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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 122: Hello, Zhao Ran

Chapter 122: Hello, Zhao Ran

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Lan reached an agreement with members of the Xu family and inherited the assets. He did so after securing a suitable investor — Song Xi’s boyfriend, Zhao Ran.

Xu Lan aspired to be someone like Zhao Ran — someone who looked good in suits and exuded confidence and grace. He signed on the transfer agreement and collected the inheritance from the Public Notary Office. After doing so, he donated the villa on the spot. His charitable act was widely reported on the news.

Subsequently, he visited members of the Xu family with Bai Wu. He planned on liquidating his share of the inheritance by selling it to them. The members of the Xu family were enraged after hearing his intention.

Xu Lan was right. Before he retrieved the inheritance, they were being decent to him. If not for Bai Wu, he might not have made it out alive. He would have either drowned in their saliva or been clawed to death.

Wang Meng asked about the reason behind their bad attitude. He found it strange that they treated Xu Lan rudely even when they were asking him for a favor.

Xu Lan took a sip of his tea and thought, ‘That’s because they’re used to it. They think that I should be treated badly. Even when they were asking something of me, that was the nicest that they could be.’

This explained why Xu Lan reached out to Zhao Ran instead of them; besides getting a reasonable offer, he would be treated with respect and courtesy.

“You seemed different from when we last met,” said Zhao Ran.

“How so?” Xu Lan made an effort to dress up that day. He went for a haircut and had Xiao Feng picked out his outfit. Even when he was clothed in suit and leather shoes, he gave off a carefree vibe. He styled his buzz cut with wax and the scar on his brow amplified his ruggedness.

“I’ve always thought you’re a hardworking elite, little did I know that you’re a skilled negotiator,” said Zhao Ran.

Xu Lan’s mouth twitched and he smiled embarrassedly. ‘What a way to insinuate that I’m an unkempt nerd,’ he thought.

“Heh, thanks for the compliment. So, would you be interested in my five percent share of the inheritance?” Xu Lan feigned confusion and asked.

Zhao Ran raised his brow and clasped his hands.

“Even if you haven’t approached me, I would’ve approached you sooner or later. I’m very interested in your properties.”

“That’s great!” Xu Lan slapped his thigh and replied happily.

In the end, Xu Lan sold his properties to Zhao Ran at a slightly marked-down price, which was still enough for Xu Lan to afford a nice car, a nice house, and nice clothes.

Xu Lan returned home happily. As expected, he was ambushed at the door by members of the Xu family who had nothing nice to say.

Xu Lan used to have gastrospasm that led to full-body convulsion whenever he was scolded by members of the Xu family. Ever since the old man passed away, his condition was completely cured.

Xu Lan chuckled and thought, ‘What a nonsensical condition!’

In the end, Bai Wu came down to bring Xu Lan home. The group was unable to do anything besides watching them leave.

Bai Wu had not been tagging along to the hotel for the past few days. Both of them chose to erase the incident from their memories; Bai Wu did not bring up the topic of like or love again while Xu Lan did not discuss whether Bai Wu was his son or not.

However, it was obvious that Bai Wu felt anxious. Even though Bai Wu still kissed and hugged Xu Lan, he was no longer uninhibited. When Xu Lan carried Bai Wu’s bedding onto the bed, Bai Wu would remove it and laid it back onto the floor. Xu Lan blushed when he realized what was going on. He decided to let it be.

A knotted string would still be functional without being unknotted.

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