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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 172: I Can’t Leave

Chapter 172: I Can’t Leave

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Lan turned around abruptly and said, “Are you sure?”

Bai Wu nodded his head solemnly. This was not the first time that the village chief addressed the old lady in this manner. Wu Ling was the mother of the girl from fifteen years ago. Xu Lan lifted his head and sunk into deep thoughts while Bai Wu embraced him with a bright smile on his face.

“Expert Bai, Expert Xu, are you guys in there?” the village chief asked, accompanied by the sounds of the door opening from the outside.

Xu Lan sprung up immediately from Bai Wu’s legs and glared at him. “We’re here, village chief.”

The door opened shortly after. The group of people dropped to the ground and kowtowed to Bai Wu immediately after they saw him. The players that was with them in the dimension looked at them in horror, especially Fang Lingzi.

“The emergence of a true dragon. You’re a deity that descended to the earth. Deity, please save our village.” The village chief took the lead and begged in tears.

“Uhm, what’s happening?” Xu Lan helped the villagers up at once and signalled Bai Wu to explain himself.

“Village chief, I think everyone misunderstood us. We were sleeping soundly yesterday night when all of a sudden, a vicious dragon appeared and took us away. We’re sorry for the damage inflicted on your house. We’ll definitely fix it for you,” Bai Wu explained while he rubbed his fingers together. At the same moment, he used the complementary ability of mental dominance.

Those who were kneeling on the floor looked at each other in astonishment.

“Nonetheless, it was because of the arrival of you experts that prompted the emergence of the true dragon. You must be the saviour of Yanyi Village, sent by the heavens to rescue our village.”

The village chief said firmly after giving a thought. The other villagers chimed in and pleaded Bai Wu and Xu Lan to save their village by kneeling three times with nine kowtows. Their entourage of followers were very much relieved, except for Fang Lingzi who felt quite disappointed. She clasped her hand behind her back and trampled the mud on the ground.

“Are you done chatting? Where’s the dragon from last night?” the old lady said gravely while she stood in front of Bai Wu with the support of her walking stick. She seemed to show much interest about that dragon from the previous night.

“I have no idea, it disappeared after abandoning us at the cliff. Otherwise, how could we get there by ourselves, it was incredibly dark last night.” Bai Wu unfolded his arms and shrugged helplessly.

Suddenly, the old lady’s expression changed and shrieked fiercely toward the crowd, “Out! Get out! All of you, get lost!”

“Wu Ling, stop behaving like this. Expert Bai is here to conduct some research. Ever since Xiao Ya was born, our village…”

The village chief said as he stared at Wu Ling awkwardly. Initially, he did not intend to rub her nose in it. This was the reason why the villagers unwelcomed Wu Ling and that she had to stay far away from them, up into the distant mountains.

“I said get lost!” Wu Ling rebuked furiously while she stabilized herself with the walking stick. Two strong men gathered around her and glared at the others ferociously.

“… We’re leaving, sorry to bother you,” the village chief said in a displeased tone with a long face.

The sun shone through the viridescent mountain peaks, illuminating patches and patches of Camellia. The blue sky was filled with varying shapes of clouds which were constantly drifting. This was definitely a great place to retire from the world and live a sequestered live. The group of people strolled leisurely on the country roads along the mountains. The cool breeze blew gently, emptying the body and mind of others.

“Wait a minute! We’ve got to head back!” Xu Lan halted abruptly and said in all seriousness. Bai Wu was not paying much attention and knocked onto the back of Xu Lan’s head. His nose started to bleed instantly.

“Go back? Why?” Bai Wu covered his nose and asked puzzledly. Bai Wu already took the handkerchief from Xu Lan just when Sheng Ya passed him the tissues. She had no choice but to retract her hands sulkily.

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