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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 23: Tail Touching

Chapter 23: Tail Touching

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Bai Wu?” Xu Lan called out in uncertainty. He could not believe what he saw and the person in front of him.

“Papa…” Bai Wu uttered nervously while he moved towards him.

“Do you want to look at the mirror first?”

Xu Lan frowned. He could not find the words to describe his feelings. It was as if something of his was stolen without warning. Suddenly, Bai Wu was no longer his.

Bai Wu lowered his head. When he first arrived, he knew that he did not belong in this world. Everyone was terrified when he revealed his true self, which deprived him of love and affection.

He learned to hide himself and to mask his true identity. He started to despise his dragon form until Xu Lan stepped into his life.

However, Xu Lan had instructed him to look at the mirror! Although he was reluctant to do it, he still got down from the bed and walked towards the bathroom obediently.

He was double the height of his three-year-old self. Pushed aside by his tail, the oversized T-shirt barely covered his bottom. The silverish tail swayed gently from side to side as if it was seeking for a person’s touch. His rosy buttocks came into his sight.

“Ahh! Papa!” Bai Wu screamed loudly from the bathroom. He then rushed towards the bed like a specter and hid in Xu Lan’s arms.

He was not pushed aside by the warm and strong embrace but instead, it held him lightly. After quite some time, Bai Wu finally settled down. He stared at Xu Lan adorably with his pair of cinnabar-red eyes.

“Papa, have I grown?”

“… It appears so,” Xu Lan answered Bai Wu in agony.

Bai Wu rushed to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He was so surprised by the young man that appeared in the mirror that he did not take a good look at himself.

The one in the mirror was still as youthful and vigorous as his old self, filled with righteousness.

He then looked at his tail and shook his head disappointingly. It had not returned to normal, and the color was not pure enough. He wondered how long would it take to restore into its original appearance.

Nonetheless, this was the first time that he encountered this form. Besides from the tail, he was still in a human form for every other body part. He tried to transform into his dragon form but failed. It was as if something was restraining his transformation. On top of that, he could not totally transform into a human either.

“Papa!” Bai Wu called out anxiously from the bathroom.

“What is it?” Xu Lan rushed over almost instantly. What came into his view was a complete fair-skinned body.

“I can’t transform back!” The worried child ran over and hugged Xu Lan, seeking for comfort.

“Which way?” Xu Lan was uncharacteristically calm with the child’s transformation this time. This made Bai Wu felt really insecure. He made a few attempts to make the man hug him. He even removed his clothes in order to transform, but his whole body was shivering then.

“… I can’t do it either way. I’ve tried,” while biting his lips, Bai Wu put his arms around the man’s waist and used his face to rub against Xu Lan lovingly.

“Put on your clothes first, or else you’ll catch a cold,” said Xu Lan.

Bai Wu looked at the man with his pouting lips, and with a unique raspiness in his young voice, he said, “Papa, aren’t you afraid?”

“What’s there to be afraid of?” Xu Lan was baffled by his question. He walked over and picked up the shirt and covered Bai Wu’s body. However, it was a little wet. He then gave up and shoved Bai Wu towards outside.

The bathroom is never a good place for discussions.

“Afraid of me, with this look.” Although he had a body of a thirteen-year-old, his mind remained as a kid of three to four years old. Or in other words, Bai Wu cared too much about Xu Lan’s inner thoughts and seemed unnecessarily cautious.

“What are you trying to say? You’re not happy that I did not run away?” Xu Lan mockingly taunted Xu Lan and smacked his head while he prepared a fresh set of clothing for him.

At this height, the T-shirt would fit just right. It would neither be seen as a dress or a costume. Instead, there was a teasing cuteness when he wore it. Then, he took out a pair of jeans and threw it on him.

“Papa, what about my tail?” Bai Wu could not help but ask worriedly after putting on the shirt.

“Oh, I totally forgot about that.”

Xu Lan reached into his cabinet and retrieved his boxers that he bought yesterday. Although the size was too big, he had to make do with it and head out to buy more later.

“Come over here and try this, see if it fits.”

Xu Lan had not adapted to the situation where his son had undergone a sudden growth spurt. He was heavily whipped by the child’s tail while carrying him, prompting him to let out a muffled groan as it was incredibly painful.

“Hey, this little guy here is quite cute,” Xu Lan pecked at Bai Wu’s wiener. He let the child hold on his shoulders while he helped him with the pants.

“Papa!” Bai Wu shouted out ashamedly and bit into his shoulders.

“Hiss! You can be considered to be born in the year of Dog,” Xu Lan smacked Bai Wu’s buttock satisfyingly. The trousers were lifted below the tail, leaving the metallic luster outside.

Xu Lan reached out and touch it unconsciously. It was ice-cold, as reflected in its color. Furthermore, his hand could feel its actual weight and throbbing pulse.

“Amazing!” Xu Lan exclaimed in a heartfelt manner as if he was admiring an exquisite porcelain.

“Papa, don’t touch my tail! It— It’s very weird!” Bai Wu mentioned as he forbore his mortification and held onto Xu Lan.

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