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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 149: Separating Truth from Fiction

Chapter 149: Separating Truth from Fiction

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Elder, is Sheng Ya alright?” Zhang Fei was the first to speak up.

“Mm. She’s just a bit frightened. Nothing serious.” He walked down from the shadow of the stairs and stood in front of everyone.

Bai Wu was carrying Sheng Ya horizontally with his arms. The shy little lady wrapped her hands over his neck and buried her head in his chest. She was trembling incessantly.

“Let’s find a place to rest. Everyone should be tired from the lack of sleep,” Bai Wu said as he placed Sheng Ya down.

Unwilling to let go of Bai Wu, she continued to hold on tight to Bai Wu’s neck. After he gave her a firm stare, she then held on timidly to his shirt. Since she did not speak a word, it was quite apparent that she was terrified.

“F*cking hell it’s like we’ve just encountered a ghost! How was there a leak in the first place? There wasn’t even any rain, to begin with!” The lad with the crew-cut cursed and kicked a stone that was lying on the ground.

“Keep your mouth shut. Is this the first time you’re here? Are you experiencing something that defies the logic of nature for the first time?” With words of indignance, Zhang Fei shot a glance at the crew-cut man.

It was normal for the crew-cut man to make wild guesses. Not only was he unable to control himself from saying such things, but he also said it with a conceitedness that suggested he thought too highly of himself. His actions of jumping for joy before completing his mission had killed a newcomer, so many people were not keen on associating with him for fear that they would be killed unwittingly on any given day!

“Tsk. What of it? Are you forbidding me to speak? Have I offended you by speaking the f*cking truth?” As soon as he was refuted, the crew-cut man jumped up to point at Zhang Fei’s nose and cursed.


“ENOUGH! Calm yourself down if you don’t want to die!” Bai Wu shouted angrily. His glaring eyes focused their gaze on the two men, who were like featherless cocks that had just completed a fight. “Don’t forget what we’re here for! For those who want to argue unnecessarily, you won’t see my civil public side when I deal with you privately. This fist of mine is something you will have to reckon with!”

Bai Wu punched the ground and left a deep impression. The shape of a fist was plain for all to see. His actions served two purposes: to shut the crew-cut man up and make it clear to everyone that he was chosen as the elder for a reason!

“Papa, what do you think of all this?” Bai Wu wiped the ash off of his hands and turned his head to ask.

“Me? I don’t know. I used to be an atheist, but I guess today’s events made…” Xu Lan mumbled.

Xu Lan’s understanding of deities and demons was thrown out the window ever since he accepted Bai Wu’s existence. Even so, the events that just happened had distorted his perception of the world around him, since it was so unexplainable that it went beyond the scope of natural sciences.

“Hm, since our purpose here is to find out how Xiu He died, I firmly believe that the incident just now must have something to do with Xiu He. It should be obvious by now that it’s not a simple case of suicide. It’s possible that Niu Si didn’t tell us the truth, but to some extent, he hinted at the oddities in everything that happened here,” Bai Wu reasoned.

Before he explained that to everyone, he helped Xu Lan to sit down when he noticed that Xu Lan’s mind seemed distant.

“But we don’t even have a rough idea of things. There’s no way we can find out how Xiu He died.” Clueless and unable to make head or tail of everything, Zhang Fei asked doubtfully.

“Regarding this, I think the people of Darkwater Town would voluntarily come forward and tell us. If what Niu Si said tonight was true, then we’ll simply go with the flow and continue poking around. If what he said was a lie, then all the better. What reason did he have to lie? The only reason is that he’s unwilling to let us know the truth as well as what happened behind the scenes. A lie is only sustainable if there are other lies behind the lie. As long as we put our minds together, sooner or later, the townspeople will give the game away.”

Bai Wu muttered and said everything quickly. Sheng Ya was still holding on to the hem of his shirt and followed closely beside him.

“It’s done then. Seems like daybreak is just around the corner. Let’s arrange the plan for each person!” With an abrupt patting of his thighs, Xu Lan stood up and remarked excitedly.

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