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My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 435: Talisman Practitioner?

Chapter 435: Talisman Practitioner?

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The following two matches were rather harmonious and stopped at an appropriate timing.

Baili Xi won his match against Xue Xiao, while Wei Nanfeng won his match against a Violet Firmament Faction disciple.

The fourth match was Qiao Mu’s battle with Mu Liangde.

The two ascended the stage while keeping silent the entire time. They stared at each other, neither side speaking even after quite a while.

“I heard that you are also a talisman practitioner? Why don’t you show me!” Qiao Mu was in the rare mood to speak before fighting.

Mu Liangde courteously bowed towards Qiao Mu with a gentle face. “Little Junior Sister, I think it’s better for you to make a move first! You can first summon out your snow leopard.”

“You all like blabbering nonsense. Use your talismans when I tell you to! If you won’t use them, I will!” Qiao Mu flung her hand, and a row of talismans flipped as they suddenly flew towards Mu Liangde.

Mu Liangde’s pupils abruptly contracted as he stared dumbfoundedly at the little girl who suddenly made a move.

What was going on?

Mu Liangde was truly dumbstruck! In all his years since leaving the main clan in Guanlan City, he really had never seen anyone who could fling out so many talismans at once!

His first thought was, were they fake? However, that row of talismans all crowded around him before contracting all of a sudden.

Binding talisman matrix!

Our dear Qiao Mu had long ruminated that since this Mu Liangde was a talisman practitioner, then she might as well use talisman matrices to deal with him so that he could die a meaningful death.

However, it seemed that she… overestimated this Mu Liangde?

Seeing Mu Liangde flusteredly using his shoulder to charge into the binding talisman matrix here and there in disarray, Qiao Mu narrowed her eyes in displeasure and asked peevishly, “Are you really a talisman practitioner? Why can’t you even break out of such a simple binding talisman matrix?”

This binding talisman matrix was one of the more basic talisman matrices, and she had only used beginner-level talismans too! Just this could already put Mu Liangde, a talisman practitioner, in such a sorry state? It couldn’t be helped that Qiao Mu would suspect that the person before her was perhaps only a fraud!

Mu Liangde’s complexion truly changed now.

Binding talisman matrix—this really was the binding talisman matrix that the patriarch once lamented about with a sigh? Why did this girl know this talisman matrix? Huh? What was going on? Why could this girl use this talisman matrix that no one in the entire talisman patrician family in Guanlan City knew how to use?

Mu Liangde simply couldn’t believe his own eyes.

And hearing from this girl’s tone of voice, it seemed like she thought that this binding talisman matrix was only the most basic and simple talisman matrix.

Who was she exactly?

“Hurry and use your talismans!!” Qiao Mu glared at him unhappily. “You don’t need to go easy on me.”

This great aunt, which eye of yours saw me going easy on you?

Hence, this comical episode played out on the stage.

The little girl stood to one side of the stage and glared at Mu Liangde, who was still inside the binding talisman matrix. “What are you doing? Hurry and come out!”

Mu Liangde was speechless from the little fellow’s repeated exhortations and couldn’t help protesting, “Little girl, don’t go too far. Even our patriarch wouldn’t necessarily be able to immediately break out of this talisman matrix! Let alone myself!”

Qiao Mu creased her brows, truly dissatisfied to the extreme in her heart. She had originally planned that if this fellow turned out to be a talisman expert, then she would first compare notes with him before beating him to death! However, she didn’t feel good at all after hearing his words, and the rage in her heart surged.

“You big fraud! You can die now.” Countless talismans flew out with a whoosh…

Calling yourself a talisman practitioner? Seeing this d*mned shameless fraud made her very angry. He actually dared to lie to her?

What a waste of time!

Everyone: “…”

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