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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel)


A young juvenile’s dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of numbers. From the moment that youth awakens, Everyone will shiver in his presence…….Humans unfair to ME, millions of corpses on the ground.


221 • 2019-09-07 09:30:03


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 367: The Witch Empress2019-11-01
Chapter 366: Breaking into the Royal Palace at Night2019-10-31
Chapter 365: Noxious Maggot Bewitchment2019-10-31
Chapter 364: Greatest Hero in the World2019-10-30
Chapter 363: I Don’t Need Help2019-10-30
Chapter 362: Hundred Transformation Mask2019-10-29
Chapter 361: Yun Fei and Yun Xian’s Corpses Are Already Cold2019-10-29
Chapter 360: Certainly Perish2019-10-28
Chapter 359: Sweet Flag Leaf2019-10-28
Chapter 358: Used Goods2019-10-27
Chapter 357: Are You Going to Slap Me to Death?2019-10-27
Chapter 356: Remnant Soul2019-10-26
Chapter 355: Ancient Sorcery2019-10-26
Chapter 354: Witch God2019-10-25
Chapter 353: Turned into Dust2019-10-25
Chapter 352: Peak-Grade Demon King2019-10-24
Chapter 351: Grave Mistake2019-10-24
Chapter 350: Mutated Beast2019-10-23
Chapter 349: A Miracle Happened2019-10-23
Chapter 348: Maze2019-10-22
Chapter 347: Kill Him Before Dying2019-10-22
Chapter 346: Mid-Grade Dao Pattern2019-10-21
Chapter 345: Send You As Far As I Can2019-10-21
Chapter 344: Acting Willfully2019-10-20
Chapter 343: Blood Battle to the End2019-10-20
Chapter 342: If You Have the Guts, Come Kill Me Then2019-10-19
Chapter 341: Let’s See How You Escape?2019-10-19
Chapter 340: No One Can Rescue Him2019-10-18
Chapter 339: Wind Attribute Dao Pattern2019-10-18
Chapter 338: Exit2019-10-17
Chapter 337: Sea Demon2019-10-17
Chapter 336: Send Me Up2019-10-16
Chapter 335: Mysterious Valley2019-10-16
Chapter 334: Come Back Alive2019-10-15
Chapter 333: Jiang Yi’s Tragedy2019-10-15
Chapter 332: Witch God’s Forbidden Ground2019-10-14
Chapter 331: Ancient Sorcery2019-10-14
Chapter 330: Stone Puppet2019-10-13
Chapter 329: Spotted2019-10-13
Chapter 328: Netherworld Forest2019-10-12
Chapter 327: The Plan Will Not Fail2019-10-12
Chapter 326: Kill Yun Lu2019-10-11
Chapter 325: Castrated Goods2019-10-11
Chapter 324: Crawling Out of Summer Rain City2019-10-10
Chapter 323: Underground Divine Vein2019-10-10
Chapter 322: Regent2019-10-09
Chapter 321: Royal Court Session2019-10-09
Chapter 320: Divine Vein2019-10-08
Chapter 319: Queen2019-10-08
Chapter 318: Kill Their Entire Family!2019-10-07
Chapter 317: Seize Both of Them2019-10-07
Chapter 316: Not Giving Any Face2019-10-06
Chapter 315: Internal Strife2019-10-06
Chapter 314: Su Ruoxue is Still Alive?2019-10-05
Chapter 313: A Promise of Three Years2019-10-05
Chapter 312: Ruoxue, I am Coming to Accompany You!2019-10-04
Chapter 311: Gathering of the Experts2019-10-04
Chapter 310: One Against Two2019-10-03
Chapter 309: The Two of You are Here to Kill Me, Right?2019-10-03
Chapter 308: Vajra Realm Martial Expert2019-10-02
Chapter 307: Everyone Must Die!2019-10-02
Chapter 306: Kill the Woman He Loved the Most2019-10-01
Chapter 305: Xia Wuhui’s Death2019-10-01
Chapter 304: Turn Around This Desperate Crisis2019-09-30
Chapter 303: Desperate Move2019-09-30
Chapter 302: Die!2019-09-29
Chapter 301: Step Over My—Jiang Yi’s—Corpse2019-09-29
Chapter 300: Severing the Future Bloodlines2019-09-28
Chapter 299: The Huge Battle was About to Start at Any Moment2019-09-28
Chapter 298: Throw His Life Away2019-09-27
Chapter 297: Refugee2019-09-27
Chapter 296: Dao Pattern2019-09-26
Chapter 295: Surge in Strength2019-09-26
Chapter 294: Heaven and Earth Shifting, Star Sphere Transforming!2019-09-25
Chapter 293: Buried Together2019-09-25
Chapter 292: Unexplainable2019-09-24
Chapter 291: Something Major Happened2019-09-24
Chapter 290: Honorary Elder2019-09-23
Chapter 289: Tip of the Iceberg2019-09-23
Chapter 288: Fairy Peak2019-09-22
Chapter 287: Summoned by the Demon Empress2019-09-22
Chapter 286: Enemy Attack2019-09-21
Chapter 285: Xiaonu’s Body Constitution Isn’t Like a Human2019-09-21
Chapter 284: Go to the Depths of the Mountain2019-09-20
Chapter 283: Answer2019-09-20
Chapter 282: Dead or Alive?2019-09-19
Chapter 281: The Grave is Empty?2019-09-19
Chapter 280: Peerless Witch2019-09-18
Chapter 279: Yi Piaopiao’s Origin2019-09-18
Chapter 278: The World is About to Change2019-09-17
Chapter 277: Soul-Devouring Shifting Art2019-09-17
Chapter 276: Young Lord!2019-09-16
Chapter 275: Execute2019-09-16
Chapter 274: You Shall Die Too!2019-09-15
Chapter 273: I’m Going to Kill Someone2019-09-15
Chapter 272: Give Myself to You!2019-09-14
Chapter 271: Great Gift2019-09-14
Chapter 270: Cleanse the Continent with Blood2019-09-13
Chapter 269: The Scale of Victory2019-09-13
Chapter 268: Green Clear Vase2019-09-12