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My Extraordinary Achievement (Web Novel) - Chapter 83: Forgotten By the World

Chapter 83: Forgotten By the World

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“Why are you thanking me!? If my hubby Dong didn’t go get the car, I would have kicked his butt myself! This kind of people can’t be tolerated, nonetheless feared!”

The aunty gave Meng Fan a big thumbs up and said, “Young man, speaking of which, you did beautifully today! That is a bit too smoothly. Aunty knows you were wary of maintaining the girl’s dignity. You said you were catching a thief. After she left, you could have spoken up! What if the guy had a companion? You would have been the one suffering! And the onlookers would all misunderstand you too!”

“A… Auntie.” Meng Fan could only address her by what she called herself. Smiling, he replied, “You’re right, I’ll be more careful next time!”

“Okay, okay. Well, you’re a good kid. You’re courageous, and you listen to people! Look at auntie’s entire life. The level of wisdom and martial arts you demonstrate is only slightly below my hubby Dong,” she half-jokingly said.

“What’s wrong? Is everything okay?!”

As they left, a person who had been waiting rushed towards the auntie. He was tall and strong, looking like an uncle whose actual age was not less than fifty. Looking up and down, his face was full of concern.

“It’s alright!”

The auntie’s face flushed with happiness as she grabbed the tall sturdy man’s hand. Then, to the big-eyed girl and Meng Fan, she introduced him. “This is my husband. I call him Dong bro.”

After introducing Dong bro to Meng Fan, she asked the big-eyed girl for her name.

It was only then Meng Fan knew that they weren’t familiar with each other. She had so curtly followed the aunty into the police car with an ‘aunty wait for me’ attitude… His brain really didn’t work very well.

“This fellow is fierce! The girl is brave!”

This Dong bro evidently knew about what happened before and after the event. After confirming that his wife was okay, he patted Meng Fan on the shoulders. He was about to do the same to the girl but then retracted his arm with a laugh. “Meeting you guys was definitely the biggest gain we have made coming out on vacation! Let’s go, big bro will treat you some skewers! I know a place nearby that tastes pretty good!”

Dong bro cooly dragged Meng Fan into the backseat of his car. Fortunately, it wasn’t a smart car, but a Ford Explorer, so he wasn’t crammed in.

The big-eyed girl had also been shoved in by the aunty.

As the car started, all that could be heard was the carefree laughter of the couple.

After arriving, Dong Ge discovered that Meng Fan lived far away. He only ate skewers and didn’t drink any alcohol. After the hearty laughter ended, and everyone ate their skewers, he took Meng Fan back without saying another word, also dropping off the big-eyed girl off nearby along the way.

Before leaving, he asked Meng Fan for his contact information, promising to have a good drink together next time if they had the chance.

“I didn’t think you were also a streamer on 8th station.”

This was the WeChat message Meng Fan received after stepping out of the shower. It was from the big-eyed girl who he had just added on WeChat.


“I’m also a streamer, gaming stream, next time I’ll take you into a party.”

“What a coincidence.”

Meng Fan didn’t know she had searched him up.

He looked at his other news updates.

“My god, do you have to be this badass? You even got interviewed!” This was from Zhang Zhou Wei, in addition to two photos of the couple on their vacation.

“You’re pretty feisty. I saw you on the news.” This was from Qin Jiao, along with a photo of him from the article.

“You’re really running here?” This was sent by Meng Cai Wei, whom he hadn’t contacted in two days.

“Older brother, you’ve been starting a lot of fuss lately. You’re really gonna debut with your weight!” This was from Meng Cai Tang.

“Be careful on the road.” This was from Wu Tong.

“Yeah, I’ll be cautious. Have you slept yet?”

Meng Fan ignored the other messages and only responded to Wu Tong.

“I just came back after eating a midnight snack. Every holiday season, I gain about three pounds!”

The next day was October 2nd. Meng Fan got up at 5:00. He ate a light breakfast and began running at 5:30.

In the morning, he managed to run 24 kilometers in two durations, walking nearly 3 kilometers. At around 10:00, he entered Jia Xing city’s city boundaries.

Leaving at one o’clock in the afternoon, Meng Fan ran 12 kilometers and walked half an hour to rest. He then ran 16 kilometers in two hours. The route to Jia Shan County led directly toward the Xi Tang ancient town’s scenic area.

He had consumed an energy chew during his 16-kilometer run. That abled him to run a total of 52 kilometers in one day!

Before, he didn’t live in the scenic spot because it wasn’t on his route, but Xi Tang had been just on the route.

Besides, he had to live in a scenic spot at least once since he was running the whole way.

He had booked the room in advance, afraid that other circumstances might appear. He had arranged to stay for two days.

There was a benefit to the scenic spot, as it provided a +1 experience for the [Night Touring God] task.

On the morning of October 3rd, Meng Fan had just completed his first 12 kilometers when a ding went off in his head. His total distance had reached 400 kilometers, completing [Travelling Deity] task phase 6.

Rewards received: Achievement points +400, strength +2.

Task phase 7 required that he reach a total mileage of 700 kilometers. The reward was +700 points and speed +2.

After receiving the reward, even with his incredible strength from his weight, the +2 increase could still be clearly felt.

If his previous strength along with his tonnage could crush most people into disparity, then now, Meng Fan felt he had to restrain himself, as it was easy to end someone’s life in one ‘sitting’.

After the +2 increase in strength, his rest time in between his 12-kilometer runs was also reduced significantly. The black magic running shoes had carried out appropriate adjustments in real-time.

After getting enough rest, Meng Fan continued and began the second 12 kilometers.

He ran another 20 kilometers in the afternoon. Arriving at the New Economic Park of the Caohejing development zone in the Song Jiang district of Shanghai, he paused. He was only 22 kilometers away from his destination, the Shanghai stadium.



“He actually ran to Shanghai!”

“Although he hasn’t arrived at the stadium yet, I’m gonna give out the smoldering smoke worth 1024 ahead of time out of respect!”

“I also gifted mine in advance.”

Meng Fan prepared to log off, but when he saw the top-tiered gifts being sent out to his stream, he waited for a moment.

These two gifts had been broadcasted on the entire station. He had to wait for the viewers to come draw for rewards before logging off; after all, they all counted for experience!

As he waited, he found a hotel to stay at.

“Tomorrow at 7 am the stream will begin. I will try to run the 22 kilometers to the stadium in one breath! At night I won’t be streaming, so rest early!”

Meng Fan made the announcement before going offline.

After a two-hour nap at the hotel, Meng Fan headed out to search for food. He headed for a nearby area where traffic had been congested and began madly giving out likes.

Why was he ‘mad’?

The traffic jams throughout the last few days made the task progress for [Real • Adoration Fever] at 4,700,000.

Meng Fan aimed to collect the rest tonight!


At 10 o’clock that evening, outside the Wanda Songjiang store, Meng Fan completed all the task phases for [Real•Adoration Fever]!

Rewards: Points +500, validation +1.

The reward wasn’t Meng Fan’s focus. His focus was that after completion, he gained the qualifications to purchase the equipment from the task!

The hat that made one’s validation disappear!

The hat cost 1000 points to redeem, and Meng Fan had accumulated 1245.

-1000, 245 points remaining.

In a beam of light, a thumbtack sized hat appeared in his hands. Evidently, it could adjust in size, and it could also be integrated into other hats.

The hat itself was really simple, no matter how he looked at it.

Meng Fan didn’t put on the hat immediately, but he headed into the washroom and enlarged the hat before wearing it on his head.

How did it feel?

As if nothing had happened!


Just as he left the washroom, a guy bumped into Meng Fan.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry.”

The guy continuously apologized somewhat awkwardly. There was someone here?

Meng Fan was also baffled.

Wasn’t the hat supposed to make his presence disappear? How come people were still running into him?

Could it be there was no effect?

Or could it be that this person was really just careless, and the person from the dorm had done so intentionally?

Meng Fan thought about it and walked into a clothing store on the side of the road. He randomly picked up a piece of clothing and shook it at a clerk, signaling her to come to him.

The clerk was indifferent!

Meng Fan then looked at the clothes he was holding, confirming that the hat was effective. Otherwise, someone of his size holding female underwear would surely attract all kinds of eyes.

He switched into the men’s clothing store and picked up some clothes, waving it again. Nobody acknowledged him. He walked up to a clerk and shouted at him before the clerk acknowledged him with a slight jump.

The look in his eyes said, ‘Jesus, where did you came from? You scared me!’

Exiting Wanda, Meng Fan hailed a taxi. In ten minutes, four or five vehicles passed, none of which stopped for him.

He logged into the stream on his phone and waited five minutes. Not a single person came.

It was as if he had been forgotten by the world!

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