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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 79: Speed Racer

Chapter 79: Speed Racer

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Bad luck +1!

This attribute reward scared Meng Fan out of his skin.

This was undoubtedly a metaphysical property!

Previously, [Wealth Distribution Cherub] required a total transfer amount of 1,000,000 before he could receive +1 luck. From his experience with metaphysical attributes such as validation and ‘smile appeal’ these last few days, Meng Fan was way too clear as to how much this bad luck +1 really meant.

If he actually got it, it would be much more horrifying than +1 “luck”.

Looking closely at the achievement task, Meng Fan understood very well the troubles brought about by ‘taking everything you are offered without understanding what it is’. Bad luck for sure is one of the products.

If you want to be a good person and never refuse, then trouble and bad luck will find you at your door.

But he did not understand, the tall girl had only invited him to live at their inn. How could it trigger him to be ‘Open to All’. What’s even scarier was that somehow staying at an inn had been combined with fertility!

Did something have to happen between them if he was just staying at her inn?

System, how screwed up can you get? How twisted are your morals?!

When Mr. Lu Xun had spoken of “Seeing short sleeves, one will think of fair-skinned arms, you will think of the whole body and then thinking of their reproductivity. Then you will begin to think of sexual relations and then miscallaneous relations. Then you will think of illegitimate children.” This was directed at you, you stupid System!

During the [A Good Person] task, you couldn’t even figure out if the rejection was real or not, how can you be so diligent now? Can your imagination even comprehend this level?

Or do you have selective amnesia?

Did you hear “stay over tonight” and forget the words “at our inn” that came after?!

Or do you not f*cking know what an inn is?!

Does fertility +1 attract people?

This was obviously a property acquired by men and women all over the world. Fertility indicates the strength of their reproductive organs and their ability to bear offspring, including a series of physiological phenomena and many performance indicators!

But bad luck +1, This sounds like something everyone wants to avoid!

Reproductive powers could be enhanced through exercise and other medical means and external forces, but bad luck can’t be canceled by other means. Even if he wasn’t sure if luck +1 will offset the bad luck +1, who could trust metaphysics?

What happens if you increase your fertility and you hear a knock on your door when you are practicing. Even if you were licensed and it was a misunderstanding, it would still be terrifying, let alone non-licensed events that might appear!

If someone was unlucky enough, you could get water stuck in your teeth. Who knows what else could happen?

Even if there were no external disruptions, heh. Bad luck already had a metaphysical trigger. You could be counted as lucky if you pulled a muscle, but what if you accidentally snapped your instrument…?

Du Mu’s ‘Red Cliff’ was written well. If you hurt yourself and become infertile, you will basically become thrash. Picking it up, washing it, and identifying who it belonged to in all of the three kingdoms would be useless. Even if the east wind did not assist General Zhou Yu and allowed you to lock Da Qiao inside the Tong Que Terrace, it would not matter if minister Cao Cao cannot perform.

“I won’t stay at your inn tonight!”

Thinking of this, Meng Fan immediately rejected her proposal. It would be troublesome if the system mistook his hesitation as acceptance.

Meng Fan was intent on his refusal, taking extra care to articulate the words ‘no’. He was afraid the system wouldn’t hear him.

The task required him to “accept 3 invitations from three different same aged individuals of the opposite gender”. Simply put, he has to accept invitations to stay overnight from three different girls.

Aren’t there three girls in front of him right now? What if he agrees and the system charged him for three full turns? There wouldn’t even be room for him to recover!

The three girls in front of him were evidently not the same age as Meng Fan. They were probably one to three years older than him. If they unlocked the task, then it seems this ‘same age’ not only refers to people of the same age but similar ages as well. As for the limit for youngest to oldest, Meng Fan still was unsure.

It’s not clearly written!

What if the difference was three years, five or six?

A six-year difference shouldn’t count as same age people… right?

Regardless, it’s good to be careful.

Only two chances to screw up!

What a troll system!

“Uhm, I already booked a hotel room back there,” Meng Fan explained. “I’m going to head back tonight, tomorrow I have to keep running from where I stopped today.”

“We have a place for you to stay for free. Let Xiao Rou drive you back tomorrow.” The tall girl was not one to give up easily. “What, are you scared that we’ll do something to you?”

Meng Fan wasn’t afraid of what she would do, but what the system would do!

“Uhm, I have something to do when I get back.” Meng Fan couldn’t give in. “If you lose your bet it’s on me, I’ll cover the cost of their stay.”

“Do you think I care about the money?” The tall girl was somewhat upset but curtly waved her hand. “Fine fine, since you’re busy, I won’t trouble you. Then let’s agree, tonight we will treat you. Don’t think about paying the bill like earlier. Also, before you stream, you have to tell your netizens that you promise to let us buy you dinner.”

Meng Fan waited for a while and when no tasks were triggered, he nodded with confidence.

Logging on the stream, they entered the restaurant and ordered the dishes. The duck was not bad and Meng Fan ate a lot. In the end, he compliantly let the tall girl take the bill.

After paying the bill, the distraught on her face disappeared completely. She happily waved the receipt at the camera and said, “All of you who made a bet with me, can you see? Meng boss didn’t fight for the bill with me, you lost!”

Meng Fan paused for a moment. “Wait, you guys bet on who would get the bill? Do you need to set a trap so deep?”

“Picked one out of two.”

The tall girl smiled and held up a peace sign.

Not long after dinner, Meng Fan collected what he could from here for the [Night Touring God] task, then headed to another scenic spot near Tang Qi historical town to hang out.

With the three young ladies and the two other netizens that arrived later—the six people hung out as they streamed, all while having a good time.

Halfway through, the girls Xiao Rou and You Rong had some business at the inn and left first.

They hung out until 11 o’clock when Meng Fan had collected three [Night Touring God] points before stopping. If he kept at it, he would probably end up staying here.

What was interesting was that the two boys ended up staying, living at the inn ran by the three girls.

After logging off, the number of viewers watching his night touring stream, his running stream and the ones counted during his logging on and off. The count was not as high as if he had remained connected, but he did not seek steady viewers, just total views—all counted together, the total number of viewers for the day had reached an astounding 470,000!

Now, the total viewers for [Famous Streamer] was at 1,680,000.

But compared to the task phase 4 requirement of 10,000,000, he was still miles away.

However, he was at 3,200,000 for [Real•Adoration Fever]. The task required five million praises, and once he reached it, he could buy the hat that makes his sense of validation disappear.

“Host, I’ll drive you.”

Knowing he was about to leave, the inn’s petite girl Xiao Rou headed over. Meng Fan held onto his rumbling stomach as he got into her car, arriving at the hotel twelve minutes later.


The petite girl Xiao Rou cleanly and briskly stepped on the gas and flew off. Meng Fan sent a Wechat 10 minutes later, saying she had arrived.

Although his night owl capabilities were increased, after the 36 kilometers run and staying out so late, Meng Fan felt the sleepiness hit after showering.

The next morning, he got up rather early. It wasn’t even 5:00 am yet when the young lady at the concierge processed Meng Fan’s check out documents with her eyes half closed.

The hotel provided breakfast, but not at this hour. Meng Fan inquired with the concierge lady and found some grub at the nearby breakfast stall. He walked around for a bit and logged into the stream at 5:30, starting his run.

At this hour, there were few netizens in the live channel and when the viewers hit a thousand, Meng Fan had already finished his first 12 kilometers on his first break. It was only seven or so in the morning.

After the sun came out, the fickle netizens in the stream began to multiply. The number of cars on the roads also began to increase.

He walked and rested for about an hour, then continued running at 8:00.

After the second 12 kilometers, Meng Fan had entered the market town of Tong Xiang city, around 10:00.

It wasn’t easy to find a restaurant at this time and after searching around, he only managed to find a desert store. After two bowls of beef noodles, Meng Fan found another small hotel to take a nap and then continued running at 1:00 pm.

About five kilometers out, two motorcycles suddenly flew through the traffic on the road. Riding on one of the back seats was the camera guy with tattooed arms, while the other back seat, sat a woman with a microphone.

The camera and the mic were both pointed at Meng Fan.

What’s going on?

Meng Fan thought they were speed racers!

The short-haired woman said, “Hello, we’re reporters from the Qian Tang evening news. Can we interview you?”

The cameraman with tattooed arms rubbed his chin at Meng Fan. “Bro, we’ve met, do you remember? At Xi Zi lake’s mini marathon.”

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