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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 81: Catch That Thief

Chapter 81: Catch That Thief

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The reporter and her party had tried to contact Meng Fan before they arrived. Unfortunately, even if they had his phone number, they wouldn’t be able to get through. Meng Fan didn’t even accept their WeChat add, so they could only follow the tattooed man’s suggestion and follow his stream to gain his whereabouts.

To be completely honest, they were prepared to be rejected by Meng Fan.

After all, not everyone in the world was willing to be in the newspaper, even if they were looking to make a name through their stream.

Originally, Meng Fan was cool and unwilling to acknowledge them, but upon hearing they were from the Qian Tang evening news, it had turned his attitude 180 degrees. This made the reporter lady quite happy.

She did not remember that she had disclosed her status the moment she arrived, or if she had thought of it. She still assumed Meng Fan changed his mind after knowing her status being from Qian Tang evening news. Or else, it was because he was familiar with the man with tattooed arms.

All in all, it was beyond great that Meng Fan was willing to cooperate with the interview.

The two motorcycles snaked through the traffic jam and stopped at the place Meng Fan had pointed to. After he arrived, they formally began the interview.

They already knew Meng Fan’s name, and that he was a student at the national art academy, but still briefed over it before beginning the first real question. “Why do you choose this method of travel during the holidays?”

“I’m afraid of the traffic.”

Meng Fan felt that he had to maintain a positive attitude. He smiled then continued, “Of course, even with the traffic, it should only take a day to get to Shanghai. The reason I chose to run is actually quite simple. I usually live stream myself running, and I was going to Shanghai anyway, so I decided to run there. There’s no traffic, and I can sightsee and visit the whole way there. It’s a good exercise as well.”

“I’m sure some of the netizens from my stream can’t travel during the holidays. At least, I can take them out and lighten their moods and visit a few sites. Like last night, we toured Tang Qi historical town at night and took the netizens to sightsee the evening scenery. Tang Qi is really beautiful indeed. It’s serene and suitable for leisurely holidays. There’s also a lot of good food…”

The short-haired reporter felt blessed when Meng Fan began speaking like a tour guide boasting about Tang Qi. Didn’t everyone say he didn’t talk during his streams? Based on that, he should be terrible at conversing, yet why did he feel like someone who was a chatter?

“Tang Qi historical town was indeed a beautiful place to visit.” The short-haired reporter quickly took over and completed Meng Fan’s sentence and proceeded with the second question, “You said you were planning to go to Shanghai. Is it convenient to disclose your purpose?”

“Of course.” Meng Fan smiled. “I’m going to Shanghai to watch Shan Jin bro’s concert on the 5th.”

Su Qing Cen was Meng Fan’s favorite female singer. Of course, he was willing to spill the beans regarding his favorite artist.

“Shan Ji bro? Is Chen Xiao Chun having a concert?” The short-haired reporter asked.

Meng Fan waved his hand. “Su Qing Cen, everyone likes to call her Shan Jin bro.”

“Oh, right right. It seems this nickname is quite popular these days,” the short-haired lady said awkwardly as she shifted the topic with a third question.

The next few questions dug out all the information she could, so in the end, she decided to gamble a bit. “I understand, you previously participated in a mini-marathon charity event at XiZi lake. I also understand that you donated a large sum of money. Can you tell us how you felt at the time?”

“Participating in the mini-marathon was for charity.” Meng Fan remained modest. “As for the donation, it wasn’t actually all from me. I had streamed the process of me running the marathon, and my fickle netizens were very warmhearted, and they were also concerned about public welfare, so they donated an ample amount of gifts which in turn I donated.”

“Like this time, I have the running APP’s “one meter for one grain” charity event linked on my stream, so every time I finish a meter, a grain of rice is donated to an area in need. Of course, I have been running and streaming this time as well, and netizens have donated a lot of gifts during the process too. I will donate the funds to Shan Jin’s charity fund once I get to Shanghai.”

With this as a closer, the interview came full circle to a satisfying conclusion.

The interview was over, but the hot discussion taking over the stream was far from over.

“Sh*t, Meng fatty is going to Shanghai to see Shan Jin bro’s concert! Jealous!”

“Meng host has good taste. He actually likes Shan Jin bro just like me!”

“Hahahaha. I’m also going to Shan Jin bro’s concert on the 5th!”

“I’m so jealous of you guys who actually got tickets!”

“Mother f*cker! Meng fatty is too positive. He is donating again!”

“I’m new here, and I’m curious. Did the host actually donate?”

“Same here, I am doubtful! The host is a bit too fake, or like he wants to climb the ladder!”

“It seems like you are ignorant of the innocence of Meng boss!”

“Climb the ladder? No sh*t, why else would he stream?”

“The host never asks for gifts and even contributed his own money to charity. If he wasn’t trying to become famous, then why else? To be happy?”

“Did the anchor really donate like he said he would?”

“So many small gifts to go!”

Meng Fan ended the interview and looked at the live comments. He couldn’t quite understand what was going on.

After enduring so many threats from the metaphysical attributes, Meng Fan decided he had to complete the task of [Wealth Distribution Cherub]. If he could make his own money and finish it, that would be even better.

It was hard to donate one million at once, but little by little, it wouldn’t hurt.

After receiving several small gifts, five C spot halos suddenly continuously appeared in his stream. The number of online viewers suddenly shot up to 80,000.

Continuing to run, Meng Fan discovered after two kilometers that his viewer count wasn’t going down. According to the principles behind the C spot halo, people should have been leaving, but how did the number of online users breakthrough 100,000?!

After carefully looking at the live stream, he realized the reason. Some netizens had temporarily mentioned that his stream had been featured on the homepage.

He used the virtual interface to see the 8th station homepage. It was true, his link was in a good spot; no wonder so many people were coming in.

This time, Meng Fan stopped after 11 or so kilometers.

Currently, it was 3:30; and Meng Fan had already run 40 kilometers!

He had reached Fengming street in the Mutong township. He didn’t continue heading into the town and logged off the stream after stretching to find a hotel nearby to rest.

Two hours later, Meng Fan found a restaurant to stop by and opened the stream again. He took a taxi north toward Wu Zhen. Tonight’s night tour location would be there.

Wu Zhen was 20 kilometers away from the hotel Meng Fan was staying at. After ten minutes of driving out, the car stopped.

What happened?


This put a smile on the faces of the fickle netizens in the stream!

Something like traffic jams couldn’t be so easily avoided. How naïve!

Although the time stuck in traffic was not long, and with pauses in between, it still only took him 40 minutes to arrive at Wu Zhen.

During the traffic jam, Meng Fan saw his [News Figure] subtask progress increased to 1/10. He guessed that he had successfully been released by the ‘Qian Tang evening news’.

Wuzhen was a 5A scenic spot and one of the six main ancient towns south of the Yangtze River. One of the golden 20 forecast spots in the country, it had many tourists, regardless of holiday or not.

Wu Zhen was quite different from Tang Qi historical town, for it was difficult to experience serenity there.

Meng Fan personally preferred the night scene in Tang Qi more.

But he did appreciate the hoards of people here. People mountain people sea, it couldn’t be more perfect for gaining likes!

Entering the west gate, he stayed until the lights turned off at 10:30 pm. He visited the Mao Dun memorial hall, Bai Lian pagoda temple, and the floating market on the water, forcibly completing three more experience points for [Night Touring God].

Counting these three attractions, Meng Fan was at 11 scenic sites, completing the task phase 2 requirement of 10 sites visited. He gained 10 achievement points, +1 night owl abilities, and +1 observational skills.

After the +1 observational skills, Meng Fan felt the change. For example, he could now accurately measure the size of things, and the probability of discovering a wandering hand was much higher than before.

Alright, this was not a great experience!

“Catch that thief!”

Meng Fan could not let it go, and in one tiger pounce, he pressed the scum to the ground.

The girls felt something was not right and moved aside, but the scum dared to obliviously wander past them. He was confident that the seemingly introverted girl would not scream.

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