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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 154: As Close as Lovers

Chapter 154: As Close as Lovers

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The conversation between Wang Meng and Xiao Feng replayed in Xu Lan’s head over and over again, while he examined his feelings for Bai Wu. Xu Lan could not deny that he had romantic feelings for Bai Wu, and that he only discovered it after Bai Wu had changed his heart.

‘Ha ha, what is this? Only a moment ago he just confessed about his feelings, but shortly after that, he told him that he had come around about it and fell for someone else.’ Xu Lan thought.

‘What does this mean? Not only that I like men, but I am also falling for my own son? Ha…’ Xu Lan thought to himself.

The tall man propped himself up in bed, limpid tears streamed down silently from his sun-tanned face. The sudden feebleness coming from such a strong person made Bai Wu’s heart wrench, and it was so painful that he was unable to speak. He just wanted to hug him into his arms and comfort him. In fact, Bai Wu had already wrapped himself around Xu Lan while he consoled him with a gentle voice.

“Sorry… I’m sorry, Papa. it’s my fault that I neglected you,” Bai Wu patted Xu Lan’s back and comforted him the same way Xu Lan comforted him in the past.

Xu Lan was submerged in water when they were trying to reach Darkwater town through the water well, and he got drenched again last night. Furthermore, he was not paying attention to himself, and that was the reason why he was unaware that he was suffering from a high fever.

“I’m fine, I’ve gotten sand in my eye. Bai Wu, can you leave first? I need to be alone for a while,” Xu Lan closed his eyes and said. He was afraid that he would blurt out his innermost thoughts to Bai Wu if he stayed behind.

But no! It was a matter of course for Bai Wu and Sheng Ya to be together. It was only natural for Bai Wu to be involved with someone regardless of their gender. Anybody would be fine except for him because Xu Lan is Bai Wu’s dad!


“Out! Now!”

Xu Lan stood up suddenly, pointed towards the door and said loudly. Bai Wu stared at him for quite some time and lowered his head. His crimson-red eyes were covered in a layer of mist. He thought that Xu Lan would open up more today.

‘Ah, looks like I overthought it!’ Bai Wu sneered and walked out.

After dinner, everybody went to bed with their own worries. After acting for a whole day, there was still no progress on Xiu He’s matters. The system did not give a deadline. It could not be possible for them to stay in Darkwater Town for the rest of their lives?

The quiet room was filled with sounds of teeth grinding, snoring and sleep talking. Xu Lan broke into a sweat and woke up with his whole body feeling sticky.

“Papa, you’re awake?”

Bai Wu’s sultry, raspy voice echoed outside along the corridor. Bai Wu was leaning against the railings and gave Xu Lan a bright smile as the moonlight glimmered on his body.

“Do you want to come out and have a look? The moon tonight is exceptionally round,” Bai Wu said softly. Xu Lan crept out of his bed and walked out as if he was under a spell.

“Look, the moon is especially round today,” Bai Wu pointed towards the moon and said, “Let’s head down, I have so much to tell you, Papa.”

Bai Wu held Xu Lan’s hand and lead him down the stairs. Xu Lan glanced into the room and stayed in his original position.

“Papa, you do like me, don’t you?” Bai Wu said gleefully and shyly at the same time, his eyes were staring at Xu Lan while he walked down the stairs backward.

Bai Wu was so happy that he laughed like a child when he saw Xu Lan followed him, taking one step at a time, “I knew Papa liked me.”

The quiet and secluded streets were illuminated by the clear moonlight, Boston ivy filled the mottled walls with their creepers. It was as if they were the only ones in this whole universe.

Bai Wu held Xu Lan’s hand and kept on walking forward. He turned back occasionally to kiss Xu Lan’s eyes and hands affectionately as if they were lovers. Xu Lan was in a daze and let Bai Wu kiss him. He followed him all the way, hoping that this dream would never end.

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