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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 49: Complete Form

Chapter 49: Complete Form

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Lan did not expect that Bai Wu to be drunk. Each of the boy’s act was done in a drunken stupor.

“Stop it. Be a good boy and come to wash your face.” Xu Lan’s face exhibited a pampered smile upon seeing the inquisitive boy standing at the entrance.

“Nope! Didn’t Papa say Papa’s only gonna like me? Why did Papa visit Li Xiu and change his clothes?!” Full of anger, the boy squinted and looked at Xu Lan.

“Of course Papa only likes Bai Wu. But what does it have to with Li Xiu? I had to do it because the doctor wasn’t coming.” Even though Xu Lan thought it was useless to explain it to a drunken boy, he still explained it patiently.

“But Li Xiu wants to take Papa away from me. He knew I was there and he still did it.” Bai Wu played the victim as he lowered his head and muttered softly. His voice could not clearly be heard so Xu Lan once again beckoned him to wash his face before bed.

“Papa!” A low raspy voice startled Xu Lan, causing the man to drop his towel.


For the second time that day, Bai Wu transformed. With a tail that swayed to and fro and scales that slowly covered his entire body, Bai Wu began to enlarge steadily.

“Wha… what’s happening?” The shocked man asked.

“I…I don’t know,” Bai Wu cried out involuntarily.

Bai Wu was increasing in size and very soon, he would be as tall as the door. If his growth did not stop, the whole house might not be able to fit him. Immediately, Xu Lan grabbed the boy and ran out.

Fortunately, the house which he rented was in Laocheng district and had a courtyard attached to it.

Bai Wu did not cease enlarging and he drew similarities with an ever-expanding balloon. First he was as tall as Xu Lan, then slowly he became taller by half a head, then half of Xu Lan’s body, and was soon approaching twice that of Xu Lan’s height.

“Awoo, awoo,” he howled before Xu Lan’s eyes, he was fast in becoming the kind of creature seen only in books.

Silvery-white scales encased his entire body but it was not as resplendent as previously. Rather, it was as if he was enveloped in a white mist that covered his threatening spirit. By then, Bai Wu was even more captivating than before.

The softly-colored silver-white dragon was about four or five meters tall, while the tail that dragged behind him was five or six meters in length. Xu Lan could not resist stepping forward and touching the majestic Bai Wu and by doing so, an intricate ashy powder fell off.

Fiery-red eyes scanned the environment. The dragon then slowly lowered his head and nudged it against Xu Lan – it was one of Bai Wu’s favorite things to do whenever he was in Xu Lan’s chest.

At that time, however, his short horns – the tips of which were as red as his cinnabar-colored eyes – pushed Xu Lan away. His eyes were the size of Xu Lan’s fist. His pupils were long and narrow, while his sclera was red. Upon closer inspection, one would discover an intricate pattern of veins in them. The ridge above his eyes had scales arranged in a cone-like fashion, whereby the eye itself was situated deep inside.

Majestic and beautiful – those eyes stared at Xu Lan.

Just below the horns and in line with his eyes were many small pores, which were covered in a delicate membrane. According to Bai Wu, those were his ears.

His teeth were pointed and sharp, his neck was long and slender, and his back was solidly thick.

A pair of wings that had similar color to his body emerged from his back. They were big, and even when folded they were around one meter wide. Lastly, there was his tail, its spine was conical as well, until the very tip.

“Awoo, awoooo.”

His calls were calls of glee. It was the first time he entered into his complete state ever since leaving the dragon clan – proof that he then had the ability to return to his own world!

From the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail, a hard-to-defend maliciousness was emitted. It was solemn, awe-inspiring, and imposing. The surrounding air seemed as though it congealed, leaving only the sounds of Bai Wu’s call.

When he spoke, a strong gust of wind pushed Xu Lan away and suppressed him to a point where he was unable to stand.


Seeing the man fall on the floor, Bai Wu rushed to help him up, but instead of a hand, it was those wings that extended out. Bai Wu then decided to use his mouth to help Xu Lan up so the man was face-to-face with him.

“Papa, do you want to see the view of the city at night?” Bai Wu’s tongue unfolded and licked Xu Lan’s cheek. Within the dragon clan, such an action was a display of affection.

“Hm?” Before Xu Lan could properly react, his center of gravity was gradually lifted up. With his mouth, Bai Wu lightly carried Xu Lan and placed the man on his scaly back.

“Do you want me to bring you and see the view?”

“No! Put me down right now!” The man finally realized what Bai Wu wanted to do and immediately declined.

“But I really wanna bring Papa to see it. I’m skilled! I can fly very far.” Bai Wu began to act all spoiled, forgetting completely that he was then of massive proportions.

“We’ll be noticed if we go. Can you transform back now? Or do you want me to take a step back for you?” Xu Lan asked worryingly.

“I can. But everyone’s already asleep., Even if anyone’s still awake, they’ll think that they’re hallucinating. Papa, I want to bring you.” A unique raspiness characterized Bai Wu’s voice, coupled with a calm solemness and haughtiness that befitted royalty. Entwined with those qualities were hints of imploration and coquettishness. As a whole, Bai Wu’s voice was sweet-sounding to Xu Lan’s ears.

“Okay.” In the end, Xu Lan gave in, Bai Wu had a point.

“Papa, hold on tight okay.” With a swoosh, his wings spread open. He pushed himself up from the ground and flew upward into the sky.

It was the first time that Xu Lan experienced soaring over the city in the night and watching its view. The hiss of wind sounded against his ears, while Bai Wu mumbled happily. The city beneath Xu Lan’s feet was illuminated by neon lights and was clear as day.

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