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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 136: Shooting One Hundred People

Chapter 136: Shooting One Hundred People

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The bloody letters atop the well said:

‘Please travel along the earth element and be at the Termite Mountain latest by eight o’clock in the morning. You should try to survive until six o’clock in the evening and the system will send you home. Those who completed the mission will receive 700 gold coins. The first person to find the queen ant will receive an extra 400 gold coins (not within the limit).’

Friendly tip: ‘For this mission, you’ll be given a tinder. Please exercise your discretion and use it when needed.’

“What? Termite Mountain? Uncle Ji, where is this?” someone asked impatiently.

Having completed eleven missions, Uncle Ji was the senior here. He only needed 1100 more gold coins to leave this place. One cycle consisted of ten missions made out of the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. The level of difficulty of each mission ranged from easy to difficult. Upon completion of all ten missions, the dimension shall announce a simple mission to the player who had the closest number of coins to ten thousand coins.

“I have no idea, I’ve never been to the Termite Mountain before. Let’s go. It’s half past six now, we might not even make it to the mountain before eight,” advised Uncle Ji. He was worried and excited at the same time.

“Hehe, Bai Wu, let’s go. I hope that the ants on the mountains are normal ants. I’d hate to run into a ghost again,” the little girl said to Bai Wu cheekily.

“Uhm, Sheng Ya, you should head over with them. I’ll catch up with all of you in a bit,” Bai Wu nodded and replied.

Sheng Ya was stunted momentarily. She looked at Bai Wu and Xu Lan before running toward the group in front.

“Papa, what’s your mission?” Bai Wu looked at Xu Lan worriedly.

Newcomers had their missions transmitted into their minds directly. This served two purpose—to stop experienced players from taking advantage of the newcomers and to frighten the newcomers.

“I… I’m traveling along the gold element to the Grand Firearm City. My mission is to kill one hundred people,” Xu Lan replied hesitantly.

‘One hundred people? Taking one hundred lives just for my survival?’ Xu Lan was unsure how to feel about this.

“… Papa, the only ones who are alive here are the twenty-eight people within the area. Your first mission is both a test and an acclimatization process. As long as you face your heart and posit yourself within the dimension, you’ll be able to accomplish the mission,” Bai Wu held onto Xu Lan’s arm and reminded him.

As for the arrangement of the five elements, gold and wood were placed at the front while fire and earth were placed at the back. The water well in the middle represented the water element. Xu Lan and Bai Wu’s missions were completely opposite of each other. Hence, they would not be able to support each other.

“However, you must stay on your guard when carrying out the mission. You mustn’t trust anyone, not even your eyes and your mind. Sometimes, your eyes and your mind could be deceiving you. You might think that you’re walking on the right path, but you could be walking down a treacherous road. Hence, you must have the mission on your mind at all times! Do you understand, Papa?”

Bai Wu wanted to accomplish his mission quickly in order to leave this place. He clearly had more to think about now.

“Uhm, I know. You should catch up with them.” Xu Lan gave Bai Wu’s advise a serious thought while walking to the entrance of gold element. He mapped up the path into the Grand Firearm City in his head.

“Papa,” Bai Wu shouted, “I’ll be waiting for you here.”

Bai Wu’s eyes turned red. He seemed to be emotionally fragile and sensitive whenever it came to Xu Lan. Xu Lan nodded his head solemnly and pushed open the door with his veiny hand before marching in bravely.

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