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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel)





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A young boy named Bai Wu was saved and adopted by a thirty-something police sergeant named Xu Lan. It was love at first sight for Bai Wu, and once he started getting older, his heart yearned for a taste of the forbidden fruit – the romantic love of his adoptive father. The question is, will Xu Lan ever reciprocate? With deranged serial killers, parallel dimensions, time warps, dragons, and a bit of ancient black magic, Bai Wu and Xu Lan are caught in a series of crazy adventures while discovering what they truly mean to each other. This is a story of lust and madness!

184 • 2019-11-08 14:21:30


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 166: Xu Lan’s Confession2020-01-08
Chapter 165: Goddess From Heaven2020-01-08
Chapter 164: A Bad Excuse2020-01-07
Chapter 163: Made a Decision to Talk About It2020-01-07
Chapter 162: No Regrets2020-01-06
Chapter 161: Mission Accomplished2020-01-06
Chapter 160: A Token of Love2020-01-05
Chapter 159: The Mayor’s Admonition2020-01-05
Chapter 158: Capturing Xiu He2020-01-04
Chapter 157: Facing Xiu He2020-01-04
Chapter 156: Into the Deep Well2020-01-03
Chapter 155: The Quiet Temple2020-01-03
Chapter 154: As Close as Lovers2020-01-02
Chapter 153: Falling For His Own Son2020-01-02
Chapter 152: Bai Wu’s Test2020-01-01
Chapter 151: Sheng Ya Likes Me2020-01-01
Chapter 150: Rebuking the Man with the Crew-Cut2019-12-31
Chapter 149: Separating Truth from Fiction2019-12-31
Chapter 148: A Curious Occurrence in the Room2019-12-30
Chapter 147: Xiu He’s Cause of Death2019-12-30
Chapter 146: Niu Si’s Complaint2019-12-29
Chapter 145: The Origin of Darkwater Town2019-12-29
Chapter 144: The 80s Guesthouse2019-12-28
Chapter 143: The Secret of Darkwater Town2019-12-28
Chapter 142: Reassessing Oneself2019-12-27
Chapter 141: New Participants2019-12-27
Chapter 140: Genuine Wounds2019-12-26
Chapter 139: Mission Accomplished2019-12-26
Chapter 138: By Fair Means or Foul2019-12-25
Chapter 137: Let the Battle Begin2019-12-25
Chapter 136: Shooting One Hundred People2019-12-24
Chapter 135: The Mission Presents Itself2019-12-24
Chapter 134: Bai Wu’s Realization2019-12-23
Chapter 133: World of Games2019-12-23
Chapter 132: Wishing That You Never Came2019-12-22
Chapter 131: Found Bai Wu2019-12-22
Chapter 130: Parallel Dimension2019-12-21
Chapter 129: Bai Wu Is Missing2019-12-21
Chapter 128: Engulfed By The Void2019-12-20
Chapter 127: There’s A Mission Tonight2019-12-20
Chapter 126: The Void Had Grown Larger2019-12-19
Chapter 125: Xiao Zhang’s Perception2019-12-19
Chapter 124: Not Coming Home for Dinner2019-12-18
Chapter 123: Commendation2019-12-18
Chapter 122: Hello, Zhao Ran2019-12-17
Chapter 121: Bait2019-12-17
Chapter 120: Xu Lan’s Moment of Weakness2019-12-16
Chapter 119: Bai Wu Consoles2019-12-16
Chapter 118: Provoking Xiao Zhang2019-12-15
Chapter 117: Locked in A Toilet2019-12-15
Chapter 116: The Collapse from Thirteen Years Ago2019-12-14
Chapter 115: Xu Lan’s Backstory (2)2019-12-14
Chapter 114: Xu Lan’s Backstory2019-12-13
Chapter 113: Inheritance2019-12-13
Chapter 112: You Are Not My Papa2019-12-12
Chapter 111: Just Like How You Love Song Xi2019-12-12
Chapter 110: Lan Er’s Misjudgment2019-12-11
Chapter 109: Xu Family’s Call2019-12-11
Chapter 108: Daring Comics2019-12-10
Chapter 107: Bai Wu’s Worries2019-12-10
Chapter 106: Bothered2019-12-09
Chapter 105: We Met when I was Taking Out the Trash2019-12-09
Chapter 104: Bai Wu Flirting with a Girl2019-12-08
Chapter 103: The Meticulous Suspect2019-12-08
Chapter 102: Bai Wu’s Anger2019-12-07
Chapter 101: Too Much Drink For Xu Lan2019-12-07
Chapter 100: The Interconnection Between Individual Cases (2)2019-12-06
Chapter 99: The Interconnection Between Individual Cases2019-12-06
Chapter 98: Bai Wu’s All Grown Up (2)2019-12-06
Chapter 97: Bai Wu’s All Grown Up2019-12-05
Chapter 96: Forced to Promise2019-12-04
Chapter 95: Bai Wu Ran Away From Home (2)2019-12-04
Chapter 94: Bai Wu Ran Away From Home2019-12-03
Chapter 93: Xu Lan and His Low Self-Esteem2019-12-03
Chapter 92: Buying New Clothes for Bai Wu (2)2019-12-02
Chapter 91: Buying New Clothes for Bai Wu2019-12-02
Chapter 90: Terrible Teammates (2)2019-12-01
Chapter 89: Terrible Teammates2019-12-01
Chapter 88: A New Teammate2019-11-30
Chapter 87: Talking to Bai Wu’s Teacher2019-11-30
Chapter 86: Helping the Task Force Out2019-11-29
Chapter 85: Gaining Recognition2019-11-29
Chapter 84: Director General Chen Played Dirty2019-11-28
Chapter 83: Bai Wu’s Struggle to Fit In2019-11-28
Chapter 82: Reinstatement2019-11-27
Chapter 81: A Phone Call from Director General Chen2019-11-27
Chapter 80: Sending Bai Wu To School2019-11-26
Chapter 79: The 928 Incident2019-11-26
Chapter 78: Sergeant Xu, Who’s This?2019-11-25
Chapter 77: A Meaningful Goodbye2019-11-25
Chapter 76: Falling into the Black Hole2019-11-24
Chapter 75: Sending Bai Wu Off (2)2019-11-24
Chapter 74: Sending Bai Wu Off2019-11-23
Chapter 73: Consoling Bai Wu2019-11-23
Chapter 72: A Sad Bai Wu2019-11-22
Chapter 71: Capturing Li Xiu2019-11-22
Chapter 70: Asking Bai Wu for Help2019-11-21
Chapter 69: Arresting the Killer2019-11-21
Chapter 68: Eliminating Suspects2019-11-20
Chapter 67: The Cusp of Public Opinion2019-11-20