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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel)






Action Comedy School Life Slice of Life

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To reward Meng Fan for his bravery before his heroic death, the cosmos rewarded him with a ‘system’, sending him back in time to three months ago, alive.

478 • 2019-10-23 18:35:54


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 316: Chinese Voiceover for Animation2020-06-14
Chapter 315: Copyright issue2020-06-14
Chapter 314: Punishment and Loss2020-05-06
Chapter 313: Surprising Popularity2020-05-06
Chapter 312: Being Pitiful2020-05-05
Chapter 311: There is Something to this Task2020-05-05
Chapter 310: Oof, It Hurts2020-04-27
Chapter 309: The Scene Heats Up2020-04-27
Chapter 3082020-04-27
Chapter 307: Decent Negotiations2020-04-27
Chapter 306: Exclusive Contracts Only2020-04-27
Chapter 305: Pride and Arrogance2020-04-27
Chapter 304: Meeting the Maestro2020-04-27
Chapter 303: The IronFans2020-04-27
Chapter 302: Starting Like a Dog2020-04-20
Chapter 301: A Hundred Million in Rewards2020-04-20
Chapter 300: Legend of the Mountains and Seas2020-04-20
Chapter 299: The Legends of Manga2020-04-18
Chapter 298: Arriving in Japan2020-04-17
Chapter 297: A Photo2020-04-16
Chapter 2962020-04-16
Chapter 295: An Anonymous Hero2020-04-16
Chapter 294: Big Brother Knows Magic2020-04-16
Chapter 293: Taken Hostage2020-04-16
Chapter 292: One Hour to Take Off2020-04-12
Chapter 291: Can I Trust You?2020-04-12
Chapter 290: Target Number Two2020-04-11
Chapter 289: The Worst Timing2020-04-11
Chapter 288: Pathetic and Detestable2020-04-08
Chapter 287: Surveillance2020-04-07
Chapter 286: A Major Discovery2020-04-06
Chapter 285: The Honey Trap2020-04-05
Chapter 284: One After the Other2020-04-04
Chapter 283: Treat Him Gentle2020-04-04
Chapter 282: Continued Life Against the Heavens2020-04-04
Chapter 281: Ready2020-04-04
Chapter 280: Fighting Again2020-04-04
Chapter 279: The League of Morning Runners2020-03-30
Chapter 278: It Has Finally Come!2020-03-30
Chapter 277: A Declaration of Feelings2020-03-29
Chapter 276: Hold On and Don’t Lose it2020-03-29
Chapter 275: He Can’t Learn Here Anymore2020-03-29
Chapter 274: Turned Wimp in an Instant2020-03-29
Chapter 273: Put My Brother Down!2020-03-27
Chapter 272: Wait a Minute, Bro!2020-03-27
Chapter 271: Bro, Where Are You?2020-03-26
Chapter 270: Trending Again2020-03-25
Chapter 269: Wrestling Competition2020-03-25
Chapter 268: A Trip to Hell2020-03-25
Chapter 267: A Strange Challenge2020-03-25
Chapter 266: From Little Meng to Master Meng2020-03-24
Chapter 265: Switch It Up2020-03-24
Chapter 264: Thousand Hand Snatch2020-03-24
Chapter 263: Takedown2020-03-24
Chapter 2622020-03-22
Chapter 2612020-03-22
Chapter 2602020-03-20
Chapter 259: Done Recording2020-03-20
Chapter 258: Iron Turret2020-03-20
Chapter 257: Now Cry!2020-03-20
Chapter 256: One Person, Seven Roles2020-03-20
Chapter 255: Classic Voice2020-03-16
Chapter 254: Attribute Exchange2020-03-16
Chapter 253: Gossip2020-03-10
Chapter 252: Additional Screen Time2020-03-10
Chapter 251: [Famous Streamer], Complete!2020-03-10
Chapter 250: Are They Dating?2020-03-06
Chapter 249: Recognized2020-03-06
Chapter 248: Culinary Show2020-03-05
Chapter 247 Childlike2020-03-05
Chapter 246 GGain Characteristics by Coincidence, Gain Skills by Force2020-03-05
Chapter 245: Voice Acting Exerpts2020-03-05
Chapter 244: Run in With A Liar2020-03-04
Chapter 243: Row of Egrets Ascend Towards The Heavens2020-03-04
Chapter 242: Guest Appearance2020-03-03
Chapter 241: Yarn2020-03-02
Chapter 240: Enlightenment2020-02-29
Chapter 239: AFK in the Recording Studio2020-02-28
Chapter 238: That’s A Wrap!2020-02-13
Chapter 237: Sold Out Again2020-02-13
Chapter 236: Lead Roles and Support Roles2020-02-12
Chapter 235: Entertainment Has No Circle2020-02-12
Chapter 234: Maybe I’m A Fake Fan2020-02-09
Chapter 233: Losing Fans2020-02-09
Chapter 232: Who Will Apologize2020-02-09
Chapter 231: Do You Have A Conscience?2020-02-09
Chapter 230: Voice Acting TV Show2020-02-07
Chapter 229: Sold Out2020-02-07
Chapter 228: Advertisement Special2020-02-05
Chapter 227: He Comes at You With Everything2020-02-05
Chapter 226: First Day 34,0002020-02-05
Chapter 225: The Most Beautiful Ancient Art Restorer2020-02-04
Chapter 224: Trying Female Voices2020-02-04
Chapter 223: Single Edition Release2020-01-30
Chapter 222: Godlike Efficiency2020-01-30
Chapter 221: 1000 Kilometers Completed2020-01-30
Chapter 220: Humanoid Tank2020-01-28
Chapter 219: Voice Acting Skill2020-01-28
Chapter 218: Voiceover Demo2020-01-21
Chapter 217: Shaping Characters Vocally2020-01-21
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