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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 151: Sheng Ya Likes Me

Chapter 151: Sheng Ya Likes Me

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“She passed away forty years ago, I doubt anybody still remembers!” Niu Si said mockingly.

“If that’s the case, we’ll go back and meet Sheng Ya and the guys first,” Bai Wu could not help but said when he saw a clueless, frowning Xu Lan.

“Uhm! Let’s go,” Xu Lan glanced at Bai Wu, shook his head and sighed before answering.

“Papa, do you believe in ghosts?” Bai Wu could not help but asked when they were on the way to find Sheng Ya. Xu Lan’s expression was not looking good these past two days. He wondered if he could not accept the setting of this world.

“It seems like Darkwater Town left me no choice but to believe in it,” Xu Lan stopped abruptly and ‘pang!’, Bai Wu’s head crashed onto the back of Xu Lan’s head.

“Ouch! Papa, did it hurt?” Bai Wu asked about Xu Lan’s condition worriedly with an almost unnoticeable frown. Xu Lan rubbed the back on his head and signaled with his hand to indicate that he was fine. Once he lifted his head, a patch of crimson red hove into sight.

“Are you a pig!” Xu Lan scolded angrily, “You guys go ahead, I’ll meet with you all in a while.”

“Papa, I’m not a pig, I’m a dragon.”

“F*ck! Stop talking to me, your words are fueling my anger!” Xu Lan said furiously while he took out his handkerchief to stop Bai Wu’s nosebleed.

Xu Lan directed the crowd behind him to leave, while he dragged Bai Wu around to find a place for him to sit down. A gleam of bright light flashed across Bai Wu’s eyes while he followed behind Xu Lan obediently.

“Sh*t! Why is your nose bridge so fragile! Can you be more careful next time?” Xu Lan lectured Bai Wu heartachingly while he wiped his bleeding nose.

“Papa…” Bai Wu called out weakly.

“Hmm?” Xu Lan looked up at Bai Wu puzzledly when he did not hear him continue. His reddened eyes were filled with tears and his thin lips were pressed together tightly as if he had suffered from immense grievances.

“What happened to you?” Bai Wu from the third dimension had always portrayed a strong, macho role. He had not seen such a soft side of Bai Wu. When he saw Bai Wu’s expression, Xu Lan became panicky, not knowing how to react.

“Papa, I’m in pain!” Bai Wu’s tears streamed down and he buried his head into Xu Lan’s arms and bawled. Xu Lan had to switch between wiping his tears and his bleeding nose with the same handkerchief, which messed his face up and made it sticky.

“Hey! Bai Wu, be good. It’s not going to hurt, don’t cry. Aren’t you embarrassed that you’re still crying your eyes out when you’re all grown up?” Xu Lan comforted Bai Wu helplessly while he patted on his back.

“But it really hurts. Papa even scolded me, I was just worried about Papa if you’re hurting more than me! That’s why…” Bai Wu was explaining why his first reaction was to check on Xu Lan.

Xu Lan was stunned. All of a sudden, the hand on Bai Wu’s back felt extremely heavy, pressing him downwards until he was unable to lift up.

“Papa’s unhappy these few days. Did I do anything that made Papa upset? Just tell me, Papa. I will change!” Bai Wu sat up suddenly, grabbed Xu Lan’s hand and asked.

“Nothing like that. I was more than happy to find you. However, there’s too much information to process these few days, and I just don’t know how to react to it,” Xu Lan said while he massaged his temples weakly. His mind flashed back to the scene where Bai Wu carried Sheng Ya down the stairs.

“Papa, are you regretting this? If… the space-time dimensional crack reopens, I will send Papa back,” Bai Wu said while he sobbed.

“F*ck! What the f*ck are you saying! If I truly regretted about this, do you think I’ll follow you here? You! F*ck me! What’s wrong with your head! F*ck!”

Xu Lan was so furious that he could not converse properly. He could not fathom what Bai Wu was thinking in that short-circuit brain of his.

“I… You! Forget it! What’s the relationship between you and Sheng Ya?” Sh*t, Xu Lan asked dejectedly as if he made some kind of decision.

“Sheng Ya? She likes me.”

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