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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 37: A Dragon’s Warning

Chapter 37: A Dragon’s Warning

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Wait! Bai Wu, can you go to the door and wait for me? Papa will be there in a while,” Xu Lan stopped Li Xiu abruptly when he was about to play the video and lowered his head to ask Bai Wu with a lowered tone.

“…” Bai Wu kept his head down, played with his fingers and remained silent. It was obvious that he was unwilling to leave. He did not want Papa to be alone with Li Xiu! He already told Papa in the morning.

“Behave, dear. I don’t have a choice as I’m here to solve the case,” Xu Lan said while he pinched his soft cheeks and grazed his nose.

“…Papa, I want kisses,” Bai Wu said dejectedly with a pout. This also meant that he agreed to compromise.

Xu Lan kissed his forehead briefly and carried him outside. At the same time, Li Xiu pushed open the door because he did not understand why Xu Lan stopped him.

“Papa, you need to give affectionate kisses!” Bai Wu pouted his lips and coquetted with Xu Lan. He looked at Li Xiu provokingly when Xu Lan was not paying attention.


Xu Lan pecked Bai Wu quickly and gently like a dragonfly skimming on a water surface. He then put him outside of the door swiftly and turned around to see a puzzled Li Xiu looking at him.

“It’s all the fault of television drama series, should ban him from watching television,” he said awkwardly.

“Brother Lan, you spoil him too much,” Li Xiu pointed out bluntly, making Xu Lan a little embarrassed.

“Yes, I can’t help but be nice to him. Looks like I have to restrain myself in the future,” Xu Lan answered laughingly, his forced smile made Li Xiu feel pity for him.

How could he not like him as much? He was the first one who was willing to stay beside and depend on him. He made him feel like he could be the father that he had always imagined being.

How Xu Lan wished that he could give him the world. However, he was only an employee, there was no way that he would be able to do that. The least he could do is give him all of his love and pamper him.

“Sorry about that, let’s start from the beginning,”

Xu Lan recollected his emotions promptly and became the dependable Sergeant Xu again, a mature and capable man.

“Okay,” Li Xiu answered gently and walked back to the bedroom.

That night, Xu Lan and Bai Wu stayed in this living room and waited for the sounds from the room to die down. It seemed that the man came out to take something. What was it? At that moment, he thought that he took a sex toy, but obviously, that was not it. That should be the scalpel!

There should not be any evidence left when the crime was committed. The only time where there could be evidence was when the man rushed out after hearing the noise.

The killer was very skillful. The first reaction when he ran out after hearing the noise was to pick up the clothes on the sofa and threw it on Xu Lan’s head to prevent from exposing his identity. The only thing Xu Lan saw was the scalpel in his hand.

Then, at the moment…

Xu Lan’s eyes sprung open and he jumped from the floor. He stood up and walked into the bedroom. The sudden movement shocked Li Xiu.

“Come, turn on the video recorder,” Xu Lan walked towards the bedside at a rapid pace and said.

“Okay, it’s on,” Li Xiu did accordingly.

“This is 23rd of January, the third day since the Jingxinyuan case. Xu Lan and Li Xiu went back to the crime scene, conducting reconnaissance.”

Xu Lan said a few words to the camera lens and stopped talking. He carefully inspected the blanket, pillows and the Simmons mattress quietly.

“Ah! Brother Lan, this… this!” The scene under the bed gave Li Xiu a shock, where he covered his mouth and was lost for words.

Xu Lan looked at the thing under the bed and finally smile with satisfaction. He knew that Jingxinyuan would be the important breakthrough of this whole case! The truth was also concordant to his predictions, the killer did not notice this particular detail.

“Call Sun Fei over immediately. Wait, forget it, I’ll make the call, you don’t have his mobile number. Xiao Xiu, can you please bring Bai Wu over,” Xu Lan let out a long sigh of relief, sat down beside the bed and said laughingly.

“Sure.” Li Xiu’s temple pulsated. He opened the door and saw Bai Wu merrily greeting the passersby along the corridor.

This little guy had a way of making people around him fond of him. He could mask himself very well, but since he first saw Li Xiu, he never once tried to please him.

Bai Wu rolled his eyes to a smiling Li Xiu and said, “Don’t look at me with that disgusted face!”

“Haha, Brother Lan told me to call you in.”

The truth was Li Xiu always wanted to get along with Bai Wu. He could probably cure his illness, but Bai Wu did not give him any chance.

“Humph! I warn you, don’t you dare play any tricks. I would turn a blind eye for some of the things that happened. If you make me angry, I would even be willing to sacrifice my reputation so I won’t have to tolerate it!”

Seeing that there was no one around, Bai Wu flashed his tail with a bang and gently patted Li Xiu’s face with it as a warning sign. Li Xiu was not prepared for this and he was shocked by this unexpected transformation. He was so shocked that he collapsed onto the floor as both of his legs went weak, while his whole body shivered in fear.

“Tsk, I take that you haven’t seen a real dragon? If you don’t want to experience it, stop your little schemes!” Bai Wu warned him sincerely.

“Why are you not coming in yet?” Xu Lan shouted out from the bedroom, worrying that Bai Wu would bite out of anger.

“Coming!” Bai Wu answered happily.

The true form of a dragon had a stunning effect, the great pressure prevented Li Xiu from standing up. This was also the reason why humans who knew about the presence of dragons fear them and disseminate how evil and ruthless they were.

“Right, I’m a little thirsty. Go and buy two bottles of water,” Bai Wu kicked the person on the floor disgustedly while he strode over him and ordered.

Then, he rushed into Xu Lan’s arms coquettishly like a bird returning to its nest. The contrast between the two versions was so repulsive that it could give someone chills.

“Little one, where’s Li Xiu?” Xu Lan asked when he did not see Li Xiu come in after waiting for some time. Normally, this child would only give a few bites or scratches, he would not do anything too extreme. Therefore, he was quite surprised that Li Xiu did not follow him in.

“Oh, he said he was thirsty and went out to buy water. How’s it going, Papa? Any new discoveries?” Bai Wu asked him with bright eyes.

“Uhm…” Xu Lan was shocked but pleasantly surprised.

“Little guy, do you like Papa’s job?” There was a sense of joy in Xu Lan’s tone when he crouched down and asked.

“I don’t like it,” Bai Wu shut off whatever inkling that was sprouting in Xu Lan’s mind without hesitation.

“I only like Papa,” Bai Wu was able to reach Xu Lan when he was in a crouching position. He threw himself over to hug his neck and said.

“Oh, you!” he laughed with a sigh full of love and helplessness.

“Our indomitable Sergeant Xu is getting more and more tender,” Sun Fei said following some awkward fake coughs with his team stopped at the door.

“Haha, you’ll understand when you have children. You’d wish that you could pin him onto your belt,” Xu Lan said confidently without releasing Bai Wu.

“You’re asking for a beating with these words! I thought you had a new lead, bring me to see it quickly. My eyes are going blind watching those surveillance footages,” Sun Fei challenged jokingly.

“Uhm, come over and look at this,” although his voice was lowered, there was a hint of excitement in it when Xu Lan asked Sun Fei to come over to stand beside the bed.

“Wow, Lao Xu, how did you discover this! It’s great!”

Sun Fei called his men over immediately. They wore gloves and took out forceps before entering the bedframe to retrieve a cell phone and a shining brooch and placed them into sealed bags.

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