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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 26: Getting into Trouble

Chapter 26: Getting into Trouble

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Xu Lan applied for leave from Hu Cheng, claiming that the child caught a cold on his way back and needed immediate medical attention. In reality, Xu Lan was reluctant to let Bai Wu head out — what if he grew a tail out of nowhere! At the same time, this would be a good chance for him to catch up on sleep as he had been sleep-deprived for the past two nights.

Xu Lan rested in bed as he observed the little boy. His thick brows seemed to have lightened in color and his lashes were long as usual. Upon closer inspection, he noticed the small tear mole on the corner of the boy’s left eye.

‘He’s always been adorable as a kid,’ Xu Lan thought.

He had always adored children and had a soft spot for their round faces and red lips. Furthermore, Xu Lan found Bai Wu’s adorable tone and clingy demeanor hard to resist. He was amazed and slightly saddened by how the little boy had grown so much in such a brief period of time.

Xu Lan combed his fingers through Bai Wu’s hair and wondered if his hair color too, had lightened up.

Due to the circumstance, Xu Lan did not manage to take a good look at Bai Wu earlier. Even then, he could tell that Bai Wu had handsome features and great charisma. Him being a dragon might be why Xu Lan felt repressed.

“Papa, why can’t you just love me and me only? Humph…” Bai Wu murmured in his sleep as he turned around and fumbled into Xu Lan’s embrace.

Xu Lan smiled and gave his fleshy cheeks a few gentle pokes. The little boy must still be bothered by the issue, which explained why he was dreaming about it.

‘Unfortunately, Papa couldn’t lie to you! Life is a long journey. One day, there might be someone who waltzes into Papa’s heart,’ he thought.

The man rolled over and lay face up on the bed — how wonderful emotional ties were! He barely knew the child, yet, he felt as though the child was an integral part of his life.

It pained him to even think about Bai Wu growing up and starting a family with a special someone. Seeing Bai Wu in his teenage form heightened up the tension. Being forced to face the reality that Bai Wu might leave one day, he was unsure what to feel about it.

‘Time flies, and how much time do we still have? Perhaps, Bai Wu would return to where he came from?’ As he ran through his thought process, Xu Lan flipped over and sat up on his bed.

If that was the case, they did not have much time left. He decided to travel around with the child after the case closed. They would make unforgettable memories, fun times that Bai Wu could reminisce upon. Hopefully, this would remind Bai Wu of himself.

Xu Lan decided to make use of Bai Wu’s capability to travel through different spaces in order to leave behind footprints that will remind Bai Wu of him.

All set!

Xu Lan fell asleep with a smile on his face and Bai Wu in his arms.

Little did he know, this incident would haunt him in the foreseeable future. Moreover, this incident catalyzed Bai Wu’s growth and fostered an emotional attachment that went beyond possessiveness.

After a short while, Bai Wu licked the corner of his lips as he pulled the escapee back into bed.

“Papa, did you mean it when you said you regret your decision to help me?” His threatening words turned out to be strangely seductive.

Xu Lan was fuming and found himself at a loss for words. He knew that the outcome would be the same regardless of his answer.

Though, this would be a story for later.

As Xu Lan fell into a deep slumber, something huge happened in the police station. Not only was it covered by the news and media, but it also alerted his higher-ups.

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