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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 14: Stirring Up Trouble

Chapter 14: Stirring Up Trouble

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Drink some water.” Zhu Jing handed over the cup half-heartedly. Her obvious expression had put Wu Wendi in an awkward position.

“Just call me Wendi, I only joined the press this year.”

She could not understand why the relationship between the police and the press was so tense. That was why she hoped to accomplish something to get their approval. This was also the reason why she joined the press.

“Ms. Wu, we manage criminal cases, not employment allocation.”

Wu Wendi took out a lollipop from her purse and gave it to Bai Wu. The little guy looked at her innocently with two big googly eyes, melting everyone’s hearts.

“Papa says do not accept candies from strangers.”

Bai Wu held hands with Zhu Jing while he looked at the person on the chair with his reddened eyes. He deliberately emphasized the word ‘Papa’ when he said it and did not reach out to receive it. Wu Wendi scoffed and put it back into her purse stiffly.

“Ms. Wu, what did you tell Chief Xu for him to let you in? Since you just joined the press recently, you probably don’t know that there has always been bad blood between our departments. It would be quite embarrassing if the chief comes out to chase you away later.”

Zhu Jing did not beat around the bush with Wu Wendi, clearly indicating her to leave.

Of course, she did not look down on these reporters, but there were already two lives dragged into this. Since then, the press was hostile towards the police and rarely exchanged correspondences.

“I met Chief Xu today and felt that he was different from the image he used to have. That’s why I wanted to give a special coverage about the police, to let everyone understand how the police really work. So…”

“Oh right, everything used to be quite well. The citizens are reacting this way all thanks to you guys.” Zhu Jing could not bear her anger and gave her a piece of her mind.

“I…” Wu Wendi did not know what to say, what more to refute her.

“Xiao Li, help me buy a pack of cigarettes and send it to the forensics department upstairs.”

When Xu Lan was walking down the stairs, he overheard Zhu Jing aggravating Wu Wendi, leaving her speechless. He made a clicking sound and sent Xiao Li off to buy cigarettes.

“Ms. Wu…, how is your observation going along?”

All of a sudden, Xu Lan could not remember her name. He knocked on his forehead and asked. Bai Wu saw him came down, immediately released Zhu Jing and ran towards him. He opened both his arms wide and waited for the man to carry him.

“Papa—” He dragged the word coquettishly as if he was declaring dominance.

Xu Lan smiled understandingly and held his hands. He then walked towards Wu Wendi.

“I am going to ask the victim’s family members some questions. Do you want to go together?” He could not let her return empty-handed, Xu Lan thought to himself.

“Yes! If it does not bother you guys!” Wu Wendi stood up enthusiastically but sat back down with blushed cheeks.

The indoor temperature of the police station was maintained at 26°C. Xu Lan had removed his jacket the moment he came in, leaving only a white shirt. He had a height of 1.82m. When Wu Wendi stood up with her head lowered, she could see right at his well-built pectoral muscles.

“Sure, we will head over once Xiao Li returns.”

Xu Lan did not notice the peculiarity of the female reporter. He thought that he had blocked her way. So, he tugged Bai Wu towards him and stepped aside.

“Papa, carry me,” Bai Wu said with coquetry, concealing his anger in his fire-red eyes.

“Let sister Xiao Jing carry you first, Papa has to leave in a while,” said Xu Lan, as he had prepared to pay Jingxinyuan a visit after meeting with the family member.

“Lucky!” Zhu Jing heard what Xu Lan had said, her eyes lighted up again. This overprotective dad was willing to leave his son. Yesterday, his face expression changed the moment Bai Wu praised that everyone was a good person.

Bai Wu’s eyes started to fog immediately, on the verge of crying. Then, he slowly retracted his tiny hand and used his index finger to hook on Xu Lan, choked and said, “Where are you going, Papa? Are you going out with her?”

Looking at the situation, Zhu Jing swallowed her saliva and went back to her duty station. With this look coming from the little guy, it would be a wonder if his dad was willing to leave!

“Papa, are you going out with her like how my brother used to go out with the young lady. Are you going to abandon and leave me for good?”

As predicted, Xu Lan bent down and wrapped him in his arms after hearing the change in Bai Wu’s voice.

“I am not leaving. It’s just that Papa has a case to follow up with so I cannot accompany you. This lady came to visit all of us, she’s not going anywhere.”

Xu Lan comforted Bai Wu by gently patting his back. He shrugged his shoulders and signaled Wu Wendi with his eyes either she could leave first, or she could wait. This was definitely not the time for it. His son was most important to him, not even the heavens and earth could compare.

Xu Lan carried the child and headed to his office.

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