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My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 227 Why Do You Slander Me, Third Junior Brother?

Chapter 227 Why Do You Slander Me, Third Junior Brother?

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On the cloud-splitting chariot.

Lu Zhou looked down at the Clarity Sect’s main altar with his hands on his back.

“Master, the Clarity Sect’s barrier has been breached, and the seven peaks are burning,” Duanmu Sheng said as he looked at the seven mountains around the main altar.

“The Nether Sect’s flying chariot!” Little Yuan’er exclaimed as she pointed at the flying chariot that hovered above the main altar.

Duanmu Sheng snorted. He steered their flying chariot toward the Nether Sect’s flying chariot.

Perhaps, they had noticed this, the Nether Sect’s flying chariot retreated swiftly to the back of the main altar.

The cloud-splitting chariot’s speed dropped and arrived in the air above the main altar.

“Hua Chongyang of Azure Dragon Hall pays respect to old senior.”

“Di Qing of Black Tortoise Hall pays respect to old senior.”

“Yang Yan of Vermillion Bird Hall pays respect to old senior.”

“Bai Yuqing of White Tiger Hall pays respect to old senior.”

The four voices reached the cloud-splitting chariot since it was laced with gentle soundwaves that transmitted the messages clearly.

The people on the cloud-splitting chariot looked at the four individuals who were neither overbearing nor servile. “Master, it’s the Nether Sect’s Four Great Protectors.”

Lu Zhou nodded as he looked down at the main altar.

The cloud-splitting chariot hovered above the main altar.

Leng Luo observed the land from the flying chariot as well. He said, “It’s rumored that two of the Nether Sect’s Four Great Protectors are Six-leaf cultivators while the other two are Seven-leaf cultivators… I wonder if there’s any truth to that rumor?”

“With such strength, it’s no wonder that the Nether Sect is capable of wiping out the Clarity Sect…” Pan Litian said.

Lu Zhou glanced at Pan Litian. Pan Litian was from the Clarity Sect after all. He seemed unaffected by the calamity that had befallen the Clarity Sect…

However, Lu Zhou did not ask Pan Litian about it. He looked at the Four Great Protectors and asked, “Where’s Yu Zhenghai?”

Hua Chongyang bowed, cupped his hands, and said, “Old senior, the sect master told us to wait here… The sect master also said that although Nether Sect is the one that annihilated the Clarity Sect away, you can claim it for yourself if you want, old senior.”

Lu Zhou surveyed his surroundings but did not see Yu Zhenghai. As expected, that rascal was cunning!

Duanmu Sheng yelled, “Tell Yu Zhenghai and Si Wuya to show their faces now! How ridiculous for them to cower in fear when master’s here!”

Hua Chongyang was not angered at all. He continued to say, “Please stay your anger, Mister Third. The sect master and Mister Seventh are busy so they can’t come.”

“Nonsense! There’s no excuse for being cowards… Aren’t they ashamed of themselves for acting otherwise?” Duanmu Sheng said, incensed. Although Duanmu Sheng was nowhere near as glib as Mingshi Yin, he had his way of cursing.

Nonetheless, Hua Chongyang and the others were not angered. After all, Duanmu Sheng’s words were true. Otherwise, four of them would not be ordered to wait here. “Old senior, I speak the truth. I dare not lie!” Hua Chongyang bowed again. He could already feel the heat of Lu Zhou’s anger.

If this went on any longer, Lu Zhou might very well vent his anger on them.

The Four Great Protectors made preparations to retreat at a moment’s notice. If the old senior were to strike, they would immediately flee without hesitating or attempting to block his attack. They should have no problem fleeing since they were Six and Seven-leaf Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm cultivators. Naturally, they were unaware that Lu Zhou did not even take them seriously. “Tell me, then. Where’s Yu Zhenghai and Si Wuya right now?” Lu Zhou did not believe four of them did not know this.


“You’re not telling?”

“Old senior, we’re members of the Nether Sect. We can’t commit such an act of betrayal. I hope you can understand this, old senior,” Hua Chongyang said. “Since you’re not willing to tell me, I’ll return to the Evil Sky Pavilion.” Lu Zhou’s gaze fell on Hua Chongyang.

Hua Chongyang shuddered. He instinctively took a step back. His brain went into overdrive. He hastily strung sentences together and said, “Please forgive me, old senior. I’m only one of the Four Great Protectors, and I play no pivotal role in the sect. Moreover, Golden Court Mountain’s barrier has been acting up lately. You should be careful of opportunists, old senior.”

Bai Yuqing chimed in as well, “I heard that Luo Changfeng, the Sect Master of Heavenly Sect and Luo Xing Kong’s son, was killed by you, old senior. Luo Xingkong has been actively searching for a way to seek revenge from you. You must guard against him, old senior!”

Yang Yan added, “There’s no need to be so cross with our sect master, old senior… He had no choice but to leave the Evil Sky Pavilion back then!”

When they heard this, Little Yuan’er and Duanmu Sheng understood their words well. Both of them were Yu Zhenghai’s juniors, and they knew better than anyone else how their master had treated them back then. However, they did not know why their Eldest Senior Brother was so determined to leave.

All this time, the Nether Sect’s Four Great Protectors had been behaving respectfully.

Leng Luo said, “In any case, betraying his master is a grave sin. The four of you aren’t idiots. I don’t think I have to explain the concept to you. He can run for now, but he can’t run forever.”

Hua Chongyang and the others remained silent.

Just when the Four Great Protectors were at a loss as to how to deal with the situation, a deep voice rang from the third peak of the Clarity Sect. “Master, why do you have to do this?” The voice traveled through the forests and mountains, sounding as though it had come from far, far away. It echoed among the cliff faces between the main altar and the seven peaks.

Based on this, it was clear Yu Zhenghai had heard their conversation.

Lu Zhou waved his hand expressionlessly. “Rascal.”

“Understood!” Duanmu Sheng steered the cloud-splitting chariot determinedly toward the third peak.

The Four Great Protectors were shocked. They did not expect the old senior to pull such a stunt.

The cloud-splitting chariot left a tail in its wake like a comet and arrived at the third peak in just a blink of an eye.

The situation on the Clarity Sect’s third peak was no better than the main altar. It was a complete mess all around them. The buildings halfway up the mountain were almost all burned into ashes. Corpses of the Clarity Sect disciples were strewn on the steps.

Regardless of how much Pan Litian despised the Clarity Sect, he still sighed upon seeing this scene. “They brought this upon themselves.”

Lu Zhou did not have time to care about Pan Litian’s past at this moment. He was determined to look for the source of the voice.

The forest was dense so it obscured their sights. All Lu Zhou needed was to see Yu Zhenghai or Si Wuya’s figures before he would unleash the Improved Binding Cage Cards.

The entire mountain was eerily quiet.

At this moment, the Four Great Protectors approached them through the air. They hovered near the flying chariot and stood in a


“Old senior!”

“Old senior… The Clarity Sect tried to harm the Evil Sky Pavilion numerous times. They were also planning on ganging up on the Evil Sky Pavilion with the others on the Noble Path… Since our sect master has annihilated the Clarity Sect, you should feel happy, old senior!” Hua Chongyang tried to persuade Lu Zhou with all his might. He bowed and lowered his head as he spoke in a solemn tone.

Lu Zhou did not even deign to look at him once.

Duanmu Sheng said, “If he truly has the Evil Sky Pavilion’s interest at heart, what was he doing when the ten great elites attacked master? What was he doing when the ten great elites attacked Golden Court Mountain the second time? Not only did he betray master, but he colluded with the Noble Path and exposed master’s whereabouts! He deceived his master and denounced the patriarch. He deserves to be put to death!”

Upon hearing this, the Four Great Protectors were rendered speechless. At the end of the day, this was a matter between the members of the Evil Sky Pavilion. It had little to do with the Four Great Protectors. Even if it had something to do with them, they did not have the courage to do anything. Who would dare to recklessly make a move against such an elite? Moreover, their sect master had repeatedly instructed them not to attack the Evil Sky Pavilion at all.

From behind the Clarity Sect’s third peak, Yu Zhenghai seemed bothered by Duanmu Sheng’s words. He replied, “Third Junior Brother, we’re disciples with the same master. Why must you slander me?” When his voice rang in the air, Primal Qi surged in the air.

It was quite obvious that not only was Yu Zhenghai in Clarity Sect, but it seemed like he was locked in a battle as well.

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