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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel)


A young juvenile’s dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of numbers. From the moment that youth awakens, Everyone will shiver in his presence…….Humans unfair to ME, millions of corpses on the ground.


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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 731: Wind Shadow Cloak2020-03-30
Chapter 730: I Don’t Feel Honored!2020-03-29
Chapter 729: Dream Ripple Dress2020-03-29
Chapter 728: Spend Generously2020-03-28
Chapter 727: Young Master Lin2020-03-28
Chapter 726: Sky-Turning Cauldron2020-03-27
Chapter 725: This Chief Wants You Dead!2020-03-27
Chapter 724: Not Even One of You Shall Escape!2020-03-27
Chapter 723: Thunder Fire Divine Shield2020-03-27
Chapter 722: Dao Pattern Fusion2020-03-27
Chapter 721: Fight the Battle Alone2020-03-26
Chapter 720: Chaotic Battle2020-03-26
Chapter 719: Take Him Out!2020-03-25
Chapter 718: Venturing the Mountains2020-03-25
Chapter 717: Heaven Fate Ship2020-03-24
Chapter 716: Black Wind Legion2020-03-24
Chapter 715: There was a Big Problem2020-03-23
Chapter 714: Kill Four Birds with One Stone2020-03-23
Chapter 713: Goodbye2020-03-22
Chapter 712: Power of Thunderbolts2020-03-22
Chapter 711: Mystic Realm2020-03-21
Chapter 710: A Sudden Turn2020-03-21
Chapter 709: Seal Stone2020-03-20
Chapter 708: Let Me Play with Your Head2020-03-20
Chapter 707: Stake Everything on the Line2020-03-19
Chapter 706: Grand Bet2020-03-19
Chapter 705: Selling Thunder Stones2020-03-18
Chapter 704: Huge Business2020-03-18
Chapter 703: Quick Change of Situations2020-03-17
Chapter 702: Is There Anyone Else That Isn’t Convinced?2020-03-17
Chapter 701: Re-establishment2020-03-16
Chapter 700: I Shall… Consider It!2020-03-16
Chapter 699: Chop Them All Up2020-03-15
Chapter 698: Go Back and Bring More Men!2020-03-15
Chapter 697: Shocking Secret2020-03-14
Chapter 696: City Lord of the Sky Thunder City2020-03-14
Chapter 695: Why Doesn’t Young Master Take Xiaonu?2020-03-13
Chapter 694: Jiang Yi was So Generous?!2020-03-13
Chapter 693: Greetings to Lord Qian2020-03-12
Chapter 692: A Pledge of Allegiance2020-03-12
Chapter 691: Mysterious Woman2020-03-11
Chapter 690: Louder, I Can’t Hear You!2020-03-11
Chapter 689: I, Chief Jiang, am Still Not Convinced!2020-03-10
Chapter 688: Risk It!2020-03-10
Chapter 687: Lone Wolf, Accept Your Death2020-03-09
Chapter 686: Great Battle2020-03-09
Chapter 685: This Chief Will Give You An Explanation2020-03-08
Chapter 684: It is Impossible Not to Run2020-03-08
Chapter 683: Chief Jiang is Incredible2020-03-07
Chapter 682: If We Cannot Meet, Then it is Better Not To!2020-03-07
Chapter 681: Shall I Teach You How to be a Proper Person2020-03-06
Chapter 680: Chief Jiang2020-03-06
Chapter 679: You Can Strike Now!2020-03-05
Chapter 678: All was Fair in War2020-03-05
Chapter 677: Flying Man on Fire2020-03-04
Chapter 676: Let Me Make a Deal with You2020-03-04
Chapter 675: A Trip to Hell2020-03-03
Chapter 674: Path to Heaven2020-03-03
Chapter 673: This Tart and Satisfying Feeling2020-03-02
Chapter 672: Thunder Attribute Dao Pattern2020-03-02
Chapter 671: Big Sister Bell2020-03-01
Chapter 670: Kill This Bastard Dog2020-03-01
Chapter 669: How Come You Have the Face to Live in This World?2020-02-29
Chapter 668: Mother Earth Roar2020-02-29
Chapter 667: The Land of Sins2020-02-28
Chapter 666: Ruoxue, Wait for Me!2020-02-28
Chapter 665: He Really Exited the City…2020-02-27
Chapter 664: Daylight Robbery2020-02-27
Chapter 663: The Usage of Merits2020-02-26
Chapter 662: They will Definitely Venture Out2020-02-26
Chapter 661: Waiting Idly for the Opportunity2020-02-25
Chapter 660: Xiaonu, Come Back!2020-02-25
Chapter 659: Ten Finger Strange Mountains2020-02-24
Chapter 658: Blue Jade2020-02-24
Chapter 657: What’s in the Mountain?2020-02-23
Chapter 656: Thunder Fire2020-02-23
Chapter 655: Going Out of the City2020-02-22
Chapter 654: Get Lost2020-02-22
Chapter 653: Thunder Stone2020-02-21
Chapter 652: Selling Information2020-02-21
Chapter 651: Hidden Rules2020-02-20
Chapter 650: Sky Thunder Island2020-02-20
Chapter 649: Gods Bestow Tribe2020-02-19
Chapter 648: Since the Paths are Different, There Will Never be a Chance for Coexistence2020-02-19
Chapter 647: Sin Island2020-02-18
Chapter 646: Defeated2020-02-18
Chapter 645: I Do Not Have the Face to Return2020-02-17
Chapter 644: Void Barb Beast2020-02-17
Chapter 643: Greenwood Cauldron2020-02-16
Chapter 642: Great Battle Arose2020-02-16
Chapter 641: An Existence Close to Gods2020-02-15
Chapter 640: Flawless Constitution2020-02-15
Chapter 639: Suffering a Double Loss2020-02-14
Chapter 638: Urgent Wind, Stop All Calling2020-02-14
Chapter 637: Indistinct Attack2020-02-14
Chapter 636: Finally Found Him. Kill!2020-02-14
Chapter 635: Refining Destitute Dragon Grass!2020-02-14
Chapter 634: Void Ancient Path2020-02-14
Chapter 633: When a Girl is of Age, She Must be Married Off2020-02-14
Chapter 632: Buddha Thearch City2020-02-13