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My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince Charming (Web Novel) - Chapter 191: The Absurd Grand Prince

Chapter 191: The Absurd Grand Prince

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Translator: Kingbao Editor: DarkGem

Lin Long was confident that the grand prince had a way to stop the other ancestors from coming over, so when he woke up, Yao Si decided to hurry over even though it was such a pity… It took so much for this newbie, Mu Xuan, to take initiative only for it to be disrupted by the ‘unfilial’ Li Zheng.

However, the three day sleep seemed to have enlightened him considerably, so there probably wasn’t a need to hurry. Once the crisis had been dealt with, there would be tons of opportunities. Erm… hopefully?

The grand prince was locked in the most secure and guarded cell in the whole bloodling prison. The cell was made from a material that could restrict the use of abilities, preventing even the strongest powers from being activated.

On top of that, the battle from before had left the grand prince’s mental strength in shambles, and it would take him a few hundred years to recover from it. Without his mental strength, he would not be able to activate his ability, making an escape impossible.

After Li Zheng and Bai Yi had completed their coming of age test, they were coincidentally allocated to taking care of this cell, which was why they had been in charge of delivering news to Yao Si.

Before she reached the cell, she could already hear the grand prince’s disdainful voice.

“Heh, you lowly people dare to negotiate with me? There isn’t a way out of this. And even if there was, why would I tell you? It’s only a matter of time before this universe belongs to us.”

His tone was enough to paint an image of his insufferable arrogance. Yao Si’s expression sank, and she exchanged a glance with Mu Xuan before opening the door to enter.

The room was separated into two by a transparent protective wall in the middle. The grand prince was locked inside while Li Zheng and Bai Yi were standing guard by the wall. Lin Long sat at the corner on their side.

Upon their entrance, the imprisoned man happened to look up. The moment he laid eyes on Yao Si, he was visibly startled, and his legs shook as though suppressing an innate reaction to bolt upright. The disdain on his face paled slightly, replaced by caution. “It’s you! You… What do you intend to do?”

Was Yao Si mistaken? Didn’t he seem afraid of her? When she recalled his plight before… Mmh, there was enough reason for him to be afraid.

“Dad, you’re here!” Li Zheng glanced at her in surprise. “That’s fast!” He turned to glance meaningfully at Mu Xuan.

“Get lost!” She kicked him aside. “We rushed over immediately.” How dare you still make a remark, you unfilial son.

She ignored him and headed toward Lin Long who was sitting in front of the grand prince. “Ergou, how is it?”

Lin Long shook his head, the grand prince obviously wasn’t being cooperative.

“Give up!” The grand prince smirked. “We would never let go of this universe, so there isn’t any meaning in holding me captive? They’ll come down when they figure out that I’ve met with trouble.” He glanced at Yao Si in a provoking manner that held a hint of resentment. “So what if your mental strength is strong? Even if you manage to stop me, can you stop millions of people like me?”


He was right, which was her greatest worry. If they really mobilized their entire clan, her world was doomed.

“If I’m not wrong, there aren’t many people in this universe with mental strength comparable to yours!” The grand prince grew increasingly aggressive, looking over everyone in the room as though they were already dead. “Even if you destroyed the portal, we can create ten more or even a hundred more from that planet. No one can stop us.”

“Planet!” Yao Si’s heart quivered when she detected his slip. “Does the portal have to be opened in the Blue Planet?”

The grand prince stilled, his expression freezing.

This further confirmed her point, and she remembered Lin Long mentioning that he reconstructed the Blue Planet to serve as an anchor point to link back to his universe.

“The blue planet is the key!” She turned to Mu Xuan. “We have to destroy the reconstructed planet as soon as possible.”

Lin Long’s face lit up, and he prepared to leave with them.

“Wait a minute! Even if you destroy the planet, how long can you last?” The grand prince scoffed with resentment. He seemed to have calmed from his previous frantic state, and his tone returned to being sour and condescending. “Even if you stop us this time, can you stop us forever?” He glanced at Lin Long. “Even a normal pure breed can reconstruct the planet, so do you think no one else can? Heh! It’s just a matter of time, and that’s precisely what we have in abundance!”


“Your actions would only serve to further infuriate my clan.” He adjusted his clothes, treating them as a joke. “Let’s make a bet on the first thing they would do when they arrive…” He scanned the crowd before focusing on Li Zheng and Bai Yi. “We would go all out to kill all of you ignorant bastards.”

F*ck! Why was he so annoying? Unfortunately, the truth was as he had told it.

“You in particular!” He turned abruptly to glare at Yao Si with a murderous intent. His smile turned sly. “I’ll definitely repay your previous care. So what if you are a contractor? Those who betray the clan would never be able to escape.”

He seemed unaware of everyone’s darkened face as he continued on with arrogance as though victory was in his hands. His gaze was freezing cold. “At that time, I’ll let you personally witness the death of your loved ones.”

F*ck! Yao Si was on the verge of exploding. Don’t even try stopping me, I’m going to murder this little b*tch!

Her hands curled into fists, but just as she was about to step forward, someone else beat her to it.

“Shut up!” Li Zheng who was the nearest rushed forward. He raised his fist and smashed it straight against the irritable face. “F*ck you! You little punk better show some respect. How dare you lowly prisoner threaten Her Highness! You haven’t gained permission from the bloodlings!”

His punch held no mercy, sending the grand prince flying with a resounding thud when he smashed against the wall.

“Li Zheng!” Yao Si’s heart clenched. F*ck, was that guy seeking death? He wasn’t this filial before this! They were faced with an ancestor grand prince, so even if he couldn’t use his ability right now, he might still have other tricks up his sleeve.

But Li Zheng continued to go after him fearlessly, yanking his collar up, prepared to continue his beating. “Grandpa, I’ll teach you how to be a good person!”

“You…” The grandprince caught hold of Li Zheng’s arm before his punch fell, stopping him midway. “You… Are you…”


Yao Si shook, prepared to save him only to be halted by the grand prince’s suddenly agitated voice.

“You are Li Zheng? How old are you? Are you married yet? Do you have a girlfriend? I’m Yu Zhe, what are your thoughts on getting a boyfriend?

“…” Li Zheng.

“…” Yao Si.

“…” Mu Xuan.

“…” Lin Long.

“…” Bai Yi.

This is absurd!


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