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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 388: Your Mother is Probably not Dead

Chapter 388: Your Mother is Probably not Dead

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Starfall Island was very big but with a few buildings. Looking from the sky, one could see many beautiful white jade palaces that were arranged orderly. This place was like a ten-fold magnified version of the royal palace of the Great Xia Kingdom. There was no other building besides those in the area. The rest of the place was covered in vegetation. The entire island was as beautiful as a fairyland.

There were not many residents in Starfall Island. Generally, the population remained at 100,000 people—among who were all women with no exception! The Water Moon Observatory had been established for ten thousand years. It only admitted female disciples but never male disciples. This was a woman country that was independent of the outside world!

The disciples of the Observatory often traveled around the world, adopted some gifted female orphans, and brought them back to Starfall Island to bring them up. The Water Moon Observatory did not have very strict rules. If the disciples wanted to get married, the Observatory wouldn’t stop them. Then again, they would no longer be disciples of the Water Moon Observatory after they were married. However, if a disciple took a man into the island without permission, she and the man would end up miserably once caught.

More than 1,000 years ago, such an incident happened. A fairly brilliant female disciple went on a trip around the world. She fell in love with a young master from a very prestigious clan and ended up pregnant. Then, this disciple received an urgent message from the Observatory—that demanded her to return to Starfall Island at once. The young master was worried about her, and so two of they entered the island secretly. Alas, both were executed.

The head of this aristocratic clan was furious and tried to persuade the king of the Northern Liang Kingdom to attack the Starfall Island. However—days later, this super eminent clan was annihilated with no survivor.

Enraged, the king of the Northern Liang Kingdom asked the supreme marshal of the empire—who reached the Vajra Realm—to lead 10,000 troops to besiege Starfall Island. Nobody on the continent knew what happened after that. Anyway, the Water Moon Observatory still stood strong on Starfall Island, and the king of the Northern Liang Kingdom never brought up this matter ever again.

After this incident, the Water Moon Observatory became famous all over the world. For many of the young masters on the continent, being able to marry a woman from the Water Moon Observatory was an extremely honorable thing. This could be seen from how Shui Qianrou was so popular among the young masters on the continent.

Then again—!

Where did Shui Qianrou come from? This was also the gossip that many people on the continent enjoyed talking about. According to the information from the Water Moon Observatory, Shui Qianrou was adopted by Shui Youlan. However, no one believed that. Shui Youlan was so good to Shui Qianrou that some people from the Water Moon Observatory suspected otherwise.

If Shui Qianrou was Shui Youlan’s biological daughter, this thing was even more interesting!

In this world, which extraordinary man could make Shui Youlan fall in love, give birth to Shui Qianrou after ten months of pregnancy, and raise Qianrou—all by herself? After all these years, this man never showed up. Shui Youlan—who was so powerful—wasn’t even infuriated and didn’t kill this heartless man.

These things…

Jiang Yi was once very confused as well.

Of course—!

At this moment, he didn’t have the time to think about this. He even ignored the dozens of pretty female disciples flying from the square.

He looked at the huge white jade statue below him, dumbfounded. At present, his world was only left with this statue.

The girls flew towards him were young and beautiful. Their strength was also fairly good. The most powerful ones had reached the third stage of the Soul Travel Realm. Riding white cranes, they donned either emerald, pink, or white dresses and were equipped with long swords. They looked so handsome that any ordinary men would lose their mind by just one peep at them.

“Greetings to Lord Regent!”

These people didn’t dare to come close, for the aura of the Yazi Beast was too formidable. They cupped their fists and bowed to Jiang Yi. Stunning eyes glistened with curiosity as they sized up this world-renowned young man in front of them.

Jiang Yi didn’t greet them back; he still gaped at the statue in a daze. When some women below showed their displeasure, he finally moved. However, he didn’t greet those women. His body glowed with white light and appeared in the square below in the next second.

There were a lot of female disciples near the square. As Shui Youlan suddenly transmitted her voice, more were coming to the square to meet this No.1 incredible genius.

Though not every one of these female disciples was as gorgeous as fairies—coming from the Water Moon Observatory, they all possessed extraordinary presences and manners, making them so dazzling and charming.

Jiang Yi didn’t look at any of them. He stood 15 meters in front of that 9-meter-high statue, looking up and staring at its exquisite face. His eyes were filled with zeal and faint tears.

It was his first time to see this statue… and first time to see this face. However, he felt inexplicably intimate, familiar, and warm.


Suddenly, he kneeled heavily at this statue. The white tiles on the ground hit his knees with a bang. Bending down, he bowed respectfully for three times. He didn’t get up after the last one. Continuing to lie prone on the ground, tears were dropping from his eyes and splashing onto the stone below him, creating a crisp sound.


Everyone was staggered and quiet. They all looked at the young man kneeling on the ground—who refused to get up. Their eyes gleamed with wonder.

Who was this person on the statue? It was unknown to the disciples of the Water Moon Observatory till now. The statue was placed on the square by Shui Youlan 20 years ago. She didn’t explain who the person was, but she just asked disciples to visit it once a month.

The identity of this woman had always been a mystery to the nearly 10,000 disciples of the Water Moon Observatory. Once Jiang Yi came here, he kneeled down at this woman and didn’t want to get up, even with tears all over his face. Naturally, everyone was curious about the relationship between Jiang Yi and this woman.

This woman was indeed connected to Jiang Yi!

Although Jiang Yi had never seen this statue or this face before, he was very firm about the identity of this woman.

She was his mother—Yi Piaopiao!

His memory of Yi Piaopiao was so vague that there was only a rough silhouette. But now, this profile became clearer; and this face was deeply engraved in his mind. Shui Youlan didn’t lie to him. His mother indeed left something on Starfall Island. It was a worthwhile journey for he had seen this statue at least.

“Jiang Yi, get up and come in!”

Jiang Yi heard a faint voice. Wiping the tears off, he looked up again and stared at the face. Smiling, he got up and walked straight to a main hall in the north.

“Lord Regent!”

There were a group of female disciples and two Elders outside the main hall. One of the Elders was an old acquaintance of Jiang Yi’s who searched for little fox with him the last time. Everyone bowed and greeted Jiang Yi when seeing him striding in. That Elder led Jiang Yi to the main hall, leaving behind a group of bright-eyed female disciples.

The main hall was very luxurious. Unfortunately, Shui Youlan wasn’t in the main hall. The middle-aged Elder of undetermined age took Jiang Yi across this main hall—followed by two more main halls—and then entered the biggest and the tallest palace on the Starfall Island.

“Lord Regent, you can go up on your own. Without permission from the Observatory Hostess, we can’t go into this Clear Sky Pavilion.” The Elder bowed at Jiang Yi and excused herself.

“Clear Sky Pavilion, what a majestic name!”

Jiang Yi saw this giant palace before he had stepped foot into Starfall Island. He suspected secretly that this must be where Shui Youlan lived. When he walked in, he found an empty first floor and a spiral staircase winding upwards.

There were nine floors in Clear Sky Pavilion. Jiang Yi went all the way to the top floor, for he sensed Shui Youlan’s aura up there.

As expected!

When Jiang Yi stepped onto the top floor, a woman in white was standing sideways before Jiang Yi—in front of the windows—and looking out at the scenery.

Jiang Yi had seen Shui Youlan’s image twice. Looking at her carefully now, he found out that she was more beautiful than her image. That tremendous charisma was inherent in her, which made one remember her for life—just by one glance.

If Su Ruoxue was cold and lofty, like a snow lotus flower on the ice mountain; Shui Youlan would be a peony—magnificent, graceful and luxurious—a domineering queen of all flowers.

Before Jiang Yi greeted her, Shui Youlan suddenly turned, opened her mouth lightly, and said faintly, “You weren’t mistaken in kneeling. She is indeed your mother. Moreover… you assumed correctly. Your mother is probably not dead.”

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