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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 52: The Secret

Chapter 52: The Secret

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Okay! I will promise you if you’re willing to keep this a secret!” All of a sudden, he regained vigor and looked at Li Xiu ecstatically.

“Don’t get happy too early, I haven’t even tell you my conditions,” Li Xiu said weakly, taking off his glasses and pinched his tired eyes.

“It doesn’t matter. I will promise anything if you won’t reveal Bai Wu’s true identity to everyone!” Xu Lan mentioned excitedly, “Except for murdering someone.”

“Pfft…” Li Xiu could not help but laugh at Xu Lan’s last words. Except for murder?

“What if it’s your body that I want?”

Xu Lan had a long pause but he still could not make any sense of Li Xiu’s words, “I have great strength too!”

“Tsk, Brother Lan, it couldn’t be that you didn’t do anything together with Bai Wu?” Li Xiu made a gesture, a penetration gesture.

“What nonsense are you babbling about! Bai Wu is my son! You! You…” Xu Lan was so mad that his whole body shook and could not speak properly.

“Oh, is it? What if I want you to do that?” Li Xiu looked at Xu Lan’s face expression which alternated between fear and anger. He smiled wickedly and continued, “With me.”

“With… with…” Those words were spoken so lightly but it crashed into Xu Lan’s ears like thunder.

Initially, Li Xiu just wanted to scare Xu Lan, since he had more important favors to ask from him. After seeing Xu Lan’s reaction, he changed his mind. Things would get so much more interesting if Bai Wu knew about it!

“Haha, you mentioned any request. You can’t even agree to such a simple request, Bai Wu will…”

“I promise you!” Xu Lan bit down and squeezed these three words between his teeth.

Li Xiu froze, before he burst out laughing. What would he give to see the expression of the vicious beast if he saw his precious father kowtow to others!

“You, what do you want me to do?” Xu Lan’s tanned cheeks turned as pale as Li Xiu, he walked toward him and asked with his head tucked down.

“… Don’t have to be so excited, I will call you when the time comes.” Li Xiu stared at Xu Lan with those razor-sharp eyes, hidden underneath his golden spectacles.

“… Hmm, we did our best for Lao Liu’s case. We caught the truck driver and he will receive the punishment that he deserved. I… I’ll go out now, take care.” Xu Lan fled from the ward as if he was on the run.

Sun Fei caught hold of him and asked, “Hey, you guys fought? Why are you covered in sweat?”

“No, can you send me back? I’m taking off today,” Xu Lan said weakly.

Sun Fei had no idea what happened to Xu Lan in the room but from what he saw of Xu Lan’s action, it was nothing good. He glanced over to Li Xiu who was sitting on the wheelchair and carried Xu Lan down the stairs.

“Lao Liu, what to do? I wasted such a good opportunity. Just thinking about how that dragon will react to Xu Lan going crazy yet unable to get out of this makes my blood boil. It’s so tempting to try.”

Li Xiu said excitedly while staring at an unconscious Lao Liu.

He took out his cell phone to search for a number and dialed it. After a moment, it was answered with a soft, clean voice.

“Li, you called at last. Where have you been? Do you know that something big happened? I was afraid that you won’t contact me again.”

That voice was so sexy and sultry that it could make people go weak.

“… Li, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you calling me to break up?” the other end of the phone call panicked and asked.

“No, why would I do that. Have you completed the task I told you to?” Li Xiu looked at Lao Liu on the sickbed, suppressed his boiling blood and asked.

“I did accordingly to what you told me to but there’s some problem. You don’t have to worry, I will fix it.” That voice sounded a little fearful, but also with a hint of seduction.

“Hmm, let’s meet up tonight,” Li Xiu said. It’s not like he could not have a change of taste.

“Really? That’s great! Where? When do I go over?” the woman asked excitedly as if she was reminiscing that hot and steamy night, the itch in her heart was unbearable.

“To your place.” Li Xiu hung up the phone, took off his glasses and stood up from the wheelchair.

He really did pull his punch, leaving only two broken ribs. However, as the saying goes ‘enjoy life when you have the chance’, he would not be stumped by such trivial wounds. Li Xiu removed the binding bandages with a sneer and walked out of Lao Liu’s room openly.

The phone was still at Lao Liu’s bedside. The same number called again. She wanted to inform Li Xiu that she was followed for several days.

Li Xiu did not pick up, it was cut off by another hand.

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