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My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 226 Catching Disciples

Chapter 226 Catching Disciples

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Little Yuan’er leaped in joy. It seemed like she was happy she did not need to return to the Evil Sky Pavilion yet.

However, would it not be too early for Pan Litian and Leng Luo to go to the Clarity Sect’s main altar at this moment? It was not that they were afraid of the Clarity Sect. Now that Mo Qi had been reduced to ashes, the sect did not have much strength left. You Hongyi and the Seven Clarity Sons were like arrows at the end of their flight. The main point was the Nether Sect. The Nether Sect was also at Clarity Sect’s main altar. The Nether Sect’s Four Great Protectors were all first-rate elites. It was rumored that the cultivation base of the Sect Master of the Nether Sect, Yu Zhenghai, was at the same level as the Evil Sky Pavilion’s patriarch. It was still acceptable if it was a one-on-one fight. However, there were so many elites on the Nether Sect’s side, how were they going to deal with all of them? Moreover, the Golden Court Mountain’s barrier had just recently malfunctioned. Their current priority should be to return to the mountain to recuperate.

Three old men bringing a little girl along on their journey. It was an odd sight no matter how one looked at it. They returned to the flying chariot.

Pan Litian said, “I think that this won’t do.”

“What won’t do?”

“I can understand you want to clean up the mess from your sect, Sect Master, but I heard that Yu Zhenghai’s cultivation base is extremely profound, and he has a massive force at his disposal. He won’t be easy to deal with,” Pan Litian said.

“I know what I’m doing,” Lu Zhou said.

Leng Luo said disapprovingly, “Are you that reluctant to visit the Clarity Sect again? I think you’re the first person I’ve met who used such an excuse to avoid something.”

“Old Leng, do you feel uncomfortable if you don’t take a swipe at me?”

“Old Pan, I’m trying to teach you to face your fears instead of running away from it.”

Perhaps, they had been bickering too much recently. The others acted as though they did not hear the duo as though they were already immune to it.

Lu Zhou glanced at Pan Zhong who was lying in the flying chariot and said, “Zhao Yue, take him back.”

Whitzard came on the clouds.

When Pan Litian saw Whitzard, he stopped bickering with Leng Luo immediately. His eyes were as wide as saucers when he looked at Whitzard that was shrouded in auspicious Qi with a shocked expression on his face. A cultivator would have used up his fortunes for eight lifetimes just to be able to see one legendary mount in his life. In many families and even cultivation sects, there would only be one legendary mount shared throughout the generations. He did not expect that Lu Zhou would possess two legendary mounts.

Leng Luo, on the other hand, was much calmer. The memory of the Grand Predecessor Formation was still fresh in his mind. He would never forget Whitzard’s mighty powers.

Pan Litian asked, “How did you obtain Whitzard? According to the books, Whitzard is extremely difficult to tame. Moreover, it can’t be found in Misty Forest.”

“Whitzard?” Lu Zhou said as he stroked his beard. He shook his head and sighed. “I obtained it by a stroke of good luck. It’s nothing significant enough to mention.”

Pan Litian said, “You’re being too humble. Anyone who can tame Whitzard must be powerful. It’s rumored that Whitzard can speak the tongues of men, understand the feelings of all living things, and knows about the appearances of everything under the heavens. Is that true?”.

Little Yuan’er answered the question on her master’s behalf, “I don’t know about that since it has never spoken. All I know is that it’s strong.” It was an extraordinary feat when it unleashed its skill and brought a rain of auspicious Qi that dampened the Ten Shamans’ Grand Formation.

Whitzard hovered beside the flying chariot.

Zhao Yue conjured up some energy and lifted Pan Zhong as she mounted Whitzard.

“Go.” Lu Zhou waved his arm.

Whitzard moved on the clouds and disappeared among the sea of clouds in just a blink of an eye.

In terms of speed, Whitzard was slightly faster than a flying chariot. The only shortcoming was that a mount could only carry so many passengers.

Pan Litian kept his eyes on Whitzard until it was finally out of sight. Then, he shook his head and sighed without saying anything. He merely cupped his fists at Lu Zhou slightly. He felt slightly embarrassed to spout words of gratitude at his age. He thought it was better not to say anything. He lifted the wine jar and drank a cup, drinking alone in the flying chariot.

Duanmu Sheng, who was manning the helm again, asked, “Master, are we really going to the Clarity Sect’s main altar?”

Lu Zhou glanced at Duanmu Sheng and said, “Are you doubting me?”

“I dare not. I’ll continue manning the helm.”

Lu Zhou looked at his remaining items. Deadly Strike Card x3, Impeccable Card x4, Critical Block Card x7 (passive), Binding Cage Card x4, Refining Talisman x1, Ji Tiandao’s Peak Form Trial Card x1. Critical Heal Card x3, Improved Critical Heal x3. Whitzard. Bi An. If he used all these cards on his wicked disciples, the process of disciplining them might be much smoother. This was especially true about the Improved Binding Cage Cards.

Yu Zhenghai, Yu Shangrong, and Si Wuya were all experts. Lu Zhou would have to catch them first before making them submit to him.

Since Lu Zhou had the Peak Trial Card, he was confident he could take on ten Yu Zhenghais.


The cloud-splitting chariot drew a wide arc in the air. Like the carp leaping through the dragon gate, the chariot sped toward the Clarity Sect.

“I’m sorry, little junior sister… Hold on tight.”

“It’s alright, senior brother, this is fun!

The old men did not find this as exciting as Little Yuan’er did.

The flying chariot picked up speed and left a long tail in its wake. Along the journey, the flying chariot gradually stabilized.

Meanwhile, in the Clarity Sect’s main altar.

The main altar was splattered with blood, and discarded weapons were strewn everywhere. It was a complete disaster as far as the eyes could see.

Half of the seven peaks were charred.

A massive flying chariot was parked in the skies above this scene.

Dozens of cultivators stood in a square formation on the main altar as they looked at the clouds to the east. The four individuals standing at the lead wore robes of different colors.

After a moment’s silence, the Vermillion Bird Hall’s First Seat, Yang Yan, could no longer restrain himself and asked, “Will the old villain really show up?”

Hua Chongyang looked at him sternly and said, “Watch your attitude. If the sect master hears this, you’ll be punished.”

Bai Yuqing said, “The old senior has gone to Slender West Lake. Knowing his temper, Mo Qi would be hard-pressed to escape his fate. However, the reinforcements from the palace might hinder him. Wei Zhuoyan has some elites on his side after all. The old senior might have a difficult time escaping from this.”

“I’m afraid Mo Qi probably didn’t expect he would die in the old senior’s hands after escaping from sect master’s hands.”

The others exchanged looks and nodded.

“The sect master trusts the Evil Sky Pavilion’s Mister Seventh… If Mister Seventh said the old senior would come, he would certainly come.”

“Is he that confident?”

“Have you forgotten how sect master punished you previously? Don’t underestimate that person… Don’t underestimate any of the Evil Sky Pavilion’s disciples for that matter,” Hua Chongyang said, “If the old senior didn’t have his own agendas, I don’t think that any of them would be weaker than us.”

“Remember, we’re supposed to keep the old senior here with our words for as long as we can to buy sect master some time… You Hongyi and the others are all that’s left.”

“I hope nothing untoward would happen with four of us here. If there’s nothing we can do, we can always run away!”

The four of them agreed. They were convinced it was not shameful to flee from such an expert.

They were still discussing among themselves when the cloud-splitting chariot appeared among the clouds.

Hua Chongyang looked up and informed the others, “They’re here.”

Bai Yuqing seemed amazed. “The reinforcements from the palace were defeated this quickly?”

“This is definitely the Evil Sky Pavilion’s chariot.”

“Notify the sect master and Mister Seventh, tell them to proceed with caution.”

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