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My Doomsday Territory (Web Novel) - Chapter 30 System Reform

Chapter 30 System Reform

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Translator: SumTLMan

“Oh? Has someone already been causing trouble?”

“Not really.”

Chen Haiping shook his head and said: “However, I think some of the people are just lazy in their work. Mainly because there are simply too many survivors and not enough managers, so we don’t have a clear a grasp on the present situation. Although this isn’t a major problem right now, this development will be very detrimental to the shelter in the long run.”

“Not only that, but I also suspect some of the survivors of secretly hiding food during every meal, resulting in a higher than expected food consumption every day. This was what I had discovered this morning when I was taking inventory of the remaining food stores. But this certainly wasn’t something which happened over a period of one or two days.”

The system in the shelter is already quite loose and can even be said to be no system at all.

In fact, arranging the survivors’ work every day is really just about giving them a general direction for labour. The specific amount of work, work audits, and so on… None of these is available.

The same can be said for every meal. With the number of survivors being so large, the current practice of eating from a large pot until people are well fed is far better treatment than they would otherwise receive in a normal shelter. Obviously, however, for some of the greedier survivors. No matter how much is provided, such people will never be grateful or satisfied.

There is nothing Chen Haiping can do about these types of people.

At the end of the day, he was only a soldier before the doomsday. Even if he had achieved the rank of petty officer, these problems left him in desperate straits when he was forced to address them.

Tang Yu expressed his understanding.

The shelter is in its building phase and there are many problems which Chen Haiping obviously has to first address.

What can be said is that there are still too few trusted survivors around the shelter.

Tang Yu, Elaine and Roger belong to the core leadership of the territory.

Chen Haiping belongs to the second-tier first-level leadership.

Then there is the issue of having only a small number of reliable survivors. Most of whom are in management or important positions, but this is obviously not enough. As the number of survivors in the territory increased, the number of reliable personnel will also increasingly become insufficient.

This is because the foundation of the shelter is really too poor. Even if other shelters weren’t considered official shelters. Of those who can set up a shelter, which person doesn’t have a lot of personnel at their disposal? These shelters have their own population, resource and a relatively complete system of operation, which can continuously absorb a steady stream of foreign survivors.

As for Tang Yu’s territory, it obviously isn’t a real shelter yet, nor does it have a sufficient deterrent force to intimidate outsiders like a normal shelter.

In particular, many of these unruly foreign survivors are awakened ones.

Tang Yu looked at the territory map with the tiny dots representing the survivors in the territory.

Apart from the first two waves of survivors who came to shelter. The rest are mostly yellow dots, some green dots and a few red dots.

This is a very difficult issue to immediately address.

These red dots weren’t people sent in by Lin Wei to investigate the territory. But some thorns which mixed in amongst the other survivors when entering the shelter.

Perhaps these people haven’t done any harm to shelter yet. But these red dots represent that these survivors are hostile to the territory.

These types of people are even more troublesome to deal with… Well, he won’t admit he hasn’t been dealing with this bunch since they seemed too troublesome. It must be because he was too busy with the territory construction and simply had no time to address this issue.

Now that he’s gained some source crystals, the problem with the town return scroll should soon be resolved.

Before he heads to Lindong, he should first settle all the trivial matters plaguing the shelter.

“Well, Old Chen, you will first draw up a notice and put it up… Just write it casually, and then find another time to do a census of the survivors. You don’t have to rush. You can give some people a bit more time to prepare. Then we can recover our consumption with interest. Well, that’s about it.”

Chen Haiping facepalms.

He felt his burden growing heavier once again.


Outside the resort, located in a small forest.

Ding Qiang took a rocking chair and placed it under the shade of a tree. He was lying there comfortably, holding a handful of sausages and slowly savouring them bit by bit.

“This taste so… Delicious. Why didn’t I find these sausages so delicious before?”

In the distance, there was a rumbling noise. It was the sound of puppets breaking down some rocks.

Around this time every day is the time when the materials are being hauled in the shelter.

However, Ding Qiang is still leisurely sitting here as if all the work had nothing to do with him.

Of course, he was very resistant to the shelter’s arrangements. He wasn’t a guest of honour when he came to this shelter but was arranged to do such menial labour. In his opinion, this place cannot even be called a real shelter at all.

There are two or three bigwigs and the city wall looks a bit strange. If it weren’t for the food being much more abundant here than in other places, he wouldn’t choose to stay in a place like this at all… Perhaps there was a real shelter before. But then it was destroyed by the demonized beasts, which explains why there is so much leftover food in this place.

Ding Qiang is still a little afraid of this shelter. At least the rock-mining puppets don’t look simple. It should be the product of a person with a special ability. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ostensibly followed the shelter’s arrangements.

All of a sudden, a young man with yellow hair came running with dust trailing behind his back as he said: “Boss… Boss, not good…”

“Don’t panic! What’s the big deal? Were we discovered robbing the food from the other survivors? This isn’t a big deal. Your boss is an awakened one and I am more than worthy of this so-called shelter.” Ding Qiang glared arrogantly at the yellow-haired man as he said.

Huang Mao gasped with a face full of admiration.

Indeed, his boss is an awakened one. His boss sounds very domineering when he speaks. But in contrast, he was in a state of panic when receiving some bad news. He felt really ashamed at this. Most importantly, his boss implied this wasn’t a real shelter. In that case, the bad news must not be a big deal for the boss.

“Boss, it’s not that. It’s the shelter… The shelter posted up a notice saying the current system will be reformed. The survivors in the shelter should be divided into permanent resident staff members and foreign workers. Permanent resident staff members must obey job assignments, and the food distribution will now be based on job performance in the future. The benefits for permanent resident staff members will also be higher than foreign workers. However, if any violation of a job requirement is found, all kinds of penalties including compensation or cancellation of remuneration will be imposed…”

“As for the foreign workers, the shelter doesn’t impose restrictions on such people, so long as they don’t violate the shelter rules. It seems that the shelter will issue tasks on a regular basis, and foreign workers can exchange for resources by completing these tasks… It’s said these tasks will include exploration of the surrounding areas or collecting specific items…”

Huang Mao didn’t notice. But the more he spoke, the darker Ding Qiang’s face grew. Until in the end, his face was pitch black.


The small square in front of the villa area has always been the busiest place in the whole shelter. Every day, most of the wood and stone materials are transported here by the survivors. After work, many of the survivors also get together to chitchat, which is one of the few leisurely activities they have after the doomsday.

The shelter allows for proper rest, and ordinary people cannot work all day and night without resting. Tang Yu doesn’t care about the work as long as these survivors aren’t deliberately being lazy.

In fact, most of the survivors can afford the workload in the shelter, and the remuneration for the work far exceeds that of other places.

At the moment, some of the survivors pushing carts came to see a notice board on one side of the city gate. A notice had been posted on it, which seemed to say something important. A few survivors had been lucky enough to be close to the notice board as it was being surrounded.

Zhao Xingping hurriedly pushed a whole cartload of materials to the designated spot and quickly returned to the square to see what was on the notice posting.

He joined the shelter two days ago, unlike many of the foreign survivors who came here on their own. He was just an ordinary man and had no luck in joining an awakened one team. But Zhao Xingping felt lucky. He still remembers that day, when he was hiding in a dark corner. Suffering from hunger as a demonized beast was roaming near his home.

At that time, his heart was in a state of panic until the appearance of… Captain Roger, the man who chopped the demonized beast in two with one slash. Then, he was taken to the shelter and became an ordinary survivor in this place.

One can eat three meals a day until they are full. Even vegetables, meat or other foods are included, all of which seemed like a dream.

He doesn’t know how to repay the shelter’s kindness, so he can only try his best to do his part in the shelter’s construction.

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