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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 178: Saving Xiao Ya

Chapter 178: Saving Xiao Ya

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“F*CK! What the f*ck did you say!” The second Wu Ling finished her sentence, Xu Lan came at her. He grabbed her by her collar and cursed!

“His Gu worms are sexually based. The only way to lure them out is through the exchange of bodily fluids.” Wu Ling pushed away Xu Lan’s hands and stated slowly.

“But there were so many worms! How could you know that they were sexual Gu?” Xu Lan’s jaw muscles were prominent, and his temples were throbbing violently.

“Well, the only Gu I cultivate is sexual Gu! What else could be in him then, if not for sexual Gu?” Wu Ling chuckled. “If he’s willing to become one with Xiao Ya, I can lend her to him for his use.”

Wu Ling looked at Bai Wu and flashed a cruel smile; cold sweat had soaked his clothes and not only did his whole body feel chilly, he was trembling in agony.

“Wu Ling! I think it best that you explain yourself. Why did Xiao Ya, who disappeared for fourteen years, end up appearing here?!” The village chief stood in front of her, and in absolute stupefaction, he asked, “And how could you have the heart to turn her into a Gu vessel?!”

“Oh, spare me your hypocrisy! Do you know what I went through? The money you took from here all these years, is there a single cent that wasn’t the hard work of Xiao Ya and I? Hoho, don’t you realize how disgusting your faces look?”

Wu Ling burst out in anger all of a sudden. Her ear-piercing screams evoked goose bumps in the same way as chalk scraped on a blackboard.

All alone on the desolate mountain, she cautiously bred Gu worms for the benefit of Yanyi Village, but what did the village folk do? Crazily enough, they enticed her husband to the mountains in order to kill him, all because boys were no longer born after Xiao Ya’s birth.

The second time, they enticed Xiao Ya and prepared to kill her, but Wu Ling managed to tail them. She finally got to see the man she had been longing for: her husband. By then however, his body was rotten and infested with maggots. Just as they were about to push Xiao Ya down the cliff, lightning struck them, and Xiao Ya was left unhurt.

“Such a thing happened? Why didn’t you tell me? I would surely have helped you get justice!” Astonished, the village chief stared at Wu Ling with grief and indignation.

“HAHA! You’d get me justice if I told you what really happened? When I generated income, everyone treated me with respect, but where were all of you when I was drowned in verbal abuse? Why didn’t any of you stand up and speak of justice then? HAHA! You hypocrites! I don’t need your help. I can get justice all by myself.” Wu Ling grinned evilly as she looked at Xiao Ya. Lifeless though Xiao Ya was, she still paused for a moment when Wu Ling glared at her.

Wu Ling used all those wicked people to refine her Gu, and that was the first step that Yanyi Village took in order to launch the Gu worm business. After that, countless people came to buy Gu on account of Yanyi Village’s reputation. When the village folk counted their money and beamed with glee, Wu Ling’s hands were stained with blood.

Xiao Ya began to resemble her father the more the grew up. She was happy, but Wu Ling had to suffer, because Xiao Ya was the reason that Wu Ling’s husband was killed!

“So, you killed her?” Sheng Ya grabbed onto Bai Wu’s arm and trembled from head to toe.

“Haha…me? Kill her? Of course not. Why would I ever kill my precious Xiao Ya?” Wu Ling walked sinisterly over to Xiao Ya and planted a kiss on the girl’s hand. “She volunteered to do it so I could refine and create the most lethal sexual Gu of all time! It was her own wish. She willingly wanted to become a Gu vessel!”

Wu Ling looked to the sky and laughed. “If Xiao Ya could get Expert Bai’s fluids…haha, how lucky I would be!”

“F*ck! Is she still alive? Do you want Bai Wu to f*ck a child that has been dead for God knows how long?” Xu Lan regarded Wu Ling as a woman gone mad! His goose bumps became severe!

“…of course she is! Xiao Ya’s been so good to me. How could I ever let her die?” Wu Ling tucked a lock of Xiao Ya’s hair behind the girl’s ear. Wu Ling’s gentle voice appeared to soften Xiao Ya’s expression tremendously.

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