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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel)


A young juvenile’s dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of numbers. From the moment that youth awakens, Everyone will shiver in his presence…….Humans unfair to ME, millions of corpses on the ground.


194 • 2019-09-07 09:30:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 547: Issue a Letter of Challenge2020-01-08
Chapter 546: The Martial Union Is Here2020-01-07
Chapter 545: Completely Slaughtered2020-01-07
Chapter 544: Darkness Dao Pattern2020-01-06
Chapter 543: Unrivaled in Group Battles2020-01-06
Chapter 542: Feng Clan’s Little Hussy2020-01-05
Chapter 541: Killing the Demon Thearch2020-01-05
Chapter 540: Shameless and Passionate2020-01-04
Chapter 539: This Man is a Little Different2020-01-04
Chapter 538: An Expert’s Grave2020-01-04
Chapter 537: Conquering the World Together2020-01-03
Chapter 536: Abandon the Corpse2020-01-03
Chapter 535: Adorable Little Qing Yu2020-01-03
Chapter 534: Fighting Back in the Helpless Situation2020-01-03
Chapter 533: Soul Slave2020-01-03
Chapter 532: Heart Sank to the Bottom2020-01-03
Chapter 531: Kill You in One Poke2020-01-03
Chapter 530: Qing Yu…2020-01-03
Chapter 529: Witnessing a Shameless Individual2020-01-03
Chapter 528: Buried Together2020-01-03
Chapter 527: Trapped Beast2020-01-03
Chapter 526: Soul-Fixing Incense2020-01-02
Chapter 525: True Dragon2020-01-02
Chapter 524: Beauty2020-01-01
Chapter 523: Soul Spirit Dao Pattern Shard2020-01-01
Chapter 522: Crushing the Dantian2019-12-31
Chapter 521: Queendom2019-12-31
Chapter 520: Little Cutie2019-12-30
Chapter 519: Change the Appearance2019-12-30
Chapter 518: My Surname is Yi2019-12-29
Chapter 517: Union of Heaven and Men?2019-12-29
Chapter 516: Breaking Into the Thunder Sea2019-12-28
Chapter 515: Demon Slaughter King2019-12-28
Chapter 514: Human, You are Dead!2019-12-28
Chapter 513: The Son of the Demon Thearch2019-12-28
Chapter 512: Setting off to the Sea2019-12-28
Chapter 511: The Trapped Dragon Had Set off to the Sea2019-12-28
Chapter 510: Prepare for the Next Rise!2019-12-28
Chapter 509: Please don’t be Sad for Me2019-12-27
Chapter 508: Don’t Kill Me, Jiang Yi2019-12-27
Chapter 507: Dugu Qiu, Dead!2019-12-26
Chapter 506: Feigned Surrender2019-12-26
Chapter 505: The Main Hall is Actually a Branch Hall…2019-12-25
Chapter 504: Insect Shaking the Heavens2019-12-25
Chapter 503: Nine Heavens of Ice and Fire2019-12-24
Chapter 502: Extreme North of the Continent2019-12-24
Chapter 501: Martial Arts Main Hall2019-12-23
Chapter 500: The Man That I Love Most!2019-12-23
Chapter 499: Break the Heavens!2019-12-22
Chapter 498: Submit to the Martial Arts Hall or Die!2019-12-22
Chapter 497: Fighting Demon Kings2019-12-21
Chapter 496: Martial Arts Hall’s Foundation2019-12-21
Chapter 495: Dugu Qiu2019-12-20
Chapter 494: Inescapable Net2019-12-20
Chapter 493: He is Such a Coward…2019-12-19
Chapter 492: One Mistake is Followed by Many More!2019-12-19
Chapter 491: Their King Finally Came!2019-12-18
Chapter 490: Razed this Stellarsky City for Me2019-12-18
Chapter 489: The Decisive Battle2019-12-17
Chapter 488: Ominous Man2019-12-17
Chapter 487: Western Garrison Army’s Mutiny2019-12-16
Chapter 486: Offering the Butcher’s Knife2019-12-16
Chapter 485: The Killer God’s Return2019-12-15
Chapter 484: Unrivaled on the Continent?2019-12-15
Chapter 483: Ling Clan’s Patriarch, Dead!2019-12-14
Chapter 482: Runic Patterns2019-12-14
Chapter 481: This Youth Is Back Again?2019-12-13
Chapter 480: See How I’m Going to Kill You!2019-12-13
Chapter 479: The Last Resort2019-12-13
Chapter 478: Fishing in Troubled Water2019-12-13
Chapter 477: Old Devil, You are Fooled2020-01-01
Chapter 476: Ling Clan Patriarch2020-01-01
Chapter 475: The Sky is Falling!2020-01-01
Chapter 474: Undefeated2020-01-01
Chapter 473: Victory by Surprise2020-01-01
Chapter 472: Their King is Back2020-01-01
Chapter 471: Battle Against the Martial Experts2019-12-13
Chapter 470: Regent, Where Are You?2019-12-13
Chapter 469: Bullying with Seniority2019-12-12
Chapter 468: Xia Tingwei, Dead!2019-12-12
Chapter 467: Come at Me if You Aren’t Convinced2019-12-11
Chapter 466: Shameless and Despicable2019-12-11
Chapter 465: The Rise of a Great Battle2019-12-10
Chapter 464: Troops Arriving Outside the City2019-12-10
Chapter 463: Bad News2019-12-09
Chapter 462: Refining the Netherworld Ghost Flames2019-12-09
Chapter 461: Rise from the Peril?2019-12-08
Chapter 460: Human-Faced Monster2019-12-08
Chapter 459: The Terrible Presence2019-12-07
Chapter 458: Thearch Palace!2019-12-07
Chapter 457: Demon Empress’ Departure2019-12-06
Chapter 456: Beast Tide2019-12-06
Chapter 455: Do You Still Remember Tingyu?2019-12-06
Chapter 454: Mystic Flames of the World2019-12-06
Chapter 453: The Star Sphere is About to Explode2019-12-06
Chapter 452: Flesh is the Root, Essence Force is the Source, Soul Spirit is the Foundation!2019-12-05
Chapter 451: This Boy Is Completely Crippled2019-12-05
Chapter 450: Unorthodox Prodigy2019-12-04
Chapter 449: Half of a Year2019-12-04
Chapter 448: Who Would be the Final Victor2019-12-03