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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 27: Incurring Public Wrath

Chapter 27: Incurring Public Wrath

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hu Cheng was reluctant to summon Xu Lan over in the middle of the night, but he had no choice as words about the incident had gotten out on the internet.

“What happened?” Xu Lan came over alone this time. He felt uneasy leaving the child alone, but he knew better than bringing him along. If he were to transform here in public, he would find himself locked up in a laboratory before the sun came up.

“So this is what happened. After spending half a day trying to talk sense into Li Kui, Xiao Xu was getting ready to let him go. On their way out, they ran into Officer Li. Officer Li who was feeling unwell and was searching for medicine ended up colliding into Li Kui,” Xiao Li offered an explanation after noticing how worked up Hu Cheng was.

“And? What happened next?” Xu Lan was unhappy with the young man’s habit of offering unnecessary details instead of cutting to the chase.

“Li Kui lay on the floor and refused to get up. He accused us of bias and physical violence. A few passers-by who happened to be at the entrance took videos of the incident and uploaded it to the internet. The video clips are all over the internet now and the incident is widely reported in the news. Allegations of abuse of power and position have been directed at us.”

“Ridiculous! Hasn’t anyone gone and clarified the matter with the public and the media? What about the surveillance footage at the entrance of the police station? Can’t we let the facts speak for us?” To think that something so ridiculous could happen, Xu Lan finally understood why Xiao Li refused to have dealings with those who were in the news industry!

Distorting the facts by reporting selected parts of the story was something that should not be practiced by the news industry. He was glad that he grew up in a peaceful time where the news industry practiced responsible journalism.

“… People chose to believe in whatever they thought was true, there is no point explaining to them. The provincial leader ordered us to close the case within ten days. Failing which, the person in charge will have to resign,” Hu Cheng explained while smoking tobacco.

“What!” Xu Lan could not believe what he just heard. How could this be happening in a law enforcement unit?

“Cough cough. I’m so sorry. Seeing how I single-handedly caused the whole incident to happen, I will talk to the higher-ups and take the blame. I shall try my best to keep everyone out of it.” Li Xiu was coughing as he walked through the door. His face seemed pale when juxtaposed against his oversized golden frame glasses. He was supported by a burly man from behind.

“Officer Li, how could you say that? We are the officers in charge of this case. What more, the man was lashing out randomly at the first person he saw. This had happened twice before and even if it wasn’t you, it could just be any one of us here,” Hu Cheng spoke as he cleared his tobacco pipe.

Despite that he did not hold the commissioner in high regard, he was not someone to shriek away from his responsibilities. After all, he was a man who was fit to be the director general.

“Director General, you’re right!” Zhu Jing voiced her support. This time around, the media overstepped their boundaries.

“Tonight, I’ve gathered all of you here to seek your opinion. Let’s find a way to solve this completely clueless case within the next ten days.”


“Let’s do this!”

“With all of us working together, there is no way that we cannot solve this case!” All the attendees responded enthusiastically.

“Knock knock!”

The knock on the door drew everyone’s attention. All heads turned to find out who was knocking politely at this ungodly hour.

When they realized who the person was, most of them were seething with rage.

“What are you doing here!” Zhu Jing stormed out and questioned loudly.

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