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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 77: Stuck in Traffic

Chapter 77: Stuck in Traffic

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After encountering the traffic jam in addition to the ‘aid’ of that strange netizen, the live comments in the channel began to thicken. The gifts came batch after batch.

If they couldn’t feed him live, might as well feed some ‘spicy dough sticks’ on stream!

“Ding! Congratulations! You’ve ran 12 kilometers, elapsed time 1 hour, 29 minutes and 26 seconds.”

After reaching 12 kilometers, Meng Fan began slowing down. Even if his pace was 7 minutes and 25 seconds, 12 kilometers was enough to burn an abundant amount of energy. The journey was still long, so he stopped for a break.

12 kilometers was the optimal resting point according to his black magic running shoes.

With his running shoes, his knees and feet could all receive the best protection. The tracksuit he exchanged also protected the muscles of his body to a large extent. Along with the sweatband that regulated his body temperature, adjusting his internal and surface temperature at anytime. All ensured that he didn’t get injured.

Combined, the energy consumption of each 12-kilometer segment was a crucial point in changing Meng Fan’s physical condition.

If he exceeded this point, it would be difficult to compensate for energy loss within a short period of time.

He could reduce consumption, which would be best, but it would affect his mileage arrangements.

As long as he stayed within the range, through rest, food, energy and water etc, he could replenish his physical strength and invest in the next 12 kilometers with sufficient physical fitness.

His pace was set between 7 minutes and 7 minutes, 30 seconds. If he sped up, he would not be able to maintain his 12-kilometer interval.

Just like during the mini-marathon, the energy consumption from running 10 kilometers in 60 minutes far exceeded the amount needed to run 12 kilometers in 1.5 hours. Even if Meng Fan’s physical ability exceeded what it was during the mini-marathon.

Of course, if he really continued running for 20 kilometers or more, even if his body could handle it, his fickle viewers would not be able to handle the psychological effects.

After slowly jogging for a while, Meng Fan obediently began to stretch and took out his sports drink bottle to replenish his water intake. He then took out his phone and feigned looking at the live comments and other content on his stream. Huffing, he spoke. “You don’t say, coming out to run during the holidays is quite enjoyable.”

“Hahahaha badass, he can still talk!”

“Your physical and mental enjoyment must be coming from seeing other people in traffic jams right? You’re so lowly, yet I’m so loyal!”

“Did you guys see the video sent by a netizen in the chat room just now?”

“I saw it! I didn’t know the host looked so sturdy when he ran. Everything else aside, it’s bold enough to just stick out two thumbs up with his arm flab waving!”

“Host, why did you stop? Keep going forward, I’m waiting for you just up ahead with a bowl of instant noodles!”

“There really is someone holding a bowl of ramen waiting for the host!”

“Hahaha, I see him at 666!”

“Are there this many dumbasses?”

Meng Fan chatted with his netizens as he finished stretching and began walking ahead. Looking around for something to eat, he proceeded forward another 200 meters before he saw a looming figure up ahead with a dumb smile on their face. It was a headstrong looking girl who was above average in the beauty department. “Meng Boss, want some ramen?”

Meng Fan was impressed, but at a loss for words. “This… I think I’ll pass!”

“I’m just teasing you.” The headstrong girl shook the bowl of ramen in her hand. It was still dry. “My parents left on vacation and ditched me at home. I saw you were passing my apartment, so I got a bowl of ramen to toy with you. Are you hungry? I’m familiar with everything here, I’ll take you around.”

“That, I can do.”

Having left at eight in the morning, it was already nearing ten and he was hungry. Conveniently, he had passed by a place with food, so there was not much to argue.

“Pretty girl, do you understand how much Meng boss can eat? He will bankrupt you!”

“Hahaha, the pretty girl seems very headstrong!”

“All the other streamers want C rated fans, but Meng host is different. Meng host wants fried noodles, two portions, extra-large!” *

*In Chinese the term for fans sounds like noodles*

“Another feeder hahaha, Meng fatty has to lose weight!”

The headstrong girl greeted the viewers through his stream assistant, then lead Meng Fan to a small restaurant nearby. She was obviously very familiar for it was only ten o clock, but on her word, the boss lady had already brought out four dishes and a soup. The service was quick, and the food was delicious.

Only after chatting did he realize that this was a famous store. Its staple dish was the braised pork hock. Very often, people would fly over just to have a taste of it.

This small restaurant didn’t provide lunch, as it opened at three in the afternoon. At 1:00 pm, people would begin lining up.

If the headstrong girl hadn’t been there, he’d have to keep dreaming.

After eating to 60% capacity, Meng Fan forcibly put down his chopsticks and left to go to the bathroom. He grabbed the bill along the way.

“That’s not cool man!”

The store was only so big, so the headstrong girl had seen him paid the bill. She rolled her eyes at Meng Fan and threw a C spot halo in the stream room.

—SuRuuuuuu gifted a C spot halo in channel 131225, come help the host level up to C spot, you might get rewarded.

“Pretty girl is headstrong indeed!”

The live comments started up again. At this time, the number of viewers began to rise.

Presently, there were about 18,000 viewers watching.

During the holidays and morning, the amount of people watching his stream was considerably high.

Once he left the restaurant, Meng Fan continued down his set road and digested as he walked.

The pretty girl naturally did not follow, and with a chic turn of her body headed back home. She was very dissatisfied with Meng Fan for stealing the bill when she had wanted to feed him.

Meng Fan had walked for ten minutes when he’d finished digesting. He did not continue running but found a cafe instead.

“I’m going to rest for half an hour and keep running, need to charge up.”

He said to the netizens in his stream and went offline.

Was it not okay to just keep the stream on?

Of course not.

After disconnecting, he waited for half an hour to start up the stream again. Because he had disconnected, the twenty thousand viewers who had been present counted for another 20,000 views.

After half an hour, he began to run. Every 12 kilometers he would take a break and rest up before running. He repeated this three times and ran 36 kilometers, counting the distance he had walked in between. His total mileage was over 40 kilometers. He had successfully entered Yuhang.

During this time, he encountered 4 large scale traffic jams and was intercepted by fickle netizens 13 times. Some even formed groups to see him!

Passing a hotel that seemed reasonably priced, Meng Fan went offline. “Let me find a place to shower and rest. At night I’ll take you on a tour around TangQi ancient town.”

“Host you’re so hardworking, you have to find a pretty girl to give you a massage!”

“I’m at Yuhang hahaha, I’m gonna go to his hotel and block the host!”

“The netizen above should contact me, I’m also in Yuhang, let’s go together!”

“I’ll wait for you guys in the ancient town!”

Meng Fan logged off and entered the hotel and checked in a room. Once he entered his room, the first thing he did was to take a shower.

After showering, it was a little awkward.

He had only brought underwear, but no clothes.

It’ll have to do!

Meng Fan washed his tracksuit. Although his black magic tracksuit couldn’t be dirtied, he still felt slightly uncomfortable leaving it as is.

He washed it and shook it out. Within seconds, it was dry.

Nap time!

He set an alarm and crashed into the bed.

2 hours later, he was awakened by the rumbling in his stomach. He got dressed and headed out.

As he opened the door, he found a small card had been inserted underneath.

What time is it now that they are so professional?

Going downstairs and exiting the hotel, he was prepared to find something to eat nearby, when he was blocked once again.

“I haven’t even started streaming yet, how did you guys know I was coming?”

“Meng boss, you can’t hide from us!”

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