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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 80: News Figure

Chapter 80: News Figure

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Meng Fan looked at the tattooed arm and some of his memory returned. He had been one of the cameramen for the event, frequently directing his camera at Meng Fan. But this guy was pretty interesting, always rubbing his chin at people. Coupled with the ‘tattooed arms guy’, who said that one should avoid exposing their skin and wear an ice sleeve or something, he had left quite a deep impression on Meng Fan.

“I remember.”

Meng Fan nodded but continued to run.

He was now on the Hu Rui line, only a bit more than 5 kilometers away from the Shanghai market town, and 17 or 18 kilometers away from the Mu Tong village area.

There were quite a lot of people on the roads, with large amounts of vehicles passing through the section to JiaXing, Shanghai, and Wuzhen, slightly north of Mu Tong township. During the national holiday, it was normal for there to be on so much traffic.

Meng Fan speculated after running 1.5 kilometers that the cars had not moved much at all. In front of him, seven or eight aunties had seen the unmoving traffic and left their cars as they headed outside the road railing while starting to practice the latest square dance routines and burn their calories.

It’s so uncomfortable to sit in a car so it’s best to exercise. It would also help to breathe some life into the surrounding people. After all, traffic can jam one’s car but not one’s heart.

“Burn all my calories!”

From an auntie’s cell phone burst out—the most countryside and tacky sounding yodel inspired Meng Fan and sparked his interest. He quickly stuck up his thumbs in approval to the group of aunties who worshipped them in silence.

“Interviewing them would be much more interesting than interviewing me.”

His pacing was not bad, after only running 5 kilometers, his breathing was steady and was able to maintain a conversation with ease.

However, Meng Fan wasn’t particularly happy to be interviewed. Last time, during the mini-marathon, the interviews had been for charity and public interest so he was willing to cooperate.

“That? We’ve already seen too much of it.”

The short-haired reporter was not ready to let go of Meng Fan. They had painstakingly caught up to him from Hangzhou, under the poisonous blazing sun.

In the early days, square dancing during traffic jams used to provide some entertainment for people. Nowadays, at most, it would be shared on Weibo with friends and was no longer fresh and exciting.

But Meng Fan was different.

From Hangzhou to Shanghai, he was basically the only newsworthy figure.

Along with his body shape, he could qualify as first-class news!

Moreover, including his ten thousand HXB donation during the mini-marathon, it would be a news piece radiating with positive energy during the October 1st holiday!

On this trip, she hoped to dig out some other newsworthy material, like what the chubby guy’s purpose for running all the way from Hangzhou to Shanghai and why he would choose to run there, etc. These were all key points for her interview.

“Hello, we just want to do a simple interview with you, it won’t take too much time. Of course, if you want to talk more, we can also stop to chat.”

The short-haired journalist had a good attitude, she couldn’t rudely force Meng Fan to accept her interview.

Of course, another important reason was she also knew that Meng Fan had been streaming and had garnered a large online presence as well.

They too learned about Meng Fan through his live streams and were able to locate him through his channel.

“Holy cow, there are reporters trying to interview Meng fatty?! Meng fatty’s gonna be famous!”

“Hahaha, why does it sound like Meng Fan wants to reject them?!”

“Did they just say they were from Qian Tang evening news? This is the only provincial level evening report in all of Zhejiang province!”

“But it’s not from the happy camp, have a bad review!”

“Evening news heading: Young boy’s family is in a state of heavy debt and flees from Hangzhou!”

“No, it should be: Obese teenager is not satisfied with his body and crazily seeking weight loss. After hearing ‘Burn my calories’ on the road, he decided to try it out himself!”

“Shocking! Hundreds of thousands of netizens witness a youth madly abusing himself!”

“Astounding! In a traffic jam during the holidays, a youth dares to do this!”

“Hey! New game mode for the holidays, attracting people to worship them!”

“Shocking! Why did this youth suddenly become fearful of cars?”

“Incredible! He has to do this more than twice a day, taking an hour or more each time!”

“I can’t look! Under the broad daylight, a youth’s gasp sounds like this!”

“Jesus Christ, are you guys all from the UC shock department?”



“The live comments are too f*cking talented!”

Meng Fan occasionally looked at the live comments through his visual interface. But at the moment, he didn’t have time to see it so he had no idea that his stream channel had come to the UC shock department. As for the short-haired aunty requesting an interview, Meng Fan didn’t acknowledge her either. He was busy looking at the newly unlocked achievement task.

“Ding! You’ve unlocked a new achievement task [News Figure].”

“Mission requires completion of the three tasks below.”

“Upon completion, you will receive achievement title [News Figure] (Validation +10, Charm +10)”

This was the first time Meng Fan had encountered a mission that was divided into three subtasks, rather than phases.

Subtask 1: As a news figure, be interviewed 10 times by local news agencies. Reward: Points +100, validation +1, charm +1.

Subtask 2: As a news figure, be interviewed 10 times by national news agencies. Reward: Points +1000, validation +2, charm +2.

Subtask 3: As a news figure, be interviewed 10 times by famous international news agencies. Reward: Points +10000, validation +3, charm +3.

There was no order for completing the subtasks. Once the number of times he completes the achieved requirement, he will receive the corresponding reward.

It came with no equipment.

This achievement task in Meng Fan’s opinion was more difficult than [I am a Champion] and could be considered as an S-tiered task.

This so-called task tier had been devised by Meng Fan himself in order of the difficulty of completion and was not provided by the system.

[I am a Champion] had been divided into the SS tier by Meng Fan. It was a hopeless task in his lifetime.

S-Level tasks are tasks unlikely to be completed even after a repeated effort.

In addition, Meng Fan had also divided his A tier tasks, such as [Travelling Deity] and [Famous Streamer]. These counted as tasks that he could complete in his lifetime if he worked hard.

Anything below A tier wasn’t difficult and could be completed over short terms, now or in the near future.

This [News Figure] task could be counted as an S tier task. However, the title was still rather powerful, validation +10, charm +10!

Although the metaphysical sense of existence was quite scary, Meng Fan was still very wary of it. But now that his process for [Real • Adoration Fever] had been going great, he would be able to attain the ‘presence erasing’ hat soon. Once he receives it, then he could basically void all the negative aspects that come with the validation attribute.

Even if negative effects still existed, at least he’d have +10 charm to fall back on. He’d sucked up his pride and accepted this already.

So far, the experience from the three task phases of [Famous Streamer] had provided Meng Fan with +3 charm in addition to the smile appeal, the effect was quite obvious. All else aside, the gatekeeper grandpa and the dormitory manager lady wouldn’t fake their attitude towards him. And thinking about it, the fickle netizens he had been running past and ‘blocking’ him weren’t just coincidental either. Can you say that it had absolutely nothing to do with his increased charm?

If he really completed this task and gained +16 charm and received the +12 charm from [Famous Streamer], then his charm would skyrocket! Then the world he sees would be the same as the world from Daniel Wu’s perspective… right?

“This is my honor!”

Meng Fan fully demonstrated the fickle side of men, revealing a brilliant smile to the journalist lady. “Let’s stop up ahead then, there’s shade.”

As he spoke, Meng Fan slowed down, pretending to drink water as he snuck an energy chew into his mouth. He quickly adjusted his breathing to restore some physical strength and made his entire personality seemed more lively. Who knows, maybe he had to take a photo. It was better to be more photogenic—as it could increase the possibility of passing the final review.

Meng Fan knew that interviews did not necessarily mean that he would make the publication.

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