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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 43: Volunteering

Chapter 43: Volunteering

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Shen Xiang stopped Xu Lan in his track and asked about their plans. She insisted that they should have dinner together as she was going for food with Wu Wendi. Given Bai Wu’s hostility toward Li Xiu and Wu Wendi, Xu Lan was surprised at how Bai Wu was not hostile toward Shen Xiang. He said yes to Shen Xiang’s invitation.

Shen Xiang was a talkative person, there was not a moment of silence when the four of them were together. Surprisingly, she even took care of Bai Wu.

“When this case ends, I would love to have Sergeant Xu to give a lecture at the press. Sergeant Xu, do you think you’ll be free?” Shen Xiang asked as she stared at the man, smitten. Meanwhile, Xu Lan was blanching the vegetable to remove the chili for Bai Wu.

“Uh? Lecture? I’m afraid that I’m not the best candidate. Why don’t you consider inviting Director General instead? I can put in a good word for you.” Xu Lan frowned as he said.

“It would be best if Sergeant Xu could come along with Director General Hu.” Shen Xiang took a sip of her drink and chuckled, pretending that she was pleased by the good deal she was offered.

“Thank you for your invitation, but I’m afraid that I’m not made for public speaking. I’m too timid for it, haha…” Xu Lan chuckled and rejected Shen Xiang politely.


“Come, let’s eat. The food here is really good,” Xu Lan said politely after noticing that Shen Xiang was trying to pursue further.

Wu Wendi gave Shen Xiang a pinch under the table, ending the topic for good.

“Hmm, Wendi, may I know what’s the feedback from the general public regarding the two articles?” Xu Lan steered the conversation back to work-related topic.

“The feedback has been great. Citizens have been actively providing leads, albeit unfruitful. Their reactions are significantly different from before. There were also many words of encouragement.”

“Hmm, that’s great. For the subsequent articles, try to over exaggerate without departing too much from the facts. We should put the murderer under as much pressure as possible!” The scar on the corner of Xu Lan’s brow pulsated cheerfully, the corner of his mouth was lifted, giving his once honest face a hint of evilness.

“Should we refrain from overdoing it? I’m afraid that it might spur the murderer on…” Wu Wendi said worriedly.

“I want him to strike again. Once he does, he would inevitably leave behind some trails!” Xu Lan said with confidence.

“Hmm, okay. Is Xiao Li really going over to Section Chief Sun’s tomorrow?” Wu Wendi hesitated before asking.

“Of course, what else?” Xu Lan answered with a straight face as he served up more food into Bai Wu’s bowl. “Eat more,” he said.

After hearing Xu Lan’s reply, Bai Wu raised his head and took a glance at him. He continued to finish his food. ‘Eat more, and you will grow taller.’ This was what Uncle Hu told him.

“Will he be coming back in the future?” Wu Wendi whispered.

“Yes, he will return once the case has closed.”

“Oh,” Wu Wendi answered in disappointment. Xu Lan was wondering why the sudden interest in Xiao Li, though he did not pay too much attention to it. Perhaps, it was because Xiao Li had been looking out for her all these while.

Shen Xiang picked up the oddity and thought, ‘Did she take a liking to the silly boy?’

“As for my proposal, what did the Director General say?” Shortly after, Wu Wendi fired another question again.

“Uhm, firstly, thanks for volunteering under these circumstances. Due to the high risk, we’ve to turn your proposal down for safety concerns,” said Xu Lan.

The young lady did not need to test the water and jeopardized her safety in the process.

“Isn’t there enough resources to cover all grounds and wait for the murderer to be hooked? There are so many women in Lanshan area. What more, aren’t all the officers assigned with a task?” Wu Wendi raised her voice as she asked worriedly.

“Wendi, lower your voice. This is a restaurant.” Shen Xiang tugged on Wu Wendi, hinting her to control herself.

“Cough, cough. Sorry, I’m overreacting. Even though I’m not a saint, I still would love to contribute to the case in whatever way I can. I trust you all to keep me safe,” whispered Wu Wendi.

“We understand. However, you’ve seen the victims. There’s no take two in life,” Xu Lan persuaded further after seeing how persistent Wu Wendi was.

“I know, but if we missed this chance, the murderer will be more cautious and it would be difficult to capture him,” Wu Wendi whispered her thoughts.

Xu Lan remained silent – he could not deny that there was truth in her words.

“I’m your best candidate now and I’ll do my best to cooperate. This will be a safer and more convenient alternative to search blindly in Lanshan area,” Wu Wendi said with determination – she was desperate to catch the murderer.

“Why do you insist on being at the frontline? You’re playing an indispensable role in the case now. More importantly, you’re not exposed to danger. I understand everything that you’ve just said, but…”

“Papa, I’m full.” Xu Lan’s low voice echoed in the air but it was soon covered by that of Bai Wu. After eating all these while, Bai Wu finally said a word.

“Uhm, let’s make a move.” Xu Lan went on. “I’m glad to join for dinner today, but I cannot accept this proposal. Hope you all have a good time and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Sergeant Xu!” Wu Wendi stood up and stopped Xu Lan from leaving. “I’m sorry for causing you all the trouble. I promise to not bring this up again. However, if you do need help, please don’t hesitate to approach me!”

“Yes! Definitely!” Xu Lan left with Bai Wu after answering affirmatively.

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