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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 132: Wishing That You Never Came

Chapter 132: Wishing That You Never Came

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Lan glared at them, the scar on his brow seemed to be laughing cruelly at the group.

“Bring it on! What did all of you take me for? Someone who you can easily bully?” Xu Lan snickered as he looked at the group of bullies who would only prey on the weak.

“All of you may return now. Make sure that the food is distributed evenly among everyone,” Bai Wu spoke.

Xu Lan froze. He was not confident that he could emerge victorious if they were to attack him again.

The group looked at each other and left, only then did Bai Wu make his way over to Xu Lan.

Xu Lan opened his mouth and was about to say something. Bai Wu shook his head and placed his index finger on his mouth, gesturing for Xu Lan to keep quiet.

Xu Lan’s low-quality clothing was torn from the fight earlier. Seeing that Xu Lan had nothing to wear, Bai Wu took off his jacket and covered him with it.

“Papa, you shouldn’t have come.”

That was the first thing Bai Wu said to Xu Lan. Xu Lan was enraged, he had murderous gaze.

“Why shouldn’t I be here? If you’re here, why can’t I be here too!” Xu Lan raged as he asked his questions.

Xu Lan had been through a lot to get to Bai Wu. Yet, the first thing Bai Wu said after being reunited with him was, ‘You shouldn’t be here!’ What a joke! What a fre*king joke! Xu Lan felt like nothing but a joke!

Bai Wu shook his head, signaling for Xu Lan to follow. However, Xu Lan’s legs seemed to be weighed down by lead. He struggled to take even just a step.

“Come in and have a look,” Bai Wu whispered with a pained look on his face.

Xu Lan stumbled and walked into one of the rooms.

“Bai Wu, you’re here! Your food is in your room.” A malnourished girl ran out of her room to greet Bai Wu.

“Uh huh, got it.” Bai Wu glanced at the little girl before making his way into the room.

There were around twenty to thirty people in the room. Everyone seemed dejected and in pain. Xu Lan’s heart fell.

“Uncle Ji, where’s his portion?” Bai Wu directed his question at the scrawny man.

Uncle Ji hesitated before passing a slice of bread over.

“Go ahead, take it,” Bai Wu said as he glanced at Xu Lan.

Xu Lan gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. He walked over to grab the pathetic slice of moldy bread. Just like everyone else in the room, Xu Lan’s bread gave off a foul odor.

“From today onward, he’ll be under my watch. Don’t try anything stupid as I’ll not hesitate to take action.” Bai Wu raised his voice and it echoed through the room.

All of them looked at Xu Lan.

“Why? What do you think you can do when you can’t even beat me in a physical fight?” Xu Lan announced in displeasure.

Everyone lowered their head meekly.

“You can stay in my room,” Bai Wu said and started making his way out.

Xu Lan pushed open Bai Wu’s room door. He was immediately pulled into someone’s embrace.

“Papa, why are you here?” Bai Wu whispered.

Xu Lan looked at Bai Wu and Bai Wu returned Xu Lan’s gaze. Both of them stared at each other for a long time.

“It seems like I’m not welcomed here,” Xu Lan asked coldly and ignored his heartache.


Bai Wu remained silent. He directed Xu Lan to take a seat at the stool. He replaced Xu Lan’s stinky bread with a fresh bun which Xu Lan had refused to take.

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