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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 48: Analyzing Case Details

Chapter 48: Analyzing Case Details

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the three of them reached the station, Hu Cheng was still nowhere to be seen. After asking the other officers, they gathered that it had been a fruitless day. The money was transferred via mobile phone from an account that belonged to a farmer from another city. However, he never transferred any money from the account in the first place, and he lost his phone two days prior. When he was finally able to be contacted, he had absolutely no knowledge that money amounting to three thousand was transferred just like that.

His family went mad upon hearing the news. Three thousand was no small amount to them. Despite that, further investigation of his bankbook revealed that not a single cent went missing. The criminal seemed to have only used his number to send the message, and with that, the lead came to a dead end.

“What about Qiu Ling? Are there any updates on her?” Xu Lan asked. His eyebrows slowly furrowed.

“None. Her daily routines for the past two days were identical, down to the persons she met.” Xiao Xu responded through the phone.

“Just continue to keep an eye on her. Remember not to overlook a single detail at all costs. I don’t buy this endurance!”

“Are we still reporting anything today?” Wu Wendi asked.

“Of course! We must! If we don’t, we’ll be granting their wish.” The man replied fiercely.

“What will we report on? Everyone came up empty-handed today.” Shen Xiang curiously asked.

“Xiao Li, any news on your side?” Xu Lan turned to Xiao Li and asked.

“We found some fingerprints on the window curtains, but it seems that they belong to more than one person, so we can’t use that as evidence. On the other hand, Qiu Ling’s number was apparently in Li Kui’s contacts, though there were no call records between them.” Sun Fei read out the findings handed to him by Xiao Li.

“He had Qiu Ling’s number? In that case, interrogate Li Kui some more. There’s no reason for a construction worker to have a firm manager’s number. I want you to get a tight grip on Qiu Ling since she’s the only big fish that floated to the top of these murky waters!” Xu Lan exclaimed.


“There’s your news. First off, announce that Li Kui has been caught and that his benefactor has been identified. Secondly, say that the murderer’s fingerprints have been obtained from Jingxinyuan. Is that clear?” Xu Lan asked.

“Yes, understood!” Wu Wendi replied.

“Bai Wu, wait here with these big sisters. Uncle Sun and I have some things to talk about. Can you do that?” Xu Lan told Bai Wu while gathering his meeting notes.

The boy gaze landed first on Xu Lan, then on Wu Wendi. Perhaps Bai Wu finally realized that there was nothing between the man and the reporter. Furthermore, Bai Wu also felt somewhat embarrassed after what happened at the hotel, so he simply nodded.

Seeing the boy nod, Shen Xiang’s eyes lit up and she gladly went up to him.

“Hey little guy, do you like candy?” She took out a liquor-filled chocolate from her bag and handed it over to the boy.

“Papa said not to take candy from strangers,” the boy replied politely.

As Xu Lan was about to walk out the door, he heard the exchange and looked back. “It’s okay. You can eat the candy from this big sister.”

His action had spared Shen Xiang from embarrassment. She was the stronghold in continuing the reportage of the news, and offending her would not be wise.

“Thank you.”

“Mm, you’re welcome.”

Almost immediately, Shen Xiang saw Bai Wu as an angel, an adorable and polite one at that. If in the future, she could be his…

Wu Wendi coughed and said, “You’re thinking too much. You should be thinking of today’s case.” She flicked Shen Xiang on the forehead and prevented the daydream from carrying Shen Xiang’s head into the clouds.

“Delicious.” Bai Wu lifted his rounded face and looked at Shen Xiang.

“I have more of them if you want.”

Shen Xiang took out the box of liquor-filled chocolates from her bag and gave them all to Bai Wu, even though she asked someone to buy them for her from overseas.

“Thank you, big sister.” A shy Bai Wu replied. He felt ashamed that a bag of sweets was enough to sway his heart so easily.

“Mm, good boy. I have to work first. I’ll play with you soon, okay?” Bai Wu’s words left her heart leaping with joy. She was obviously elated, and Wu Wendi could only roll her eyes.

Both of the women then focused all their attention on preparing the report, so Bai Wu did not receive much of their attention. When Xu Lan and Sun Fei completed their discussion and went back in, Bai Wu had nearly finished the whole box and was sleeping soundly on the table.

“Hey, little buddy, wake up. We’re going home.” Xu Lan saw the sleeping boy and pinched his chubby cheeks.

The hazy boy lifted his head, saw Xu Lan, and collapsed in the man’s embrace.

“He’s sleeping too soundly. I think you should bring him back home first. I’ll accompany these two ladies and treat them to dinner,” Sun Fei said with a cheeky raise of his brows.

“Okay. I’ll leave it to all of you then, I’ll take the boy home.” Xu Lan remarked apologetically, and as he carried the boy, he caught a whiff of a faint alcoholic smell.

“He ate all these by himself? What are they?” Xu Lan asked apprehensively.

“Umm, these are liquor-filled chocolates. He liked them so I let him have everything.” Shen Xiang flashed a graceful smile.

“…thank you.” Xu Lan restrained himself from saying anything further. After all, Shen Xiang did it out of good intention.

“Papa…” Bai Wu mumbled and adjusted himself in a comfortable position. He also managed to say ‘delicious’, which elicited laughs from everyone present there.

“I guess that’s it. Go on home. Even if you don’t need sleep, the child does.” Sun Fei urged.

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