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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 45: Visiting Li Xiu

Chapter 45: Visiting Li Xiu

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After detaining Li Kui in the surveillance room, Xu Lan promptly went to find Sun Fei. It was not the time to be emotional. With zero surveillance footage or witnesses, the person behind that letter was set aside for the time being. At first, it was thought that the murderer, upon being discovered, would try to stay under the radar for a period of time. The criminal’s swift movements were not at all anticipated. As it turned out, the reporting was quite effective!

Sun Fei already had his hands full with the window curtains and the cell phone but Xu Lan just had to add another cell phone as well as a bank card to the load.

“Hey big shot, you think my manpower is equivalent to that of an industrial base? If I had idle hands with me, why would I request for more people from you?” Sun Fei’s temper started to flare up after seeing Xu Lan hand over another phone as though it was some hidden ace up his sleeve. He spent one whole morning with those ragged curtains in vain.

“If it’s not possible, then don’t do it. I think it’s quicker if we find the benefactor. Maybe if we follow the trail, we might not need ten days…”

“I don’t think so. At this moment, this criminal gang has at least two members. We’ve only identified one of them and we’re still not at a stage where we can gather evidence.” Sun Fei interrupted by throwing cold water on Xu Lan’s suggestion.

“… Okay then. Do you want to visit Li Xiu in the hospital? Think of it as a break. After all, he was sent by the higher-ups, it would be improper if we didn’t,” Xu Lan replied.

“Fair enough.” Realizing that Xu Lan was right, Sun Fei took his overcoat and said, “Xiao Li, if there’s anything you’re unsure of, you can ask them to teach you. Don’t worry, just take it slow.”

Seeing how flustered Xiao Li was, Xu Lan wondered why Sun Fei asked for him in the first place.

“Xiao Li, just take it slow, don’t worry.” A mocking smile spread across Xu Lan’s face, eliciting a slap on the back from Sun Fei.

“Let’s go already!”

“Haha, yes, yes, yes, we’ll leave now.” Xu Lan laughed heartily and followed Sun Fei down.

“Is Lao Hu at the hospital? I haven’t seen him at all today,” Sun Fei asked as he put on his seatbelt.

Xu Lan shook his head. “I’m not sure. I didn’t see him either but it was Teacher Wang who stayed with Li Xiu last night.”

“Sigh, I feel like there was no need for Lao Hu to do that. I mean, we still have such a big case,” Sun Fei said with a sigh.

The moment Sun Fei lifted his head, he saw a huge truck coming in their direction. He shouted, “HEY! Eyes on the road! I don’t want to die here with you! I haven’t even gotten married yet!”

“I’m not married too, you know! Since when did your death anxiety got so bad?” Thankfully Xu Lan had a quick response and excellent mental acumen. He got through the daunting experience without any mishap.

“You’re not even f*cking married and you already have a son. I haven’t even seen a naked woman!” Sun Fei cursed despicably as he kicked Xu Lan’s waist.

“…I don’t know why. Even though what you said wasn’t very nice, I have absolutely no way of refuting you.” Xu Lan sneered.

“Why are you laughing? If I die I have to share the same fate as you, I’m telling you.” Sun Fei glared at Xu Lan, then took out a pack of cigarettes.

“Should we buy some fruits? Or maybe flowers?” Xu Lan turned to him and ask.

“Sure! Buy whatever you feel like buying but for God’s sake, keep your eyes on the road!” Sun Fei lashed out in a panic after noticing a carriage heading straight at them upon looking up.

After swerving the small carriage, Xu Lan asked, “Do you think someone’s out to get us?”

“Wow, that exciting huh? The car we’re using is Xiao Li’s though.” With raised eyebrows, Sun Fei was piqued by Xu Lan’s question.

“When Li Xiu met with the accident yesterday, I was at the shopping mall just opposite him. Also, don’t you think it’s a little fishy that two vehicles almost crashed into us within such a short time?” The scar above Xu Lan’s eyebrow began twitching as if something aroused its curiosity.

“What are you trying to say?” Sun Fei asked with a voice that trembled in excitement.

“Let’s take a few more rounds and see whether it’s true. Then we’ll look for the vehicle owner. With Li Kui’s situation, they won’t be acting too brazenly.” Xu Lan’s eyes sparkled. After all, it would be a waste to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When Xu Lan ascertained that there was, in fact, a vehicle tailing them, he leisurely went out of the car and bought some fruits as well as flowers to bring to the hospital. The place was filled with surveillance cameras and Xu Lan surmised that the person tailing them would not be so daring as to make a move.

It was only when the both of them entered the ward did they realize Teacher Wang had yet to go home. They helped him up immediately.

“Teacher Wang, why are you still here? Where’s Lao Hu?” The puzzled Xu Lan asked.

Both Teacher Wang and Lao Hu were about the same age but the former had a knowledgeable aura. His first impression to others was that of a cultured man.

“He said he’d come to take over this morning but got summoned by his superiors at the eleventh hour. In any case, today is a Saturday. Since there is nothing for me to do, I thought it was best to come here and visit.”

“Did he wake up?” With eyes fixated on Li Xiu, Xu Lan lowered his voice and asked.

“He did. In the small hours at three o’clock. His fever acted up and he remained wakeful for a while before finally going back to sleep,” Teacher Wang replied while massaging his temples.

Cultured people really did have their own way of saying things. If Li Xiu woke up at three and could not sleep for some time, did it mean that he had just fallen asleep? What if Teacher Wang himself had not slept the whole night?

“Section Chief Sun, I think you should send Teacher Wang home and let him rest. Be careful on the road,” Xu Lan said with an earnest look.

“Alright. Let’s go, Teacher Wang. Let me send you home so you can take a break, otherwise Lao Hu will worry.” Flashing a smile, Sun Fei helped Teacher Wang up by the arm and left the ward.

Xu Lan never expected it to be so serious. He arranged the flowers neatly and prepared to visit Lao Liu, whose injuries were far worse than Li Xiu’s.

Just as he began walking, his cell phone rang. It was Zhu Jing, who called to ask where he was. She told him how Bai Wu had been crying, shouting, and asking for him.

He gave a few short answers and hung up. After that, he was ready to search for a doctor and ask about Lao Liu.

“No. Don’t! I’m begging you, don’t do this to me!” The room resonated with Li Xiu’s terrified screams. Those screams startled Xu Lan and he quickly rushed back to Li Xiu.

“No! I won’t say anything, please spare me. I’m cold and I’m hungry, I…” Li Xiu’s face was pale and his forehead was littered with beads of sweat. He was unsettled and struggling.

“Li Xiu, Li Xiu, wake up!” Xu Lan immediately pressed the call bell and attempted to wake Li Xiu up. Suddenly, Xu Lan remembered the previous day’s accident and since the doctor had yet to come, he could only anxiously call out to Li Xiu.

“I’m sorry, you can’t blame me. The only person that should be blamed is that evil monster. He made me this way.” Out of nowhere, Li Xiu’s tone became melancholic.

“Li Xiu, wake up! It’s Xu Lan.” Since the doctor was nowhere to be seen, Xu Lan could not do anything significant. All he could do was try and wake the man up.

Xu Lan suddenly remembered a little-known but nonetheless effective method of waking a person – by a pinch to the nose.

It worked! In the midst of struggling, Li Xiu opened his eyes.

“…Brother Lan?” Still dazed, he called to Xu Lan.

“You were having a nightmare,” Xu Lan explained.

“Thank you…” Soaked in sweat, Li Xiu collapsed on the bed. He did not even have the energy to open his eyes.

“I’ve called the doctor, he should be here soon. Are you feeling any pain anywhere?” Noticing Li Xiu’s fragile outlook, Xu Lan asked.

“I’m alright. Where’s Lao Liu, that chauffeur of mine?” Afraid that Xu Lan did not know who Lao Liu was, he made sure to point it out.

“He…his condition isn’t very reassuring,” Xu Lan said after a brief pause.

“I want to see him!” Li Xiu opened up the sheets with great difficulty and began to get down from the bed. Had Xu Lan not been alert and nimble enough, Li Xiu would have fallen and be sprawled all over the floor.

“How do you expect to do so in such a condition?! There’s a limit in trying to act tough. Even if you went there, what good would that do? I don’t suppose your surgical prowess is better than the doctors here?” Xu Lan rebuked.

“…I’m sorry. If it’s inconvenient, I’ll go myself.” Li Xiu remained stubborn.

“Hey, I’m telling you! Don’t be stubborn! Do you plan for him to accompany you back here after you go there by yourself?” In complete anger, Xu Lan held onto Li Xiu tightly and forbid him from moving.

“Brother Lan…” Li Xiu moved abruptly and coughed. He went for the blood-stained bucket but that mouthful of blood landed on Xu Lan. “S…sorry.”

“Are you seriously thinking that you can get up to meet him in such a state? When you are healthy and able, you’ll be allowed to meet him. As of now, you’d better get your a*s back on the bed!”

A thoroughly confused expression came over Li Xiu as he stared at Xu Lan. During that moment, he felt some very indescribable feelings.

Xu Lan kept on pressing the call bell and still, no one came.

“I’m going to call the doctor. You stay here and don’t move an inch, got it?” Xu Lan sternly ordered.

“Yes, I won’t move. It’s just that my body’s a bit sticky and it’s uncomfortable.” Li Xiu flashed a pale smile.

Just when Xu Lan went out of the ward, he felt as though something was amiss. That fellow would not have deliberately wanted to send Xu Lan away, right? He quickly returned to the ward and saw Li Xiu strenuously trying to get down the bed.

“Motherf*cker! I knew you were trying to pull a fast one on me. While I’m still talking nicely to you, you’d better get back on the damn bed.”

Why was everyone tormenting Xu Lan? First, it was Li Kui who brandished lies at him, then it was the truck driver who looked down on his driving skills, then it was this b*stard’s turn to act all Janus-faced toward him!

“I…I need to pee. It’s not what you think. I’m telling the truth, Brother Lan!” Li Xiu crossed his fingers and swore on it.

Xu Lan walked over and dug up a portable urinal from under the bed. “Get back on the damn bed!”

“…My body’s sticky, and I feel icky. I can’t lie down…” Li Xiu continued to protest. Xu Lan’s sudden scolding caused him to forget what he wanted to say but he was still vehemently refusing to lay back down on the bed.

“F*CK! I’ll change your damn clothes!” Profanities were kept to a minimum ever since he had Bai Wu, but Li Xiu was getting on his nerves!

“…Brother Lan, I don’t think it’s right.” The frightened Li Xiu felt embarrassed.

“What do you mean you don’t think it’s right? We’re grown-ups! Now stop moving!” Xu Lan warned as he was now in a sour mood.

Li Xiu coughed. “Brother Lan, my whole body’s wet.” While the air around him abruptly began to invoke a constrictive feeling, Li Xiu had other ideas.

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