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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 82: Firmly Convinced

Chapter 82: Firmly Convinced

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With Meng Fan’s figure and sense of validation, plus the amazing scream and the stunning tackle, the crowds brushing back and forth immediately grouped up to see the commotion.

As they got closer, they were even more stunned.

The girl who looked introverted was petrified, clutching her collar with eyes wide open.

As for the scum who had been tackled by Meng Fan, the pounce had not been soft. With his weight, the thief’s entire body felt numb after being tackled to the ground, as if he had been hit by a heavy object falling from the sky. It took him about a second to react and wave his arms in the air, screaming and yelling. “Ahh ahh ahhh!!”

He was unable to speak in full sentences.

“Thief? What’s the situation?”

“There really are thieves here!?”

“This guy doesn’t look like good news!”

“Aiyo, look at him with his mousey eyes!”

“This chubby guy is pretty brave!”

“Heh, it must be painful to be squashed like that!”

The spectators began pointing fingers and giving commentary. With Meng Fan’s appearance and the charm bonus, plus the scummy features of the thief, 8 out of 10 people had chosen to believe that the wretched man was a thief.

“Young lady, hurry and check what he stole!”

An auntie had noticed that the scumbag that was being squashed had been brushing back and forth against the introverted girl, quickly reminding her.


The introverted girl was still stunned. She knew what the scumbag had done to her, but he wasn’t a thief, but the current situation… She wasn’t sure if this big chubby man had mistaken this scumbag as a thief, or had deliberately tackled him because he had seen what actually happened.

This made her very conflicted.

This fatty had good intentions though!

If she had said she wasn’t robbed, it would be difficult to explain; but if she lied, it would be a false accusation!

As for being violated, the introverted girl was not likely going to tell; she even feared to mention it!

“I’m not a thief!”

At this time, the scumbag who had been squashed under Meng Fan began to scream, pain resonating from his voice.

“You’re not just because you said so?” Meng Fan adjusted his position, not giving him a chance to break free.

“I’m really not a thief! I didn’t steal anything!” The scumbag pointed at the introverted girl and continued, “If you don’t believe me, ask her! What did I steal?!”

The people present all looked toward the introverted girl. Her face flushed red in an instant.

The girl seemed a bit scared. “H… he didn’t steal anything from me!”

“Young girl, you didn’t even check to see what you lost before saying that, look carefully.” The aunt next to her frowned slightly.

The introverted girl frantically rummaged through her bag and shook her head. “No, no.”

Meng Fan looked at her and asked calmly, “Really nothing?”

“No, he really didn’t!”

The introverted girl was certain Meng Fan saw what the scumbag had done to violate her. With guilt and panic in her eyes, she looked to Meng Fan as if pleading for help. She still did not want to disclose what the scumbag did to her.

Flustered, she shook her hand. She paused for a moment before turning to leave!

The auntie saw her go and let out a sigh.

Meng Fan remained calm. To be honest, he felt the anger in his belly, but he had respected the girl’s decision and did not mention him violating her at all.

Even if it had been just a wandering hand, not all people would be willing to speak up, let alone regarding sexual assault.

He had seen several news articles where girls who screamed rape had announced it and been called ‘shameless’ and desperate by the spectators rolling their eyes.

However, since they were not familiar, Meng Fan did not have the right to force the girl to speak out.

“So it was a misunderstanding!”

“This chubby man looks really sturdy, but he’s so reckless!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, see here, we can’t judge people by their appearances! This guy looks like a shady person, but he’s not a thief!”

“Oh, it was so scary when he tackled him! This fatty should apologize!”

“Hey man! Since it’s a misunderstanding, you should let him go.”

Upon seeing it was a misunderstanding, the onlookers began another wave of discussion. Some saw Meng Fan still atop the scumbag and walked over to persuade him to get off.

“Let me go!” The scumbag pounded the ground since the onlookers’ support had given him more confidence. “Get off me right now! You have to apologize to me! And I want compensation for my knees and my legs. It all hurts so much! Hurry and let me go. She’s already gone. Why are you still on me!”

“It’s her business that she left! Now it’s my business!” Meng Fan’s stubbornness took over. Who cares what the spectators thought or said. He continued to sit atop the wretched man, crushing the air out of him.

The scumbag began to sweat. “Are you a psycho? What business do I have with you?”

“Didn’t you want compensation? Apologizing is fine, but I think compensations should be dealt with the police. I will pay you in full for the loss.”

Meng Fan took out his phone and called the police immediately.

He had logged off the stream as soon as the north gate turned off their lights.

He wasn’t trying to get on the news or trigger some task. He purely just wanted to do this!

It wasn’t because the system had made him unscrupulous, but because the event had ignited something within him from when he died.

“You’re really sick! I don’t need compensation!”

The scumbag had been completely played by Meng Fan and began to panic.

Meng Fan ignored him and successfully called the police after the phone call went through.

The surrounding spectators were dumbfounded.

‘What kind of f*cking operation is this? Calling the police on yourself!?’

Not everyone thought Meng Fan was crazy though. There were several onlookers that understood what Meng Fan was doing, such as the auntie next to the introverted girl.

The police arrived quickly, only taking three minutes. After all, there were so many people blocking the west gate.

The police didn’t understand what happened either, so to control the flow of people, they ended up taking both Meng Fan and the scumbag back to the station.

“Comrade, I have some understanding of what happened, and I’m willing to assist in the investigation.”

The auntie thought about it and followed them.

“Auntie, wait for me.”

Another girl with big eyes followed the auntie into the car. People who didn’t know would have thought they were relatives.

They arrived at the station.

Meng Fan took out his phone and played a video. It had been captured by his stream assistant after turning invisible, directly catching the scumbag’s entire act of violating the girl.

“I can confirm that this is true. I saw it!”

The auntie breathed a sigh of relief. Seeing the wretched man’s actions, she knew the reason why Meng Fan had been suppressing him for so long. Initially, she was worried Meng Fan would be punished and not be able to explain things properly, so she came along. `

“I have footage too!”

The girl who didn’t know the auntie also took out her phone. It had been filmed earlier, also of the scumbag assaulting another girl, but it hadn’t been the introverted girl but another woman.

The police watched it with a stern expression, basically understanding the situation. He asked Meng Fan, “So you didn’t misunderstand him being a thief or a thug? I’m pretty curious though, the girl did not admit it nor pursue it, why did you insist?”

“I insisted not because it would be effective or have results, but because I firmly believe it is the right thing to do. Of course, I also believe that you will give him a just punishment.”

“That’s right! Good for you!” The righteous police also gave the auntie and the girl a big thumbs up. “You guys are incredible too! We will investigate the case and handle a sentence according to the law.”

The policeman did not say anything anymore.

Meng Fan used his stream aid to check the Internet. In today’s case, if the crime was deemed guilty, it would be handed over to the procuratorate for prosecution. If it didn’t count as a crime, then he would be detained according to the laws of public security. The opinions of all parties were for reference only, so if they did not appear in court, it would not influence the outcome of the case.

Meng Fan couldn’t confirm how accurate the information was, but he was sure that the police would process this incident according to the law.

After complying and recording his confession, Meng Fan and the others were allowed to leave.

“Thank you, guys.”

When the introverted girl had left, Meng Fan wasn’t a saint, so he had been very unhappy.

But the auntie and the girl with big eyes had swept the unhappiness out of his heart, leaving only a warm fuzzy feeling.

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