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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 78: Run, Fatty Run!

Chapter 78: Run, Fatty Run!

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There was more than one person “blocking” Meng Fan. Five in total, there was an interesting boy to girl ratio of three girls and two guys.

He thought back to his experience of being “blocked’ during the day. It seems there were quite a lot of girls who followed him. Could it be there were more female netizens on his channel than guys?

Both boys were pretty good looking. They were clean, exuding positivity as they smiled. One was tall, the other was slightly chubby.

But compared to the three girls, they could be considered weak!

Not saying these three girls were groundbreakingly attractive, but they were enough to be considered online streamers. Their figures were all characteristically unique. One was petite, one was tall, and the other had an incredible bust size. What was groundbreaking was their apparel.

Too little? Sexy? Lolita? Big coats?


All three wore denim shorts with a T-shirt. The most impressive were these three T-shirts and the text on them.

One said “Where is Meng Fatty?”, the other “Meng Fatty Run!”, and another said, “Meng Fatty Save me!”.

The most terrifying was that they were holding signs? The sign read “Meng Fatty Look Here!”, and it even lights up!

Were they afraid he wouldn’t see them when he left?

Do they have to be like this?!

Meng Fan looked at them, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. “Is this an airport pickup arrangement?”

The tall girl appeared to be calm and happy. “Feeling unexpected? surprised?”

Meng Fan thought about it and felt only one proverb was fitting in this situation. “Unexpectedly flattered.”

The focus was mainly on ‘unexpectedly’.

“How about let’s put this stuff away first?”

Meng Fan was dizzy, just looking at the glowing signs.

“Help Meng boss!”

Two of them approached to say hello, feeling rather satisfied.

It was only after conversing with them that he realized they didn’t come together.

The two guys said they were headed to TangQi historical town to visit at night, and lived close, so they headed over along the way.

The three girls had said they were from the Tang Qi village. And upon hearing that Meng Fan was night touring at Tang Qi, they immediately arrived from the small town.

After their introductions, it was slightly awkward. Meng Fan’s stomach cleverly rumbled at this time. Smiling, he said, “Uhm, have you guys eaten?”

The two guys nodded.

The three girls all shook their heads. “We came as soon as you went offline, how could we have time to eat? It’s already so late, do you still plan on running to Tang Qi? It’s more than 10 kilometers! How about we go eat in town? There’s not much food near here,” said the tall girl.

“Then let’s go eat in town,” he responded.

The chubby guy spoke up. “We drove here, we can drive over.”

Meng Fan was stunned for a moment. Following in the direction, the chubby guy was pointing to a Volkswagen beetle not much bigger than a smart car.

Remembering the terror of being squashed, Meng Fan had prepared to refuse him immediately, until the tall girl spoke up domineeringly. “How can Meng Fatty fit in your car?” She then turned to Meng Fan and said, “We also drove here, come with us, it’s really spacious.”

Meng Fan looked over and smiled bitterly. “Hey sis, you’re not playing me are you?”

“Of course not! Oh, you think we drove a smart car?”

The tall girl walked up to the smart car and reached out to pat the side of the vehicle next to it, a newly washed Wuling van. “This is our car.”

“You’re this overpowered?”

Meng Fan paused and gave them a big thumbs up.

He had followed the direction where she pointed to the two cars, a smart car and an SUV. Immediately, he had deemed the smart car to be theirs. He didn’t expect that they had actually drove a Wuling van.

What was even more unthinkable was that the driver wasn’t the tall girl, but the petite girl with a sweet smile.

“I’m taking off now,” the petite girl reminded everyone in a gentle voice after Meng Fan stepped into the vehicle. Then fierce as a tiger, she shifted the car to third gear and sped off.

“Uhm, were you guys afraid that I wouldn’t fit, so you prepared this car?”

After driving some distance, Meng Fan, whose liver was undergoing a process of extreme fibrillation, decided to start a conversation to divert his attention.

“Nope. It’s Xiao Rou’s car that she uses to receive shipments.”


“Yup. The three of us run an inn in Tang Qi’s historical town. Aside from providing living accommodations, we also buy some crafts, such as cultural t-shirts and stuff. The shirts we’re wearing were actually printed before we came here. The font was designed by You Rong. Oh right, I’m like you, I study art as well.”

Once they arrived at Tang Qi historical town, there was still a lot of cars on the way. But the petite girl, Xiao Rong was still going full throttle and her foot was pressed against the gas pedal, using the Wuling van’s abilities to its maximum performance. It didn’t matter how much traffic, or how tight, as she cleared a bloody road ahead. In 15 minutes or so, in one spiritual drift, she had swung into a parking spot.

Someone had been eyeing the parking spot for a while, but after adjusting several times and preparing to reverse in, it was stolen in a blink.

The uncle in the car was prepared to start a fit of rage, but upon seeing a petite girl come out from the driver’s seat, he hesitated.

“Sorry, sorry.”

The petite girl, Xiao Rou dismounted the vehicle and started to apologize to the uncle. “I saw the position of your car and thought you were leaving. Uhm, when the people on my car get off, I’ll drive it out for you.”

The uncle was completely speechless. ‘Are all small girls who drive this are ferocious nowadays?’ He then laughed. “I was actually just leaving.”

He stepped on the gas and got out of there.

The two girls did not seem surprised by this, despite Meng Fan’s jaw-dropping expression. He fully understood what the uncle had been feeling.

“Come on, the roast duck across from our inn tastes superb.” The tall girl leads Meng Fan ahead as she continued. “Their ducks are raised freely in the nearby fields. I often see them. Who knows, maybe I’ll recognize the duck we’re eating tonight.”

Meng Fan was thoroughly impressed.

‘I’m an otaku and a homebody that doesn’t go outside. Are girls all this hardcore nowadays?’

“Hey, what about those two other guys?”

Meng Fan remembered the two guys. Not long after they had set out, the beetle they were driving had been immediately left in the dust.

“Oh those guys, based on the road conditions, they’ll probably be in another half an hour. I added them on Wechat. I’ll send them a location. Anyways, they had already eaten, so we can eat while we wait for them. This way, can you see it? Guang Ji bridge us up ahead. A few years ago, the Beijing-Hangzhou canal was approved, so this bridge is quite famous. The restaurant is across from the bridge.”

The tall girl walked as she acted as a tour guide for Meng Fan. “If you came earlier, the entire lake was covered in lilies, extending as far as you can see. It’s incredible! Look there, isn’t the night view gorgeous? Way prettier than Wuzhen and Zhou Zhuang. When you go to those historical towns, all you see are people, but here all you see is beautiful scenery!”

Meng Fan knew that this area had been commercialized, but not too extremely. It attracted a relatively smaller audience and was light and airy. The night view was beautiful indeed. He had been to other historical towns, but they all paled in comparison to the sereness he experienced here. It was more suitable for purely visiting.

“But you guys run an inn, so wouldn’t you want more tourists?” Meng Fan asked a tacky question.

The tall girl laughed domineeringly. “Our inn only has six rooms, which are booked full everyday. It doesn’t matter to us how many visitors come and go. If there are more tourists, we would just sell more crafts. If less, we would sell less. It doesn’t really impact us, and we don’t rely on it.”

Meng Fan didn’t care if she was bluffing or not and gave her a huge thumbs up. “Badass!”

“We’re alright.” the tall girl seemed like she suddenly remembered something. “How come you’re not streaming yet? I made a bet with the brethren in the group chats, promising I’ll block you. If I lose, we’d have to let them stay at our inn for three days for free.”

“What happens if you win?” Meng Fan was curious.

The tall girl was very domineering. “If I win, then I become the boss lady of the group.”

Meng Fan could only give her another thumbs up. “Badass!”

The tall girl spoke again. “But there’s another condition. You have to stay at our inn tonight.”

“Ding! You’ve unlocked task [ Open for All ].”

“Task requires you to accept 3 invitations to stay overnight by someone of the opposite gender.”

“Upon completion, you will receive achievement title [ Open for All ] (Fertility +1, Bad luck +1)

Meng Fan was dumbfounded. What in hell is the meaning of this title?!

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