hospital2020-01-27
Chapter 202: Escaped From the Void2020-01-26
Chapter 201: The Dimension Was Destroyed2020-01-26
Chapter 200: Traitor2020-01-25
Chapter 199: Framing the Target2020-01-25
Chapter 198: Master of the Dimension2020-01-24
Chapter 197: A Black Cat in the Crack2020-01-24
Chapter 196: Bai Wu Hungers for A Decision2020-01-23
Chapter 195: Stealing Fortune Away2020-01-23
Chapter 194: Bai Wu’s Naughty Intentions2020-01-22
Chapter 193: Bai Wu’s Two Faces2020-01-22
Chapter 192: An Appalling Mission2020-01-21
Chapter 191: Escaped From the Catacomb2020-01-21
Chapter 190: Soul-Resurrecting Tune2020-01-20
Chapter 189: Stopping the Corpse Gu Worms2020-01-20
Chapter 188: Disagreement2020-01-19
Chapter 187: Entrapped by Hidden Mechanism2020-01-19
Chapter 186: Back to Origin2020-01-18
Chapter 185: System Error2020-01-18
Chapter 184: Bai Wu’s in the Coffin2020-01-17
Chapter 183: Entering the Catacomb (2)2020-01-17
Chapter 182: Entering the Catacomb2020-01-16
Chapter 181: Finding the Cause2020-01-16
Chapter 180: Choosing Honor Over Life2020-01-15
Chapter 179: Disagreement2020-01-15
Chapter 178: Saving Xiao Ya2020-01-14
Chapter 177: Wu Ling Invokes Everyone’s Anger2020-01-14
Chapter 176: Bai Wu Transforms2020-01-13
Chapter 175: Worms Surging in the Dark2020-01-13
Chapter 174: Cultivation of Gu Using Human2020-01-12
Chapter 173: Flare from the Cliff2020-01-12
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