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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 25: Words and Deeds

Chapter 25: Words and Deeds

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No, I can’t see you then — I’m scared,” Bai Wu said in a shuddering voice. He rejected Xu Lan’s request weakly and stared at Xu Lan with goggled-eyes.

He hoped that this peculiar feeling would go away sooner. He never felt this way before. It was as if the whole body’s blood supply consolidated at one part, which was worrisome.

“… Bai Wu, you have to understand that this is neither a sickness, nor it is something weird. Even though it feels weird, this is a very normal thing, okay?”

Bai Wu nodded his head miserably. The tightness that he was feeling kept bothering him, encouraging his desire to rub against Xu Lan. However, he was fastened to the ground by a pair of huge hands.

Xu Lan’s original intention was to explain about the whole process in all seriousness. Nevertheless, he found that it was still too early for this, and therefore, he just passed it off casually. He then thought to himself whether he should retrieve his popular collection of videotapes for him to watch, but he quickly dismissed this horrendous thought.

“You… use both of your hands to hold it and then try to move a little,” Xu Lan said to him awkwardly. There were no simpler words to describe this.

Bai Wu and Xu Lan looked at each other with an affirming glance, before lowering his head to follow Xu Lan’s instructions. The phallic object jolted upon stimulation. Bai Wu was so startled that he released it immediately and threw himself into Xu Lan’s arms. He glanced at Xu Lan pitifully, as if he was trying to say that this is not what he expected!

“Papa, it’s getting worse!” He had tears in his eyes as if it was going to extinguish the flame in his eyes at any second.

“Don’t be afraid, just touch it lightly. It was probably anticipating you to do that,” Xu Lan said patiently, while he stiffened his neck and tried not to look at Bai Wu’s expression at that moment.

Bai Wu put his head against Xu Lan’s chest and reached out his hands in a tentative manner.


A muffled groan was let out from his throat and echoed from the chest region, which made Xu Lan shudder. Not only he felt that there was a heat radiating from the area where the child leaned against him, but the temperature of the entire room was rising as well.

This made his throat dry and his voice became coarse. Every single nerve in his body became tense. What a sin! He chanted the Amitabha mantra while he guided Bai Wu with patience.

“Papa, papa, it hurts. Can you help me?”

Bai Wu tried to grab his hand while he asked. Xu Lan did not know how to respond, while he stood there like a computer that had crashed. It was not until he came into contact with the boiling heat source that he stood up immediately as if he had an electric shock.

“I, I… You just use the method that I told you just now. I…” Xu Lan’s tongue went numb and could not even speak clearly. He should not allow Bai Wu to lead him by the nose. This was not what a father should do.

He looked around uncomfortably and prepared to leave.

“Papa, it hurts so much!”

Bai Wu did not let go of his hands. Xu Lan only looked at Bai Wu when he felt a sensation of cold hard steel on his hands.

Not knowing when it happened but it seemed that Bai Wu had grown bigger, and his tail became larger and longer. His hands were also covered in silverish scales, similar to an armor.

Not only did he grew up, but he had also turned into a dragon. Only his face remained in the human form. No wonder he was in pain!

“Papa, this is all your fault! If you hadn’t touched my tail, this would not have happened. Moreover, you want to abandon me and walk away at this moment. Papa, do you feel disgusted by my appearance? Is it dreadful? I don’t want to do it anymore! I don’t want to! Waa… waaa…”

Suddenly, Bai Wu started bawling and threw a tantrum. He threw a few punches towards Xu Lan but was afraid that he would hurt him with his dragon form so he sat on the cold hard floor, disheartened like a discarded doll.

He looked so pitiful–

“Pfft–” Xu Lan burst into laughter after Bai Wu’s unexpected temper. He carried him to the bed carefully and sat beside him as if he had surrendered to fate.

There was nothing he could do with Bai Wu’s situation. Nonetheless, he could not leave it either. Although this would be an ill-considered method, there was no other way.

Bai Wu stared wide-eyed while Xu Lan crouched downwards. His gaze oscillated between the pair of hands and a helpless but pampering face.

In an instant, the heat source throbbed for a few times.

Xu Lan lifted his head in astonishment. On top of the bed was a young man aged around seventeen or eighteen years old. A pair of bloodthirsty, crimson-red eyes was staring at him. The silver shine of the scutum on his body was so bright that it blinded his eyes.

‘Was this his mature form?’ Xu Lan could not help but exclaim.

His ears were covered in a thick layer of scales. The horns on his forehead were silverish white with a bright red shade, like his cheeks at that moment. There was an inexplicable cuteness to it.

“Papa– although this is weird…” Bai Wu blushed and lowered his head, burying it against Xu Lan’s chest while he embraced him. He dragged his tone longer. In his raspy voice was a tinge of sweet dependence.

At this moment, the thing in Xu Lan’s hand was burning his hand like the embers of coal. However, he could not bear to leave.

He took in a deep breath, while he toyed with the article in his hands gently yet skillfully, hoping that this dragon would faster take its leave.

From not onwards, he could not look at him the same way as Bai Wu. Before this, he still had seven parts of naiveness, but it had turned into three parts youth and four parts manliness.

Due to his transformation, he had occupied all of the space. It was as if the house would crumble under a single footstep of his. Xu Lan seemed to be extremely vulnerable in comparison to his enormous physique.

The silverish tail swayed back and forth, rubbing against the sheets. It writhed towards Xu Lan secretly and caught him completely off guard, finally wrapping around his body, worried that he would escape unguarded.

“Papa—” Bai Wu called him with a lowered voice, while he lifted his head to stare at Xu Lan with a flared-up face. His breath also affected Xu Lan, which made him feel feverish and accelerated the movements of his hands.

“Mmm–” Bai Wu moaned with pleasure. The sweet sounds of whimper echoed within the room, like the houses on Cake Island.

Bai Wu collapsed into the arms of Xu Lan, the scales on his body was disappearing at a rate visible to the human eye. His body started to shrink, and his tail also vanished in the end. Like a deflated balloon, Bai Wu transformed back to his three-year-old self. He hugged Xu Lan’s waist and fell into deep slumber.

Xu Lan witnessed everything that had happened in front of him and laughed after contemplating repeatedly. What had just happened?

He carried Bai Wu into the bathroom. The temperature rise in the room had made him sweat in this piercing cold winter. Not just his hands, but his whole body was also sticky.

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