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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 156: Into the Deep Well

Chapter 156: Into the Deep Well

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Papa, can I?” Xu Lan’s shirt was unbuttoned. Bai Wu rested against Xu Lan’s chest, his warm breath emanated heat.

“…” Xu Lan clenched his jaw and turned around. ‘Is this really a dream? How come his touch feels so real?’ he thought. His blood was racing.


Bai Wu asked hesitantly, he was worried that he would be sent into an abyss the next second. Xu Lan closed his eyes and took a deep breath before nodding solemnly.

“Papa! I love you!” Bai Wu was overjoyed. He landed kisses all over Xu Lan, including his body part that was on heat.


“Papa!” A cold yet familiar voice called out to him. Bai Wu who was lying on top of Xu Lan turned around immediately, clearly horrified by the sudden interruption.

“Papa?” he asked, his eyes turned from red to greyish white.

“Xu Lan! What are you doing!” The indignant voice spoke again. White mists rose from the ground, Xu Lan could hear the sound of teeth grinding clearly.

“Papa, don’t you love me?” the hissing void appeared behind Bai Wu. The strong suction drew him in instantly.

“No! Bai Wu!” Xu Lan tried to crawl up and hold onto Bai Wu. He ended up falling into an icy embrace, “Bai Wu, no!”

“Xu Lan! Get a grip!” the man reigned in his anger after hearing his name. Xu Lan had a coat draped over him.

“No! No!” Xu Lan watched as the void tore Bai Wu into pieces. He ran over like a madman!


“Can you please be clear-headed?” Bai Wu caught Xu Lan who was about to fall into the well. Bai Wu gave him a tight slap on his face, leaving behind a palm-shaped mark.

Xu Lan looked at Bai Wu in confusion. Bai Wu was gripping Xu Lan tightly. Xu Lan was extremely disoriented and dazed.

“You… I…” Xu Lan’s throat tightened. Sheng Ya stood behind Bai Wu, along with the rest of the participants. They were all giving him a weird look. He looked at himself and found out that he was blushing and his clothes were untidy.

“Bai Wu, sorry.”

Xu Lan held onto his coat and he blushed as he spoke. He leaped into the deep well in embarrassment.

“Papa!” Bai Wu was frightened as he watched Xu Lan stumble out of his embrace and fell into the well. Xu Lan’s shoes by the well were concrete proof of the event that happened; it was not merely a fiction of his imagination. Bai Wu could feel his heart bleeding.

“Bai Wu!”

“Elder!” Bai Wu jumped into the well right after Xu Lan. He could not stand by and watch Xu Lan fall, he could never!

The icy well water rushed into Bai Wu’s throat and found its way into his lungs, making it hard for him to breathe. A red light flashed before his eyes and thick white mists rose from the well. His body was covered in hard scales. A silver-white giant dragon appeared.

The deep well was like an abyss, even Bai Wu’s true form could not touch the bottom of the well. He could not locate Xu Lan.

“Papa! Where are you!” Bai Wu yelped. The high pressure created a shield from the well water, one could walk normally as though they were on the ground. However, he could still feel the biting cold. If a dragon could not withstand the cold, it would be worse for Xu Lan’s frail human body.

“Papa! Come out! What kind of man goes into hiding?” Bai Wu continued shouting, “Papa, what am I going to do when you’re gone?”

Suddenly, a bright light appeared right under him. The blood-red cloth wrapped itself around Xu Lan slowly.


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