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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 39: Girlfriend

Chapter 39: Girlfriend

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“This is the new lead from this morning. Oh right, how’s the news going?”

Xu Lan found out privately that the press and police force were managed by two different management systems. No wonder things progressed in this way.

“Already told Lady Wu to follow up. I still can’t accept that Lady Wu was put in harm’s way. The risk is just too high and we cannot afford to take it,” Hu Cheng said while he knocked the tobacco ash in his pipe.

“Uhm, let’s just search in the Lanshan area. This is better, we don’t even have to provide the background,” Xu Lan agreed.

“Uhm, what actually happened to Li Xiu? He already had an illness, if something happened to him under our watch, it’ll be a handful even if we are able to solve this case,” Hu Cheng asked worriedly.

“We don’t know yet for the time being. I’ll head over in a while. If he’s not well, let him recuperate. He should be fine since he was able to call me,” Xu Lan answered after giving it some thought.

“Good, it’s true that motivation can be sparked under pressure. I didn’t expect to have a new lead. Hopefully, we can catch the killer successfully this time,” Hu Cheng smoked a mouthful and spoke his mind.

“We will…” Xu Lan shook his head and comforted him.

It would be too early to conclude as no one knows what would be the final outcome. Xu Lan exited Hu Cheng’s office with a heavy heart. Coincidentally, he met Wu Wendi and her friend walking over.

“Sergeant Xu, let me introduce you to my friend, Shen Xiang. This is Xu Lan from the police force, also known as Sergeant Xu,” Wu Wendi pulled Shen Xiang towards Xu Lan and introduced them.

“Hi, just call me Lao Xu,” Xu Lan extended his right hand with a smile.

“Oh, hi. I’m Shen Xiang.” Shen Xiang was mesmerized by Xu Lan’s smile. He had such a warm smile despite his tough exterior. Wu Wendi had to tap on Shen Xiang’s back for her to come back to her senses.

“Sorry for troubling you guys with such a huge issue,” Xu Lan thanked Shen Xiang politely.

“No, not at all. We misunderstood the people in the police force in the past. I did not believe it when Wendi told me. It has been difficult on you guys to catch the killer. We owe you all an apology. Hopefully, we can get along harmoniously in the future.”

Shen Xiang was far more experienced than Wu Wendi. She casually brushed away her embarrassment and went straight into work mode.

“I hope we can get along too. How was the news from this morning?” Xu Lan asked.

“Already released. The reception of the news from the citizens was very strong. It could be that this is the first time they are actively involved in the case. Many of them called enthusiastically and left messages to cheer and motivate everyone,” Wu Wendi took out her cell phone and showed Xu Lan the messages sent by them.

“Uhm, the reception was quite good. We may even utilize the strength of the public to help to find the killer. The people’s eyes are sharp,” Xu Lan looked at the comments and said to Wu Wendi with the corner of his mouth curved upwards.

“Uhm, Sun Fei will bring more interesting clues back in a while. You guys need to display it presentably to everyone,” said Xu Lan.

“What kind of new clues? Can Sergeant Xu reveal them first?” Shen Xiang asked out of curiosity.

“You will know in a while.”‘This bomb would leave the killer unsettled!’ The corner of Xu Lan’s mouth curved up with slight sinisterness when he thought of this.

“Xiao Xiang, Xiao Xiang, stop looking. Sergeant Xu has long gone!” Wu Wendi reminded her and passed her some tissues. She found Shen Xiang’s behavior amusing.

It was hard not to be moved by such a mature, charming and considerate man. Nevertheless, Wu Wendi only treated him as a reliable and trusted man.

“Wendi, Wendi, have you seen his smile? Oh my, my whole heart went weak. How can such a man exist?” Shen Xiang told Wu Wendi excitedly.

“I am not blind, wasn’t that just a normal smile?” Wu Wendi could not help but roll her eyes.

Wendi does not know when her girlfriend started to take interest in the old man schtick. Since then, her expectations were so high that she had not had a partner since college. In short, Wu Wendi concluded the people that she met was too limited!

“Does he have a girlfriend? If he doesn’t I would go after him. This could also improve the relationship between the press and the police, how nice!” Shen Xiang said eagerly.

“My dear chief editor, he already has a three or four-year-old child, what do you think?” Wu Wendi mentioned Bai Wu intentionally so that she could watch Shen Xiang cupping her own face and scream in silence as if she had nothing to live for.

“Really? I knew it, how could such a quality guy be single? Yet I am still so sad. What should I do? This is not allowed! Wendi, you need to accompany me for a drink tonight to comfort my hurt soul!”

Shen Xiang pursed her lips and gave a grieve-stricken look while she dragged Wu Wendi along.

“What, drinking leads to drunken mistakes! I’m telling you, don’t you hit on me. Your crush may be married but mine isn’t!” Wu Wendi said dismissively while pretending to be afraid of Shen Xiang.

“Haha, I have no interest in you. Your body is like a steel plate – flat on the front and back. You can’t incite my sexual desire! Haha!” Shen Xiang teased back and left laughing.

“You!” Wu Wendi could not speak and stomped in anger.

“Hmm? Miss Wu, were you laughing just now? Can you please quiet down? We are watching the surveillance footages inside,” Xiao Li said apologetically when came out and saw Wu Wendi in a high ponytail.

Wu Wendi’s face was flushed red. She turned and left abruptly.

“Huh? Did I speak wrongly again?” he pinched his nose and mumbled. Her reaction made Li Fei confused, it was as if he had to touch the head of a ten-feet monk — no one could reach it.

“Brother Xiao Li, why Papa is not back yet after so long? Where did Papa go?” Bai Wu popped his head out of the room and asked.

“Sergeant Xu went to the hospital. He’ll be back in a while. You can play with us first,” Xiao Li turned to Bai Wu and comforted him when he heard him calling.

It might have been Xiao Li’s delusion, but he seemed to notice a gleam of light flashed past Bai Wu’s eyes and immediately restored back to the normal calmness.

“Is Officer Li in the hospital? I want to go visit him too. Brother Xiao Li, can you bring me there?” Bai Wu looked at Xiao Li innocently and smiled, holding his hand and rocking gently from side to side.

“But I can’t leave,” Xiao Li said awkwardly, knowing that he would be scolded by Sergeant Xu when he returned.

“No worries, there are so many people here, nothing will happen. Officer Li is hurt, we should use our connections. It’ll be fine to visit for a while,” Bai Wu continued to plead.

If only Xiao Li knew the relation between Bai Wu and Li Xiu, or if he used his brain for a little, he would know that such words could not have come out of a child.

With that, Bai Wu happily followed Xiao Li to the hospital.

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