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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 107: Bai Wu’s Worries

Chapter 107: Bai Wu’s Worries

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bai Wu lifted his head and saw an expressionless Xu Lan. Initially, he was furious and a little restless, but at this moment, he acted as if nothing happened.

He kissed Xu Lan’s forehead between his eyebrows, but there was no reaction. He kissed Xu Lan’s eyelid, still no reaction. He continued to kiss Xu Lan’s nose bridge, there was still no reaction at all. Finally, he kissed Xu Lan’s mouth, where he tried to separate his lips.

“You’re supposed to do this with your girlfriend,” Xu Lan pushed him away gently and said.

“But I told Xiao Xiao that I only like Papa. Then, Xiao Xiao said that Papa is my boyfriend. She told me it’s okay to kiss,” Bai Wu turned his face away and said softly beside Xu Lan’s ears to coax him.

Xu Lan’s lips were sealed and he did not utter a word. Bai Wu pushed him against the sofa before pinning him down with his hands on both sides. He bit his ear and asked tantalizingly, “Right, Papa?”

In the end, Bai Wu did not go to the cafe. Instead, he made Xu Lan breakfast while humming a tune. When he thought of the man’s reaction yesterday, he could not help but laugh. He went a little overboard and almost scared the hell out of him. ‘Seems like there’s still a long way to go,’ Bai Wu sighed.

Xu Lan insisted on buying him a cell phone while he was on his way to work. Then, he immediately saved his number into it and said, “Call me if something happens!”

Bai Wu nodded his head delightedly and acknowledged him by answering ‘okay’.

Xu Lan stared at his cell phone and waited for a whole day, but did not receive any of Bai Wu’s message or phone call. Finally, it was Xu Lan who made the call.

“Hello? Papa, is there anything?” Bai Wu asked worriedly.

“I… You… Where are you? Want to go out and eat?” In actual fact, ‘Why didn’t you call me’ was Xu Lan’s intended question.

“Huh? Eat? I’m at Xiao Xiao’s shop. Hey, Papa… I have to go, there’s a customer here. Beep…beep…beep…” Xu Lan was disheartened and put down his cell phone. He could not focus on the case no matter how hard he tried.

“Great job!” Xiao Xiao gave Bai Wu a high-five after she saw him hanging up the phone.

“Xiao Xiao, is this really going to work? Papa had always treated me as a son. I was rejected when I tried to kiss him last night,” Bai Wu said sadly as he lowered his head in dismay.

When Bai Wu pinned him down, Xu Lan sprung up like a wounded spring. He stared at him for an extended period of time before asking him to go and wash up helplessly.

‘Bai Wu had only learned these new terms, he probably doesn’t really understand them,’ Xu Lan thought to himself.

“How is that possible, you didn’t see him yesterday. He looked like he wanted to gobble me up when he saw me. It’s just that he hadn’t realized his feelings for you are already beyond familial love. Hey, don’t worry. If he doesn’t like you, just work hard to make him fall for you. Come, come, lend me your hand for a picture,” Xiao Xiao urged him.

As a reward, Xiao Xiao took a picture of Bai Wu’s hand and uploaded online with the caption: ‘Your welfare as promised, please continue to send tips. Our young brother doesn’t have enough self-confidence. The amount of welfare will be doubled after we succeed!’ It was tagged with ‘@ The battling soldiers of father and son – Papa doesn’t love me.

There were already over a thousand comments below.

‘Fu*k, this sudden welfare from our young brother is so strong, I’m so nervous, can’t wait to see Papa.’

‘Front row crowd, those who had experiences, go on.’

‘If it’s like this, can we start with 1. 2. 3. …’

“Don’t you think that it’s weird for me to like Papa?” Bai Wu asked all of a sudden. He was frustrated with himself as his first reaction was to call Xu Lan ‘Papa’.

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