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My Boyfriend is A Dragon (Web Novel) - Chapter 179: Disagreement

Chapter 179: Disagreement

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Bai Wu must…to expel the Gu worms?” Sheng Ya stared at Xiao Ya in utter disbelief.

“Yes. Xiao Ya is the parent body of the Gu worms. The only way for them to come out is for him to exchange bodily fluids with Xiao Ya.”

Wu Ling answered solemnly despite the sharp, knife-like gaze that was directed at her. As if ignoring it, Wu Ling stroked Xiao Ya’s hand lightly. Then she led Xiao Ya to Bai Wu.

“F*ck off! I will never do such a thing!” Bai Wu’s lips went blue. He looked disgustingly at Wu Ling and pushed away Xiao Ya’s hand.

“Ohoho! You make it seem as though you’re a virgin who’s willing to die just to fight for your honor. Isn’t this something that will let you get the best of both worlds?” Seeing Bai Wu’s reaction, Wu Ling jumped up and asked bemusedly.

“How can you f*cking get an erection from that? When I think about how all those worms came out from her, it’s crazy terrifying! If I’m scared that my joystick will be eaten up once I put it in, ya think the elder wouldn’t be scared too?”

The man in the crew-cut whispered, but Wu Ling was preoccupied with her evil grin. Sheng Ya was unable to take her eyes off of Xiao Ya, for she found it completely unimaginable that Xiao Ya was still alive.


“Bai Wu! Are you alright?!” Bai Wu was brought down to his knees by a pain in his stomach. Sheng Ya went over immediately to help him up, and exclaimed anxiously, “Agh! You’re bleeding!”

Bai Wu got up and thanked her as fresh blood flowed out of his nostrils.

“Bai Wu! Are you okay?” Xu Lan asked fretfully. His eyes reddened the instant he saw Bai Wu’s demeanor, and he ran over to offer his support.

“Dragons are special, no doubt. The Gu worms have been feeding on his flesh right from the moment they entered him, but the effects are only visible now.” Bai Wu’s expression only served to delight Wu Ling. Her smile was so euphoric that flowers might even pop out of her.

“Papa, it’s…really painful.” Bai Wu leaned on Xu Lan’s shoulders in pain and remarked bitterly.

“There’s no other way to extract the Gu worms, can’t you…can’t you think of yourself for once?” Xu Lan mulled over those last few words as they were about to escape his lips, but in the end, he still said them out loud.

“You! What did you just say?! Didn’t you hear what she said? Don’t you know what she meant? It’s not like she wants me to drink a glass of water. She wants me to f*ck!” Bai Wu cursed out loud while pointing to Xiao Ya, who was behind Xu Lan.

“I know…” Xu Lan replied with much difficulty.

“Oh, sure you do! Yet you still say such nonsense?! Are you telling me that everything you said yesterday was bullsh*t?! Don’t you dare back out of this I tell you! I don’t care if you’re going to the ends of the earth! I’ll still follow you!” Bai Wu exploded angrily and expressed his disbelief.

“But you’re in a bad condition, do you know that?! If you don’t do it with her, you’ll die! It’s not some ordinary worms inside you, it’s sexual Gu worms!”

Xu Lan was no saint, but he was saintly in letting the person he loved do what needed to be done. Just a mere thought of the whole endeavor was enough to send his heart into depression! Then again, there were no two ways about it.

“I’d rather die than touch a single hair on that girl.” Bai Wu looked at Xu Lan and answered determinedly.

“Bai Wu!” Xu Lan stared at Bai Wu in utter shock; first, Xu Lan’s heart felt touched, but that feeling soon made way for an unfading amount of dread!

“Xu Lan! My heart only likes you! Whether it is past, present, or future, my heart will only like you! You may be able to restrain your feelings, but I can’t!” Bai Wu punched the ground loudly and left a large hole. Everyone who was there looked at each other in dismay and felt at a loss as to what they should do.

“F*ck off! I want to be alone! If you don’t move, I’ll bring this girl to the grave with me!” Muddled and in a confused state of mind, Bai Wu demanded.

“Bai Wu…” Xu Lan and his red eyes implored. Bai Wu’s confessions were always the same: they were suppressed back into his heart almost as quickly as they were expressed out loud.

“Wait! There’s something I’d like to say!” All of a sudden, the village chief stood up and exclaimed.

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