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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 35: A New Discovery

Chapter 35: A New Discovery

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

With a smack, Xu Lan grabbed the towel and flung it onto the sink, frightening Bai Wu so much that the boy’s hair stood on end. Such things should have been clarified to the man.

“Go and wear your clothes. We’re almost late.” Xu Lan held in his temper.

The boy dejectedly walked out. Upon seeing Li Xiu sitting with one leg crossed over the other, Bai Wu wanted to rush up to him and rip his face to pieces!

Xu Lan felt that Bai Wu was at a suitable age to be sent to kindergarten. There, he could be exposed to systematic education. By that time the boy would know what can or cannot be said or done. However, because of Bai Wu’s condition, Xu Lan was afraid to enroll him in one. More likely than not, the child would simply disappear if he accidentally fell asleep. That was the reason Xu Lan had yet to send him to kindergarten.

“From today onward, the case is entering the final stage of the countdown, so I hope everyone keeps up their energy and stays alert. Don’t let a single detail slip by you!” Hu Cheng, who sat at the main seat in the conference room, issued the order after seeing that the officers were in low spirits.


“We will designate this room as a temporary place for us to handle all issues. If anyone has any clues, promptly make sure that you mention them!”


“Very well, we’ll now be cross-watching each video. Remember! Don’t let the smallest detail escape you! We must bring that deranged murderer to justice!” Hu Cheng firmly exclaimed.


When everyone had left, Xu Lan and Li Xiu went up to Hu Cheng together and told him everything that they had discussed the previous night.

“The probability of success is low.” Hu Cheng took a puff, turned toward Xu Lan, and continued. “First of all, the media’s a hurdle. Why would they be so willing to help us report about it? Second, it’s too late to be finding such a woman. Our manpower would be severely diminished. Then there is the issue of whether it will actually succeed.”

With the simplest of analysis, Hu Cheng vetoed the proposal.

“Director-General, if you can put your trust in me, you can leave the reporting to me. I have the necessary connections and I can call them over!” Since Wu Wendi was in Xu Lan’s team, she did not leave – she sat there quietly and listened.


“Even though I resigned from the newspaper company, I still have a good friend there. I can ask for her help. As for that other thing, if…and I mean IF, safety can be guaranteed, then I am willing to offer myself as bait!”

Wu Wendi said everything with conviction, but after finishing her words, she felt a bit timid and had her eyes fixated on Xu Lan.

“…I need to think about it. After all, there are many factors that need to be considered,” Hu Cheng muttered while he smoked.

“Alright then, we’ll be going,” came Li Xiu’s timely remark. He exchanged a few glances with the two and walked out.

“Whoa, Miss Wu, I didn’t expect you to be so courageous. I failed to see your talents before today! No offense though,” Zhu Jing said as he patted Wu Wendi on the shoulder and laughed.

“I…I was merely saying what I was thinking just now. I didn’t consider the consequences. Now that I think about it, I’m a bit scared. I have no idea where all that courage came from,” said the embarrassed Wu Wendi, who had lowered her head.

“No worries, you did great. Let’s go and watch those tapes,” Xu Lan said emphatically.

He wondered how Bai Wu and Xiao Li were getting by. At that moment, he kinda misses the boy.

“Ay, Lao Xu, can you come here for a moment? I think I found something new,” Sun Fei called out ss Xu Lan was preparing to leave.

“You found a lead?” The astonished Li Xiu walked over to Sun Fei, stared at the screen, and waited for a follow-up. He looked to be extremely industrious in researching the case.

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