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My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 389: Hello! I am Yi Piaopiao

Chapter 389: Hello! I am Yi Piaopiao

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Jiang Yi’s body shook. This was the answer he sought after by coming to Starfall Island. He didn’t expect for Shui Youlan to give him a surprise as soon as he saw her.

He quickly asked immediately, “Hostess. How much is the possibility that she’s alive?”

Shui Youlan let out a faint smile and extended her jade-like hand. She had a hand sign and said, “70%!”


Jiang Yi’s eyes illuminated as brightly as the stars. A person of Shui Youlan status wouldn’t be teasing him, right? Furthermore, she was definitely reserving herself; hence, the possibility of Yi Piaopiao being alive was probably at 80% or 90%!


He swallowed his saliva and spoke in a trembling voice, “Since Mother isn’t dead. Why… does she need to feign her death? If she isn’t dead, then where is she? Why didn’t she come and see me after all these years?”

“Jiang Yi, don’t be in a hurry! Listen to a story first.”

Shui Youlan waved her hand and turned towards outside of the window. She paused for a moment before she spoke indistinctly, “More than 20 years ago… I wasn’t the Hostess of the Water Moon Observatory, and I wasn’t that generation’s outstanding disciple. My master liked me a lot, but her life was coming to an end. She grew determined to set me as the next Hostess.

“Back then, my senior sister had already attained the Vajra Realm. When she knew that Master was going to pass down the Hostess position to me, she grew furious and asked someone to lead me to the eastern sea region of Starfall Island. She lured a group of sea demons and wanted to use them to eliminate me!

“I was blood-soaked in an intense battle and desperately tried to kill all the sea demons. I had earned severe injuries, and this was when my senior sister appeared. The sea demons weren’t able to kill me, and so Senior Sister decided to kill me personally. Back then, I was only at the peak stage of the Soul Travel Realm and wasn’t a match for my senior sister at my prime—let alone when I was severely injured.

“When I was in despair… a giant carriage flew over from the east side of the sea. This wasn’t the Stellarsky Continent’s ancient divine war chariot as it was a real carriage which was pulled by two tier-four demon kings! A woman was seated on the carriage, and it was the most charismatic woman I ever saw in my life! She was your mother!

“Your mother rescued me and dealt a severe injury to my senior sister in a single move. Senior Sister retreated back to Starfall Island and even cried out saying it was my crime. She even requested our consecrator, who had been in seclusion for many years, to help her. When all the observatory’s experts arrived and I was about to explain the situation, your mother suddenly made her move to fight against the consecrator and my master. She even suppressed the two of them and finally beat them convincingly…

“After the fight, my senior sister saw that circumstances weren’t good. She wept in bitter tears and knelt in front of nearly ten thousand disciples to beg me and my master for mercy. She said that she would change for the better, never eye for the Hostess’ position ever, and devote herself to assist me. I couldn’t help but forgive and seek for Master’s mercy. However… your mother suddenly made her move and killed my senior sister!

“Your mother stayed in the Water Moon Observatory for the day and mingled with me for two hours in the evening, which helped me to break through the bottleneck I was in for three years and progressed to the Vajra Realm! During that year, I was only 25 years old; and I assumed that I was history’s youngest prodigy to breakthrough to the Vajra Realm. After that incident, I didn’t expect to know that… your mother was only 17 years old that year! Moreover, she was already at the fifth stage of the Vajra Realm and had countless artifacts on her. Her overall combat strength… was unmatched in the entire Stellarsky Continent!

“Afterward, your mother went to Stellarsky Continent for a tour and wreaked havoc along the way, like destroying the Buddha Hall of the Great Zen Monastery, crushing the signage of the Azure Dragon Empire’s Radiant Hall, and many others. The impression that she gave to the experts of the continent was that she was a barbaric and unreasonable Young Lady from a great clan. Actually, I knew her quite well; and I knew she wouldn’t go seeking trouble. However, she was viewed as evil with vengeance. If no one provoked her, she will not go provoking others. Once someone provoked her and infuriated her, she will not be merciful.

“You should already know of the matters afterward. Your mother met Jiang Bieli, and the two of them mutually loved each other. Your mother did many things for Jiang Bieli but was ultimately stabbed in the back by him. She was heartbroken and left pregnant. She traveled to a faraway place and finally found a secluded small town to give birth to you.

“After she gave birth to you, she went on a trip on the second year and went past Starfall Island. At that time, I was already the Hostess of the Water Moon Observatory. She had a long conversation with me that night, and we spoke about many things. She even gave me some pointers which allowed my strength to rise rapidly in the next few months! She then went over to the other side of the sea and came back several months later. She brought back a baby girl… who is your servant girl, Jiang Xiaonu.”


When Jiang Yi listened until this juncture, his body trembled. Xiaonu’s origin was indeed extraordinary, and she wasn’t from the Stellarsky Continent. She should be of some special race, and his mother specially brought her over for her to be his servant girl.

Jiang Yi’s eyes flickered a few times before he spoke, “How did Hostess determine that my mother could possibly be alive?”

“Because of this!”

A wooden sculpture suddenly appeared after Shui Youlan’s ancient divine essence ring lit up. This wooden sculpture was exactly the same as the white jade sculpture on the outside. It was much smaller and could be held with one hand. It was even more detailed and filled with charm.

Shui Youlan handed the wooden sculpture to Jiang Yi and said, “Your mother handed this to me and left a message. If… you are able to come to Starfall Island with your own strength, then this wooden sculpture shall be handed over to you! After she left this wooden sculpture and went back to the Stellarsky Continent, my scouts found out that she had passed away. I personally went to scout that tomb, and it was empty inside. Your mother was extremely powerful, and she might have been heartbroken by Jiang Bieli, but… I think that she wouldn’t have passed away due to sickness.”


Jiang Yi’s eyes lit up again as he shivered while he received the wooden sculpture. He gently rubbed the face of the wooden sculpture and had this smile on the corner of his mouth.

After rubbing for a moment, he lifted his head to ask, “Hostess, if my mother isn’t dead, wouldn’t she return to her clan? Did she mention to you where she came from? Furthermore… she didn’t return after so many years. Could she have some trouble that she couldn’t declare? Did she mention anything to you?”

“Not sure!”

Shui Youlan shook her head and sighed. “No one knew where she went. Perhaps… Jiang Bieli might know why she didn’t return. I don’t know about this matter, and you have to rely on yourself to investigate. I only know this much.”


Jiang Yi didn’t ask anymore and lowered his head to look at the wooden sculpture in his hand. When Shui Youlan saw Jiang Yi staring at the wooden sculpture blankly, she let out a light sigh and walked out of the Clear Sky Pavilion, leaving Jiang Yi by himself.

“If you are able to come to Starfall Island with your own strength, then this wooden sculpture shall be handed over to you!”

After staring for a long time, Jiang Yi’s mind floated with the message that Yi Piaopiao left to Shui Youlan. He knitted his brows closely and muttered with doubts. “My dantian has been sealed since I was young. If I didn’t break the seal, I would never have been able to come to the Starfall Island with my own strength. This seal might not be done by mother, but with her strength, she must have known about the existence of this seal.

“Did she mean that… once I cultivated to a certain level, I would qualify to know things about her? If I was unable to cultivate for my life, I would just live peacefully in Skyplume City for the rest of my life? Then… this wooden sculpture should have all the explanations within it!”

There was a flash of thoughts in Jiang Yi’s mind. He suddenly circulated his essence force to wrap around the entire wooden sculpture. He looked at the wooden sculpture anxiously, waiting for some strange occurrence.


He didn’t guess it wrong. The wooden sculpture suddenly lit up with a bright light which blinded Jiang Yi. In the next second, the wooden sculpture vanished from his hands.

When he was panicking, an image suddenly appeared in front of him. It was an absolute beauty who looked at him with pampering while she spoke with a gentle voice, “My child, hello! I am Yi Piaopiao. Your incompetent mother!”

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