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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 386: Escape from this Place

Chapter 386: Escape from this Place

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Pong! Pong! Pong!

The sea rattan around Jiang Xiaonu suddenly began to split apart. Those rattans beneath her were even afraid of getting close to her. Jiang Xiaonu darted at Jiang Yi like lightning. Her two small hands appeared as sharp claws and flickered with a green light. She suddenly gave the sea rattans around Jiang Yi a hard pull, and the rattans—which were strong enough to constrain a demon king—was ruptured easily by Jiang Xiaonu’s claws, like it was as fragile as a straw rope!


Jiang Yi had not recovered from the shock and gaped at Jiang Xiaonu in astonishment. She didn’t say a word and quickly rushed to He Lao and tore off the sea rattans around him. Then, she grabbed Jiang Yi and He Lao with her two hands respectively and dashed towards the sea surface like a meteor.


Jiang Yi and He Lao looked at each other and felt they were in a dream. Jiang Xiaonu traveled even much faster than Yazi Beast. In the flicker of an eyelid, she emerged from the sea surface. Two dark green wings at her back flapped, the girl carrying the two to the north of the Sea of Death at a terrifying speed.


In the shield that was at the bottom of the sea, the ancient coffin suddenly lit up. The woman lying inside suddenly opened her eyes.

Her eyes were as deep as stars and had an inexplicable attraction. One seemed to be drawn to her with just one look. Blinking and lifting her lips gently, she murmured, “There exists such a powerful race in this realm, and it seems to belong to the Stellarsky Continent? Strange, so strange. I have to ask my Emperor Father when I go back this time…”

The woman mumbled softly, closed her eyes, and fell into a deep slumber again. There was no sign of breathing or liveliness in her at all. She slept under the deep sea like a corpse for eternity.


Jiang Yi was carried by Jiang Xiaonu, and she split the sky like lightning. Now, it was already daytime. Jiang Yi could saw the difference between the Sea of Death and the outside sea region distinctly. However, Jiang Xiaonu was moving so fast that they had left the Sea of Death within a fleeting moment and headed straight towards the north.


Jiang Yi looked at the creature beside him—who had a petrifying aura and dark green eyes full of coldness, turning into a completely different person. He asked with uncertainty.

This was too mysterious. Jiang Xiaonu couldn’t cultivate since a young age, and she was just like any ordinary girl. Whereas now, she became so powerful and totally changed her appearance into something that didn’t look like a human at all. How could Jiang Yi not be horrified?

Giving Jiang Yi a peek, Jiang Xiaonu said quickly, “Young Master, don’t say anything! Xiaonu can’t last very long. I’ll explain to you later…”


Jiang Yi was relieved to hear Xiaonu talking. This was definitely Xiaonu’s voice and tone. Though his little maidservant changed her look, she was still his servant girl.

He Lao didn’t dare to breathe heavily or talk. However, he changed his perspectives on Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi was a weirdo, but He Lao didn’t expect his servant—who usually seemed weak, soft, and inconspicuous—was the weirdest of all the weirdos.

Yi Piaopiao!

A bold idea suddenly occurred to He Lao. Yi Piaopiao wasn’t from this continent, and she adopted Jiang Xiaonu as Jiang Yi’s maidservant. It was very likely that… Yi Piaopiao was aware that Jiang Xiaonu was not an ordinary human. Xiaonu was given to her son as a bodyguard—or as a cauldron!

A girl, who had never cultivated and did not have any strength, suddenly released energy that was even stronger than a Vajra Realm martial expert! Jiang Xiaonu definitely had an unusual background. If Yi Piaopiao knew this and was still able to adopt her, then Yi Piaopiao had an even more mysterious life experience.

He Lao swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and tried very hard to stop himself from shivering. He had a feeling of being favored by the goddess of fortune, for Zhan Wushuang asked him to be Jiang Yi’s subordinate. Following Jiang Yi was like providing him a golden path towards heaven.


Quivering slightly, Jiang Xiaonu suddenly rushed straight to an island. When she just entered into the sky above the island, her aura weakened sharply. Her hair changed back to black. The dark green glow diminished in her eyes. Her ears and hands changed back to normal; her wings at the back disappeared. Her body went soft and fell straight down to the ground with Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi was scared; he quickly clutched Xiaonu and flew down. After rolling on the ground to cushion the impact, he sat up, stared at Xiaonu in his arms, and shouted in a low voice, “Xiaonu, are you alright?!”


Jiang Xiaonu vomited a mouthful of blood which was all over Jiang Yi’s face. Her aura became weaker. In the end, she said nothing, skewed her head, and fainted.

“Xiaonu! Xiaonu!”

Jiang Yi didn’t bother wiping off the blood on his face and shouted loudly. He Lao strode towards them and checked Jiang Xiaonu’s pulse. He took out an elixir and some water and fed them to Jiang Xiaonu. Then he said, “Young Master Yi, don’t worry. There’s nothing serious. She is just exhausted.”

“I see!”

Breathing out deeply, Jiang Yi transferred a small amount of essence force from his hand to Jiang Xiaonu’s body in order to heal her. However, when the essence force entered Jiang Xiaonu’s meridians, unknown energy surged out, repelling Jiang Yi’s essence force and sending Jiang Yi to fly away.

He Lao stopped him immediately. “Young Master Yi, don’t act recklessly! Lady Xiaonu must come from some special race. Helping her heal might kill her instead!”

“I see!”

Jiang Yi dared not to do anything. He checked carefully and made sure that Jiang Xiaonu was just too weak and fell asleep. Then, he was completely reassured. Glancing around, he murmured, “He Lao, I’ll heal my wounds for a while first. You help me to be on guard. We’ll hit the road later. It’s not necessarily safe around here.”


He Lao nodded. They had just escaped from this scary sea region. Who knew if there were any sea demons around here? Now, Jiang Yi held Xiaonu and went into the forest on the island. He took out an elixir to heal his wound while He Lao took the watch.

Fortunately, it seemed like there was no sea demon nearby. During the six hours when Jiang Yi was healing, the surroundings were peaceful. Several of Jiang Yi’s meridians were split up, and his inner organs were damaged as well. The essence force he circulated just now was from the small meridians. Luckily, he wasn’t badly hurt. He had recovered nearly half of his injuries during the healing. For the very least, there would be no internal bleeding. As long as he did not mobilize large amounts of essence force, he would be fine.

“Let’s go!”

After recovering some of his wounds, Jiang Yi couldn’t stay here anymore. The farther away they were from this place, the safer they would be. It was so hard to just escape from the mouth a tiger; he didn’t want to fall into a wolves’ den again.

At present, he put both He Lao and Xiaonu inside the Green Clear Vase, and instant-shifted towards the Starfall Island. Fortunately, he didn’t destroy the Green Clear Vase just now; otherwise, he wouldn’t know what to do now.

The instant shift did not consume Jiang Yi’s essence force at all, making it an easy ride. He had realized the Soul-Devouring Shifting Art for a long time and completely grasped the techniques of this magical power. He was able to stabilize himself in the air and continuously instant-shift.

He instant-shifted for nearly half of a day without knowing how far he had crossed the sea. After making sure he was completely safe, he couldn’t go on anymore. He found a small island randomly and rushed towards it. After he explored around and found no demonic beast, he released He Lao and Xiaonu before lying on the ground and falling into a heavy slumber.

He Lao looked at Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu who were both sleeping unconsciously on the ground. A slight heat flashed through his eyes, for he had a feeling—maybe in a short time, the whole Stellarsky Continent would be overthrown by these two.

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