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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 157: Facing Xiu He

Chapter 157: Facing Xiu He

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Lan closed his eyes in peace and let the cloth wrap around him. Bai Wu swooped down immediately, only to find the bloody cloth rushed forward to deter Bai Wu from advancing.

“Papa! Wake up! Are you trying to leave me behind?” The bloody cloth seemed to have a mind of its own as it moved to nullify Bai Wu’s attacks. Perhaps, it was afraid of the giant dragon or the pressure exerted by him.

“Hehe, how gross. It’s ruining my appetite,” a barefooted girl who was sitting on top of a thin and long red thread said innocently.

“Who are you! Let go of him!” Bai Wu roared.

“Eh? Me? I’m Xiu He! Aren’t you here for me?” the pretty girl with rosy lips raised her head and looked at Bai Wu naively.

“Don’t you understand what I said? I’m telling you to let go of him!” A thin and long tube connected Xu Lan to the girl. She was feeding on the content in the tube.

“Well, he jumped down himself. Even though I’ve never met someone like you, you’re in my world now. Do you think you can fight against me?” Xiu He tiptoed and made her way to Xu Lan. She tapped on the space between his brows. Xu Lan responded with a painful frown and an inaudible complaint.

“Let go of him!”

His red eyes lengthened and were protected by his scales. His body launched into combat mode. His silver-white scales were gradually replaced by thick and heavy snow-white scales in the shape of a cone. The protruding scales were good for both defense and offense.

“Heh, do you think this is a world where matters can be resolved with violence? Do you have any idea how many people have come to look for me? You’re the first human, no, dragon to make it here. Would you like to see this person’s final ending?”

Xiu He smiled seductively. She waved in the air with her skinny arms, the silkworm chrysalises that were restraining Xu Lan immediately flew toward his head. The bottom of the well was made visible — there was a huge pile of white bones.

“When I’m done absorbing his dream, he’ll be one of them. We will sleep together at the bottom of the well. Didn’t they want to bed me? I say they should head to bed and fall into an eternal slumber!” Xiu He had a sinister look on her face. She flew atop the white bones and started kissing a skull endearingly.

Bai Wu did not pay attention to what Xiu He said. He marched toward Xu Lan as he intended to retrieve Xu Lan. Right before Bai Wu managed to touch Xu Lan with his claw, he was tossed into the air in one swoop.

“Huh, do you have a death wish?” Bai Wu spat white smoke and the icy well water started to boil.

“I’m a dead person, and a dead person has no fear,” Xiu He chuckled and flew nearer to Xu Lan, leaving a lipstick stain on Xu Lan’s face. “All men are garbage. Though, you both are a funny pair. Would you like to see what he dreamt about?”

Xiu He absorbed Xu Lan’s dream and presented them. Xu Lan’s understanding was limited to what he learned from the conversation between Xiao Feng and Wang Meng, and what Bai Wu did to him in his dreams. Xu Lan’s brain was replaying these events. The only difference was, Bai Wu’s role in his dream was replaced by Xiu He.

Bai Wu raised his hand and charged at Xiu He, who dodged the attack with ease. With his strong and thick tail, Bai Wu landed one painful slap on Xiu He.

“Huff…” Xiu He spat a mouthful of fresh blood before rushing toward Xu Lan with a creepy smile.

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