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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 119: Bai Wu Consoles

Chapter 119: Bai Wu Consoles

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“Me? What about me? You haven’t had enough of that suffering now, have you? Do you want me to punch you again?” Bai Wu held up his fists. “You’d better go back and shut your damn mouth, or else…”

Bai Wu delivered a punch to the wall. Small pieces of brick fell off the wall. “…this fist will strike you right in the center of your stomach.”

For Bai Wu, it did not matter if Xiao Zhang was able to see Bai Wu’s changes by virtue of being Qiao Yi’s spy, or whether the ability was inherent 1 : Bai Wu’s punch would not be in vain.

“Ugh…Bai Wu…ugh…” Xu Lan – who had fallen asleep on Bai Wu – let out a painful moan.

“I’m here.” Bai Wu held him up to the sink immediately. He straightened Xu Lan’s back so he could vomit more comfortably.

After he finished vomiting, Bai Wu propped him on the shoulder and started walking back. Seeing the staggers and stumbles, Xiao Zhang went over to help.

“Let go!” Bai Wu stopped to shoot him an angry look, then carried Xu Lan horizontally in his arms and walked off, leaving Xiao Zhang standing dumbfounded.

Bai Wu was Xu Lan’s son a few months back, and a few days ago he was the nephew. What could their next relationship possibly be then?

“Bai Wu…” Xu Lan shouted.

“I’m here,” Bai Wu answered.

“Bai Wu…”

“I’m here…”

Xu Lan patiently called out over and over again, while Bai Wu replied as many times and equally as patiently. When the lean and muscular man was put side-by-side in comparison with Bai Wu, one could notice that he was not as mighty and powerful as was once thought.

“What do I have to do to make you believe me? I’ve already told you that I’d like you and only you until the day I die.” Xu Lan felt rather guilty after listening to Bai Wu’s voice.

“I believe you. I’ve always believed you. But Papa, I don’t want the ‘like’ that you’re talking about. I want…” Bai Wu hugged him and did not finish the sentence.

“What kind? The kind like Officer Xiao and Meng Zi?” He could not help but say it. The incident in the toilet was enough to rattle him.

Bai Wu looked at him in astonishment. As his eyes began to grow hazy, he said, “Yes…”

Xu Lan said nothing further and turned his body to the other side. He did not want Bai Wu to help him brush his teeth, wash his face, or bathe him. Bai Wu was afraid to ascertain if Xu Lan was truly drunk.

Since returning back from dealing with his old man’s death, Xu Lan never slept together with Bai Wu. Of course, that was the very day that Bai Wu uttered some harsh words. It was a different story on the night after karaoke. Xu Lan seemed to be exceptionally frail. Bai Wu did not let go of him even after carrying him to the bed.

“Papa?” Bai Wu asked cautiously.

Xu Lan did not reply nor respond. Bai Wu fretfully took a towel and dabbed off the beads of sweat on Xu Lan’s head, then tucked him into the blanket.

“Bai Wu…”

“I’m here.” Bai Wu knew for sure that Xu Lan was not drunk, at least, not as drunk as he was on the previous night.

Bai Wu felt heaty wetness on his chest: Xu Lan was crying softly. Softly, Bai Wu patted him on the back and urged him to sleep.

“He’s dead…” After so much time had passed, Xu Lan finally said something about the matter, and it marked the first time he mentioned it.

“Mm, I’m here,” he consoled as an endless stream of hot tears soaked the sleeve of his shirt.

“I always wanted him to die early. Wherever I was, he forced me back here so I can only live my whole life in Whitehorse City.”

“Mm, now we can travel and have fun. Where do you want to go?” Bai Wu coaxed.

“He’s perverse! Nothing else! He still can’t let go of me even after his death! The woman’s perverse too! I, I’m perverse too!” Xu Lan exclaimed while hugging Bai Wu even tighter. He explained that the perversion was his original intention when taking Bai Wu in, but that he did not dare to say it out loud.

“It’s alright. I’m perverse, too.” Bai Wu lowered his head to kiss Xu Lan’s hair.

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