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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 129: Bai Wu Is Missing

Chapter 129: Bai Wu Is Missing

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“No! I must tell Papa. Otherwise, he’ll be worried sick when he can’t find me after coming home.” Bai Wu transformed into his human form and started texting Xu Lan with one hand as he held onto the side of the bed with the other hand.

“Papa, the void is here!” Bai Wu did not manage to write more as the void closed up on him and eroded his thighs.

Xu Lan wiped the sweat off his forehead and started sipping on the water Xie San brought over.

“How impressive! You’re very nimble for your size!” Xie San complimented Xu Lan while sipping on his bottle of water.

“Heh, not really. I haven’t had the time to train lately,” Xu Lan scratched his head embarrassingly as he spoke.

“Brother Feng, how is it going?” Lan Er lit up a cigarette and sat cross-legged on the floor. He asked immediately after spotting Xiao Feng.

“He’s a lackey, doesn’t know about anything,” Xiao Feng gritted his teeth and replied gloomily.

“Huh! Are you serious? Did we just waste our time for nothing?” Xie San asked in confusion. He could not believe that their hard work led them to a lackey.

“Hey! Xiao Xu! Do you not want your cell phone anymore? Where are you running to?” Wang Meng ran after Xu Lan and gasped for breath.

Xu Lan received a phone call from Bai Wu when he was tracking down the suspect earlier. He could not help but wonder in excitement about how Bai Wu was doing. This was the first time in a long time that he received a call from Bai Wu. He had to hang up earlier because he was chasing after the suspect.

Xu Lan fished around his pocket and realized that he dropped his phone. It was exactly as Wang Meng said. He smiled cheekily and retrieved his phone from Wang Meng. There were a couple of missed calls and messages.

Xu Lan tapped on Bai Wu’s message excitedly. ‘Papa, the void is here. I… I’ll have to leave now…”

Boom! Xu Lan felt as though he had been struck by lightning and his blood froze.

“Officer Xiao! Something happened at home, can I borrow your car for a quick while? It’s urgent!” Xu Lan’s voice was trembling and he shouted at Xiao Feng in desperation.

Xiao Feng glanced at him and tossed his car keys over.

“Eh? What happened? I thought we’re going for supper?” Wang Meng said as he gazed sadly at Xu Lan. He turned to Xiao Feng and asked, “Why? Where is he rushing to?”

“No idea. Something serious must have happened,” Xiao Feng shrugged.

While speeding home, Xu Lan made countless calls to Bai Wu in the car. All of his calls went unanswered. Xu Lan’s heart sank deeper and deeper, into an endless dark pit.

“Bai Wu! Bai Wu! Are you home?” Xu Lan pushed open the room door forcefully.

Their rental home was neat and empty. He rushed into the bedroom and it was in a messy state, everything was out of place. A lot of his belongings were missing, including his Bai Wu!

“Bai Wu! Bai Wu! Bai Wu!” Xu Lan shouted at the messy room.

“Did you father die or what? Why are you shouting in the middle of the night? You should be sleeping!” an annoyed neighbor cursed.

Xu Lan sat on the floor. His son was gone! He felt as though someone was carving flesh out of his heart.

How could Bai Wu do this? How could he leave without saying a word? Xu Lan refused to believe that Bai Wu left him behind, especially when he knew that he was all that Xu Lan had left. How could he…

“Bai Wu, please come back? I admit that I’ve been caught up with work and haven’t been spending enough time with you. Please, come back?” Xu Lan pleaded as he rummaged through the room.

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